List of best Gangster 2018

Gangster films are one of the most popular and best directors have shot many great films in this genre. We have prepared TOP 10 best Gangster movies of 2018 to watch.

It is difficult to find a country where there is absolutely no mafia, no gangsters. The mafia is different, at times it in the lower and the middle classes of society, and at times it mostly spreads precisely among the elite and the government. Regardless of what structures the Mafia has covered, this does not change one single fact – there is no justice and order in the world. The mafia has its own laws that differ from the laws of the country. The true nature of gangster is cruelty. In fact, their work consists of beating, intimidation, and murder.

So, here is the list of best Gangster 2018:

  1. Irishman

The film is based on the novel by Charles Brandt “I Heard You Paint Houses.” The movie centers on the gangster Frankie Sheeran, known by his nickname Irishman, telling on his deathbed about his dark past. Sheeran admits that he learned how to take life without shame at the fronts of the Second World War, and on his return to the US he found the application of his skills in the criminal sphere. In total, the gangster committed about 25 contract killings, including the assumption that Frankie was involved in the disappearance of trade union leader Jimmy Hoffa.

Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci in The Irishman

  1. Bad Boys for Life

The film tells the story about friends who began to communicate for reasons that are not understandable. They work in law enforcement agencies in the same team. Marcus and Michael are partners. The first one is used to devote time to the family, and the second uses the girls like toys.

They are ready to risk their lives for the sake of solving the crime and the rescue of people, so they turned out to be a magnificent tandem. Soon they will have to face the main enemy, which they cannot catch for a long time. Will they catch him?

  1. Ocean’s Eight

The heist of the century (female version) is in the TOP 10 best modern Gang films 2018.

Ocean’s friends, excellently performed the last robbery, hitting a big jackpot, they decide to hide for a while. They stole a lot of money, now they can safely live, and get rest from thieving actions. However, to replace these adventurers, no less virtuous thieves come. Ocean’s sister – Debbie, released recently from prison, decides to assemble her team. She wants to take revenge on her abusers, who put her in the frame and then in jail.She gathers her friends, who adore risk and extreme in a fraudulent sphere.

Coming out of prison, Debbie was left without money, but she does not want to ask for help from her brother. She thinks through a plan that should enrich all the girls from the team. Each of the ladies has its unique abilities, and together, their strength is very great. After all, they have the mind, speed, endurance and are able to take decisions with lightning speed. The mission was to steal the necklace. Will Debbie and her friends be able to enrich themselves, and at the same time do not get into prison again?

  1. Den of Thieves

A criminal action-thriller is about a desperate thief who plans a provocative robbery of a federal bank in Los Angeles – right in front of the city’s best policemen. The plan becomes even more unthinkable when two criminal groups interfere in it at once.

  1. Painkiller Jane

Ex-narcotics agent Jane Vasco recruited a secret government organization engaged in trapping neurons – superhumans. In the first raid, Vasco discovers such non-human skills in herself: Jane is invulnerable, although she continues to feel pain. The regeneration makes her incredibly strong, but Vasco continues to work for the organization, simultaneously seeking the root causes of her gift.

Jessica Chastain in Painkiller Jane

  1. The Equalizer 2

It is the Golden Mean of the TOP 10 best recent Gang movies.

The main protagonist of the movie – a former agent of the CIA agent Robert McCall is forced again to return to business in order to protect loved ones.

  1. Ride Along 3

James Payton has served many years in law enforcement. He is reputed for an experience and talent. He can easily avoid any conflicts and cope with the most difficult situations that arise in his path. In the police station, a stupid and clumsy guy works with him, dating with his younger sister. Ben manages to constantly get into trouble and embarrassing situations. He recently joined the ranks of the law officers but managed to gain a lot of experience in the ability to spoil everything around him. A future relative regularly disrupts serious operations, thus worsening the reputation of a respected colleague that highly valued by the chief.

Ride Along 3

  1. Scarface

A simple immigrant from Cuba comes to the US to try to improve his own life. However, he cannot find a decent job and the guy thinks about a career in the criminal world. Starting to sell drugs, there are many competitors trying to prevent a guy from earning a living. After several years spent in the United States, a Cuban immigrant managed to earn not only a lot of money but also a Scarface, participating in criminal disassembly. The FBI is seriously interested in the man, considering him one of the most dangerous drug traffickers in America. The information quickly reaches Tony, which forces him to act decisively.

  1. The Happytime Murders

The plot of the comedy unfolds in Los Angeles, where people and puppets live side by side, but the latter are considered as second-class citizens. When there is a series of murders of famous dolls from the children’s TV show, a cynical detective is taken for a case.

  1. White Boy Rick

It is the first place of the TOP 10 best new Gangster movies 2018.

The movie centers on the boy named Richard who was involved in drug-trafficking.

The TOP comes to its conclusion.

Hope it gave answer to the question – what is the best Gangster movies in 2018?

Thank you!

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