List of best Legal movies to watch

At a glance, probably, there is no less cinematic genre than legal movies. Ah, those oaths on the Bible, the interrogations of witnesses, the speeches of lawyers, the jury meetings and, finally, the verdict! However, how to pass by the opportunity to look behind the scenes of this brutal laboratory, where calculating devil’s lawyers coldly dissect the fate of people? After all, in fact, few people can film this difficult and – behind visible inefficiency – a very popular genre.

We are glad to present you TOP 10 best Legal movies to watch.

If you ready we begin!

List of best Legal movies to watch

The Devil's Advocate

  1. The Judge (2014)

Hank Palmer is a professional lawyer, a specialist in his field. Hank is able to successfully justify any guilty suspect and get him out of the worst case, even in the most confusing situations.

But Hank’s steadfastness disappears when his mother dies. Having no choice, the lawyer goes home. He had not been with his parents for a long time, since childhood. Hank is not eager to see his father, whom he never understood because the relationship between father and son has always remained strained.

After a while, after a quarrel with his father, Hank is informed that the blood that was noticed on his father’s car belongs to his ex-convict, whom his father tried to convict 25 years ago. Hank with horror understands that under such circumstances, the main defendant in the death of a man becomes his father, who held this post of judge for 40 years. Knowing that his father could not kill, in spite of all his intolerable nature, Hank wants to help his father. Trying to make every effort, he wants to justify his father. But the more a lawyer plunges into the investigation, the more mysterious family facts reveal. Can Hank help someone he has never loved?

  1. To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)

A film is about a lawyer from Alabama who brings up his two children without a mother. In addition to the theme of racial prejudice in the South, this is a story about how two children from the fantasy world make their first steps into a completely different world of teenagers, where such concepts as nobility, compassion, justice, and inequality are already being formed. In the midst of an economic depression full of fanaticism and hatred, the wise, soft, quiet speech and magnificent manners Alabama lawyer should defend in court a Negro falsely accused of rape.

  1. A Few Good Men (1992)

Young Tom Cruise is in the TOP 10 best Legal movies for families.

Private Downey and Corporal Dawson were arrested after the death of Private William Santiago at the US military base at Guantanamo. The division’s lawyer comes to the conclusion that the accused applied the non-statutory penal system to the deceased, which was the cause of Santiago’s death. The beginning lawyer Daniel Kaffee will defend two men in court. He has never had to bring the matter to court before. But going to Cuba, to the part where Santiago served, he reveals a lot of strange details. Soon the accuser, Captain Ross, is offering a deal to Kaffee. The defendants plead guilty, after which they will receive a two-year sentence and will be released in half a year.

  1. 12 Angry Men (1957)

The criminal drama narrates about the court case in which the opinion of one of the jurors cardinally changed the system of accusation. A young guy of Hispanic origin is accused of killing his father. Twelve jurors must render a verdict to the criminal.

All the evidence proves the guilt of the defendant, but one of the juries is not sure of the guy’s guilt. He comes into conflict with his colleagues and the system as such. The dramatic events taking place between the jury eventually lead to a mutual decision, but to which?

The feature film was filmed in 1957 and is still one of the best dramas about the case.

  1. The Verdict (1982)

Drunkenness brought the successful lawyer Frank Galvin to great problems in work and personal life. The protagonist of the detective drama lost his reputation, his clientele and was practically unemployed, but he was lucky when he got a case concerning a young girl who had fallen into a coma after she had anesthesia injected to facilitate childbirth. Now the girl alive through life support devices, which is very expensive for her relatives.

The plaintiffs want compensation from the hospital; because they are sure that the employees of the hospital who committed negligence are to blame for the tragedy. The course of the matter complicates the sudden disappearance of one of the doctors of the hospital, who was summoned as a witness in the case. In addition, the respectable hospital is protected by the best lawyers of a large and respected lawyer company. They want to bury the case and make the alcoholic Galvin look bad.

  1. Judgment at Nuremberg (1961)

It is a Golden Mean of the TOP 10 best Legal movies for all time.

Actions of the Oscar-winning film take place in 1948 in the German city of Nuremberg and tell us about the trial during which considered the case of lawyers who served the Nazi regime of Hitler during the Second World War. The main defendant in the case is the once respected and well-known referee Ernst Janning. The court is headed by the unbiased American judge Dan Haywood, on which the future fate of Janning depends.

For a long career, Haywood had difficult cases, but this case is the most difficult since it affects not only the case of crimes committed by one person but the entire German people. Many knew about the monstrous crimes, many took part in them, but continue to defend their morals and their beliefs. Judge Haywood has a lot of work to do, and most importantly, to figure out whose truth is the truth.

  1. Anatomy of a Murder (1959)

Frederick Manion was arrested for the murder. He claims that the barman beat and raped his wife. And, although his wife fully confirms this version, the forensic expert cannot find evidence of her rape. Protect Manion is entrusted to Paul Biegler, a modest provincial lawyer. The defendant does not want to cooperate with the lawyer; the case is conducted by a judge from another city. Biegler understands that there is a very difficult process, and there are not so many chances to win the case…

  1. Michael Clayton (2007)

George Clooney is in the TOP 10 best modern Legal films.

A mild New York lawyer, as well as top in his business, Michael Clayton, works in the world’s most famous law firm. Years masking the truth, Clayton defended the interests of the richest people in court, turning the cases so that the prosecution had nothing to go on. In any situation, the client was in a favorable position for which Clayton was nicknamed the fixer.

But one day, Michael Clayton is involved in an unpleasant affair to protect the chemical corporation U / North. His colleague, a professional lawyer, goes to the prosecution and has irrefutable evidence of the company’s guilt.

  1. The Social Network (2010)

The film tells the story of the creation of one of the most popular social networks on the Internet – Facebook. The tremendous success of this network among users around the world has forever changed the lives of fellow students at Harvard University who founded it in 2004 and for several years became the youngest multi-millionaires in the US.

  1. The Devil’s Advocate (1997)

Kevin Lomax, a young lawyer, arrives in New York at the invitation of the head of a large legal concern. Before that, he was known for defending only scoundrels and, moreover, he did not lose a single process. At a new job he is quite happy, he lives in a luxurious apartment with a loving wife, he is surrounded by interesting people…

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List of best Lawyer movies to watch
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