List of best Killer movies to watch

Ever since the ancient times, our kind has been equally terrified and fascinated by the assassins and the murderers who were not afraid to take lives. They were ready to cross that line that you can never come back from. Today we’ll talk about the TOP 10 best Killer movies for all time, the most chilling and gripping ones.

Over the years, the film industry has created numerous releases in this genre, and, in all fairness, it will be a pretty grueling job if you decide to hand-pick ’em all by yourself. Lucky for you, we already did the heavy lifting and are happy to share our list with you.

Kevin Spacey in Se7en

  1. Blood Work

Mr. McCaleb is one of the finest profilers in the Bureau. He’s retired now, trying to take care of his own life. The old man had a successful heart transplant and things seem to be going exactly the way he wants them to. Soon, he is contacted by Graciela, a woman who asks him to figure out who murdered her sister. The interesting fact is – Gloria, the sibling, is the one who gave the ex-profiler her heart. The investigation leads the hard-boiled FBI agent to believe that he is, once again, up against the notorious serial killer that he’s been hunting for almost a decade back when he was with the Bureau. This is his last chance to bring the psycho to justice and to protect the innocents.

  1. From Hell

Welcome to 1888, the UK. The elusive serial killer known as The Ripper is terrorizing the city, killing prostitutes and cutting them into several tiny pieces. Fred, a hard-boiled inspector, is assigned to this case. Together with his trusty partner, he is to track the maniac and learn the real motives behind his extreme brutality. The inspector is addicted to drugs and uses them to fuel his unique ability – he is able to see into the future.

This gives him an advantage over the rest of the detectives, but it’s still going to be almost impossible to bring The Ripper down. Along the way, Fred starts to talk to the friends of the killed women and falls in love with one of them – a lovely girl named Mary. She is believed to be the murderer’s next target. Put From Hell on the list of best Killer movies to watch if you appreciate twisty plots and exceptional acting.

  1. Scream

Yes, this is one of the most legendary films in the genre, but, given the fact that it’s part comedy, we decided to rank it at #8. It’s been a month since Syd, the main character of the story, lost her mom. And now she’s getting all kinds of disturbing phone calls at home. Together with her friends, she discovers that there’s a serial killer out there who is only after one thing – revenge. When he makes a call, the stranger in a black robe always asks the same questions. The cops are unable to identify him, and the mysterious maniac takes the lives of the locals one by one, putting fear into the hearts of the others. Who is he? And why is he coming after Sydney? The biggest question is – will she be able to survive his attacks?

  1. Identity

A lonely motel in the middle of Nevada becomes a shelter for strangers that would’ve never come across other in different circumstances. What they didn’t know at first is that this motel is home for a killer who takes the lives of the guests one by one. Nobody knows who the murderer is, by something hints that it’s someone among them. Thus, instead of trying to work together and figure out what’s really happening, they start to point fingers at each other. There’s a reason to all of this – they just need to discover it.

At the same time, a psychiatrist is doing everything he can to make the judges believe a man he’s defending is innocent. What’s the connection between these two stories? As a general rule, you don’t watch a thriller/horror film with your family members/kids. But if you do, then Identity is one of the TOP 10 best Killer movies for families.

  1. A Nightmare on Elm Street

This is a classic cut, ladies, and gentlemen, a fine example of an iconic movie. Kruger is a crazed out psycho who hunts his poor victims in their dreams and kills them in the most brutal manner. How can you escape a man who can enter your dreams and catch you no matter where you go? Nancy, a beautiful young girl, is one of Kruger’s victims, and, together with her friends, she’ll have to figure out his weaknesses and strike back. Otherwise, he won’t stop until every single person on his list is dead. Why did he pick her? What’s so special about Nancy? One thing is certain: is she goes to sleep, he’ll find her and take her life away. Same goes for her friends. There’s no escaping this…

  1. Frequency

No, we’re not talking about the recent TV adaptation, even though it was pretty good. This is the original 2003 movie. As a result of some strange events he can’t understand, a regular firefighter from NY gets a chance to talk to his grown-up son. That’s right – the boy is a big man now and is 3 decades in the future. The kid tells the old man that he’ll be gunned down in a warehouse while on a mission, and saves him.

None of them could’ve ever imagined that by changing the future, they would also introduce new horrors and tragedies into their lives. They lost their wife/mother and will have to work together in an attempt to bring the killer to justice before he gets to her. Of the TOP 10 best Killer movies to watch, this one’s a sure thing.

  1. Saw

Two fellas who have never seen each other come to in a filthy, outdated bathroom in the middle of nowhere. Someone chained them to the pipes, and there’s absolutely no way for them to release themselves. There is a dead body between the men who’s got a tape player and a pistol on him. Both hostages have tapes in their pockets and are quick to play them. They reveal the horrifying truth: if one of them fails at killing the other guy by six o’clock sharp, his family will pay for it. He’s got a baby girl and a beautiful wife and is ready to do whatever it takes to protect them. But can he make himself kill an innocent man, another human being that’s sitting right in front of him? This is going to be a fight for survival…

  1. Zodiac

There’s a new serial killer in the state of San Francisco and the cops are powerless against him. No matter how close they get to the lunatic, he always manages to escape. And, he’s sending them numerous letters/notes/messages that include hints about his next kill. Every single policemen and news reporter is trying to catch this man but he’s like a ghost who disappears into thin air whenever he pleases.

Robert, the main character of this story, is just a cartoonist; yet, he becomes obsesses with this case and dedicates all of his time, energy and money on beating him at his own game. He turns into a sleuth and a reporter all in one in an attempt to do what the police and the journalists couldn’t – identify the Zodiac killer. Definitely, one of the TOP 10 best modern Killer films.

  1. The Silence of the Lambs

Clarice is a young and beautiful rookie at the FBI who’s sent to a scary hospital for the insane to talk to the one they call “The Cannibal”. He’s a man with a dark past and an even darker mind.And, if the FBI trainee wants to prove she’s got what it takes to be an agent, she’ll have to get the truth out of him. There’s a psychopath out there, a maniac dubbed “Buffalo Bill”. He is abducting and throttling young women all over the country. Clarice must make the prisoner give her clues that will help the investigation catch the notorious madman. Obviously, it’s not going to be easy to face Lecter, but that’s the only way for her to do her job.

  1. Se7en

Alright, we all knew that this 1995 classic would be #1 on our list, right? This is an outstanding criminal drama, a mystery thriller of epic proportions. This film inspired numerous folks to put their hearts and minds into this genre. Two detectives, a hard-boiled old-timer, and a hot-tempered rookie are hunting a serial murderer who claims the world has turned into Hell by forgetting about the 7 Deadly Sins.

The rough-tough investigator begins to study the 7 Sins in an attempt to understand Doe’s motives. At the same time, his green and overzealous partner tries to get inside his head and think as the frantic man.

Ok, that’s our answer to your question – what is the best Killer movies? There are a lot of stand-out cuts in this genre, and you better check them all out!

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