List of best Halloween movies 2018

The Halloween eve and Halloween night is the time to gather with friends, get food and tell the most horrendous stories(fictitious and, perhaps, real). When the fantasy runs out, it is worth turning to the TOP 10 best Halloween movies of 2018 to watch. Here are the most frightening films on Halloween topic.

If you ready we begin!

List of best Halloween 2018

  1. Five Wild Animals

It is a story about friends who go on a journey to the mountain where interesting Halloween party is held but soon they realize that this party is not usual as it seems at first glance.

Five Wild Animals

  1. Night of Thrills

It is a story about Urban Legend that comes to life on Halloween Eve. The amusement park is preparing for the holiday.  Will the workers be able to finish preparing of the park till its opening? Or the awakened evil will kill them one by one?

Night of Thrills poster

  1. On Halloween

A serial killer is in the TOP 10 best modern Halloween films 2018.

Halloween is a bright and cheerful holiday that originates from America and quickly won the sympathy of many people. Of course, the history of this celebration and its traditions are somewhat alien to Non-Americans, but the positive emotions associated with it are perfect cure from the gray routine. Original fancy dresses, decorating houses and general fun – these are the essential attributes of Halloween.

Halloween is celebrated annually at the same time – on the night of October 31 to November 1. Therefore, you do not need to track the event as in the case of holidays with a “floating” date. On the last night of October, according to ancient traditions, the spirits of their ancestors freely walk the world.

And on that night, the story of our next film is developing. The serial killer appears in the city with incredible desire to carry out massacre rightonHalloween night.

A still from On Halloween

  1. Haunted

It is a story of young girl who goes for a walk on Halloween night…

  1. Spike Smiley: Halloween Night

The new horror film will tell about Harold and his wife Jen. He is the new director of a company who could not go to “Haunted Hotel” in Savannah, GA, when he, his wife and four associates won a One Night. He had other plans on Halloween… only four people could go. What he and his wife did not know that the events that occurred there with four associates would follow them one year later when Urban Legend will revive on October 31st.

Spike Smiley: Halloween Night poster

  1. Black Pumpkin

It is the middle of the TOP 10 best recent Halloween movies.

It is the story of the evil that was awakened by two children on Halloween night. The evil is called Bloody Bobby.

The creature is extremely strong and it would be better if you did not come across it on the way. It feeds on internal organs, making a large hole in the belly of the victim. Do not leave the body of the victim until all the entrails have devoured. Very agile, especially dangerous at night, because it possesses high secrecy and attacks silently (the attack will be heard during the wild howls of the one whom it attacks because it eats the victim while it is still alive).

  1. My Last Halloween

It is the horror story about a group of teenagers who need to survive and fight against a cruel maniac.

  1. Candy Corn

Let’s first remove the touch of religiosity from the question “Is it possible to raise people from the dead. Who knows, what the word “resurrection” means. Maybe this: is it possible to restore the vital activity of the human body after the man declared dead?

Earlier death was considered a cardiac arrest, but science has learned to solve this problem. Not in all cases, but nonetheless. Now death is declaredwhen there is no electrical activity in the brain. Is it possible to solve this problem theoretically? If we freeze the brain, then experiments tell us that it will happen in the future.

Each person is not only an energy shell but a perishable physical body. By magic means, it is possible to evoke the spirit of a person from the other world, but in order to return the soul to our world, a sorcerer, in theory, needs a body. Any doctor will tell you that the human brain begins to die without oxygen after a few minutes after stopping breathing. Even in the presence of a dead human body, the magician will not be able to bring him back to life, as it very quickly becomes unsuitable for communication with the energy shell.

In the next movie, the witcher did it. He brought the man back to life. And this man will go on a search for the group of people who killed him.

Candy Corn poster

  1. Cemetery Stories

Probably,psychic is the most ancient profession on earth. Shamans and sorcerers were in every community: they alleviated the pain, praying for the gods and predicting the future. In the time of Antiquity they were worshiped, in the Middle Ages they were thrown into prison and burned at the stake. However, with every royal court, there was a whole staff of astrologers and fortune tellers.

So, psychic is just a very sensitive person? Actually, this is not true. Psychic (he is a magician, a healer, a medium, a soothsayer, a clairvoyant, a parapsychologist) knows how to use not the five ordinary feelings to which we are accustomed, but the sixth sense that allows to see, hear and feel outside the usual framework.

In the depths of our hearts, each of us is sure that “somewhere there is something else.” Psychic does not believe in this – he just sees it. He seems to be pulling back the veil separating the two worlds – material and astral. In the latter our thoughts, desires, emotions, and feelings live; the future in the astral is intertwined with the past and the present, time and space take on completely different forms.

The next movie will tell about two psychics who go on the cemetery in order to talk with the dead.

Cemetery Stories poster

  1. Halloween

It is the number one of the TOP 10 best new Halloween movies 2018.

The plot of the movierevolves around Michael Myers. Once, when he was still a child, he killed his sister. And it happened on Halloween. Naturally, it caused an undesirable side effectfor him. He was sent to a psychiatric hospital for treatment, from which he escapes 15 years later to return to his hometown and finish what he started…

TOP comes to its conclusion.

We hope it helped find out the answer to the question – what is the best Halloween movies in 2018?

Thanks for watching!

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