List of best Korean Action movies to watch

Do you like action-packed movies that have a plot twist and a lot of special effects? Pay attention to the TOP 10 best Korean Action movies to watch. Action films produced by Korea are not just chases and shootings. Their main idea lies in realistic hand-to-hand fights, where mastery in martial arts appears in full.

Korean action movies are a real breath of fresh air for all connoisseurs of the genre.

We are glad to start our list of best Korean Action movies to watch.

If you ready let’s go!

Mother waiting for her son

  1. Train to Busan (2016)

Noisy station. People rush to take places on the train, which will proceed in the direction of Seoul- Busan. Someone is traveling on working issues, someone is waiting for relatives. When all the passengers took their places, they noticed that something strange was happening on the platform. People attack each other and this is completely different from robbery. The attackers tend to bite their victims, like mad dogs. But the train started, and the interest to the event was lost. People continued to do their own business: they read books, listened to music, talked about the trip, photographed. They did not suspect that an epidemic began in Korea. People infected with the virus turned into bloodthirsty monsters. The disease was transmitted by a bite of infected, so the more victims, the faster the number of zombies increased. Will someone survive in this slaughterhouse?

  1. The Con Artists (2014)

In the center of the plot of the feature film are dangerous, but such fascinating adventures of several scams, accustomed not to make money, but to steal them from the most protected banks. Looking at a young, attractive guy with good manners, who is well versed in works of art, few realize that Ji-Hyuk is a professional safecracker. He is able to open any safe with the most reliable protection systems, but only with the help of a team of friends-specialists in various fields.

Once Ji-Hyuk stole diamonds belonging to the owner of a chain of jewelry stores. His people quickly found a company of thieves, who will face cruel violence now. However, instead of it, the owner offers cooperation to the guys. Ji-Hyuk has to steal 50 million dollars, which are stored at the customs. For cooperation, the company will get five percent of the transaction and will leave stolen diamonds. But it’s not so easy to steal that amount of money from the protected customs.

  1. Kkeutkkaji ganda (2014)

A terrible consequenceof a man who has fallen on hard times is in the TOP 10 best Korean Action movies for families.

Returning from the funeral of his mother, the detective of Criminal Investigation Department falls into an accident, as a result of which a person dies. The accident that occurred could instantly put an end to the career, destroying his whole life. To conceal a crime, he takes not the most brilliant decision, which will lead to terrible consequences.

  1. The Divine Move (2014)

The new action-packed thriller, like many South Korean films, is distinguished by the realism of the narrative and the undisguised cruelty of the surrounding world, in which rules money. In the center of the plot of the film is the fate of the young guy and professional badukplayer called Tae-seok. It would seem that such a harmless game cannot bring any problems, but they easily arise when the brother of the guy Kkong-soo begins to play in for money.

Everything going to be finebut the guy began to play with dangerous people from the criminal world, for which he paid with his life. Tae-seok himself goes to prison, where he is serving a sentence, and also constantly practicing in the game to become a real master. This guy set himself such a goal – get out of prison to find the killers of his brother and take revenge. However, in addition to improving the game in Go, Tae-seok also improves his fighting skills, to be able to stand up for himself and not lose his life in a dangerous battle with the bandits.

  1. The Secret Reunion (2010)

In the line of the duty, the heroes of the thriller were on different sides of the law. The agent of national counterintelligence Lee Han-kyu is engaged in searches and neutralization of North Korean spies in the territory of South Korea. For many years, Lee has been hunting for a dangerous killer, nicknamed Shadow. During the operation to detain Shadow, in the heart of Seoul, there is a shootout in which peaceful people are dying, but Shadow and his assistant manage to escape.

After the failure of the operation, Lee remains without work, without family and the meaning of life. Six years later, fate again confronts him with Shadow’s assistant, but everything has changed over the years. Former enemies unite their efforts in the common cause – the search for the Shadow. Everyone pursues its own interests and this secret reunion helps them to investigate the case.

  1. Hoi-sa-won (2012)

It is the middle of the TOP 10 best Korean Action movies for all time.

The main character of the dramatic thriller – the young man Ji Hyeong-do always dreamed of becoming a singer, but life forced him to do something that does not look what he likes, but it brings good money. He works for one major corporation that sells metal. The work brings good money, but few people know that Hyeong-do does not sign a contract, but kills people who interfere with the company. Together with colleagues, themenialjob is performed by young mercenaries.

So, Hyeong-do fulfilled his part of the work and threw off his partner Hun from the stairs. Promising Hun before his death to transfer all the money earned to his family, the killer goes to strangers. However, unexpectedly for a cold and calculating mercenary, family members welcome him warmly in their home, and the awakened human feelings make Hyeong-do take care of these simple, defenseless people.

  1. Oldboy (2003)

The usual and not noticeable businessman named Dae-su Oh, on the day of his daughter’s thirteenth birthday, gets drunk on the way home, bullies and naturally gets to the police station. A friend of his childhood, named No Joo-hwan, takes him from the police department. While Joo-hwan calls home to the wife of the unlucky drunkard, Dae-su Oh disappears. The unknown kidnap him and put him in the cell of a private prison. The chamber consists of a room and a bathroom, there is a TV in it, but there are no windows.

  1. Thirst (2009)

Something mystique is in the TOP 10 best modern Korean Action films.

The priest voluntarily agrees to a medical experiment, as a result of which he unexpectedly becomes a vampire. Physical and psychological changes lead to the fact that the hero enters into anillicit relationship with the wife of the best friend who is tired of the routine life. Every day a vampire priest is harder to keep something human…

  1. I saw the devil (2010)

In the center of the story is Kyung-chul, a cruel maniac killer, and rapist, who horrifies everyone around him. For many years, attempts by the police to catch a criminal have failed, because the offender has shown incredible cunning and resourcefulness. But nothing in this world is perfect, and even the most calculating genius will sooner or later make a mistake. Kyung-chul was no exception – he made a mistake in choosing his next victim. Maniac kills the daughter of a former policeman. The vengeful bridegroom of the murdered girl, special agent Kim Soo-hyeon, swears to find the killer.

  1. Mother (2009)

The woman lives quietly with her twenty-eight-year-old son, practicing sorcery. For no reason, her son is accused of a brutal murder. The mother must prove his innocence.

TOP ends now.

Hope you found the answer to the question – what is the best Korean Action movies?

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