List of best Love movies 2018

Movies about love are always the one people like watching and often give the preferences to rather than watching a horror film which appears to be quite a specific genre. We are highly recommending you to take a look at our TOP 10 best new Love movies 2018 and go for the one you feel the most related to.

10. The Lovers

The movie that unites both comedy and romantic elements putting them into one piece of art – this film follows the story of a couple that has been married together for many years and now they are not feeling any love anymore. They both have affairs on the side but it actually makes them feel more passionate when it comes to their own relationship. They find themselves falling in love with each other as if it was the very first time of them being together. It creates the sparks between them and now they have to make a serious decision whether they are starting new family life or separating and destroying their own family.

9. Everything Everything

Another film on the TOP 10 best recent Love movies is probably one of the most spectacular ones. It focuses on the story of a young girl that is not allowed to leave the house that has been specially equipped due to her rare disease. According to the storyline from the novel the film is based on, she suffers from SCID. One day, a new family moves to the house next to the girl and her mother. This appears to be the first time the young lady falls in love with the next-door family son.

8. A Star Is Born

This project follows the life of a man that falls in love with a successful female singer that owns her own music band. She has once saved him from the humiliation on the stage so that right after the performance the man got a huge applause and appreciation from the audience. At the same time, the woman is really surprised that someone finally sees somewhat special in her. They both start experiencing love, disappointment, jealousy and many other emotions that only check whether they are ready for a more serious relationship or not.

7. The 100th Love with You

There is also brand new Japanese movie on the list of best Love 2018 projects. It contains lots of musical elements, as well as the breathtaking story focusing on two friends, have known each other for very long. The boy has secretly had a special record that he has been using rarely for correcting particular things – now that the love of his life he has known for many years dies in a car accident his only chance to change the situation and return her back to life is to use the secret record.

6. Fifty Shades Freed

It is considered to be the third and the final installment of the whole franchise that is based on the erotic romance created by a British author in 2011. It follows the characters we have been introduced to in the very first installment – after the wedding both travel to Europe on a honeymoon. After spending their time there, both travel back to Seattle and start a family life but it seems like they are slowly starting having typical family issues as Christian firstly says he is not very satisfied with Anastasia keeping her maiden name without even wondering how important it is to Christian if she takes his name.

But this is only the beginning of what happens next.

5. Midnight Sun

Another film that is based on Japanese movie of the same name also belongs to our TOP 10 best Love movies of 2018 to watch. It is about a young girl suffering from the rare disease making it impossible for her skin under the ultraviolet radiation. However, she falls in love with popular school guy and starts having night walks with him playing music together as both of them are obsessed with it.

Patrick Schwarzenegger and Bella Thorne in Midnight Sun

4. Tulip Fever

This upcoming film is truly full of passion, love, dedication to art and drama. One man being extremely envious of his wife Sophia’s new love so that he becomes ready to destroy both wife and her lover. The plot focuses on the old but rich man that is respected by the others but, at the same time, they are afraid of him. He, meanwhile, hires the painter in order to make a portrait of his wife but both painter and Sophia fall in love unexpectedly experiencing the passion and deep emotions.

All the events are set in the 17th century and take place in the Netherlands during the period that is known in history as tulip mania. The main characters experience sincere love and really hope to build a future together.

3. Every Day

On the list of TOP 10 best modern Love films 2018 is the contemporary project with the former Disney Channel star – Debby Ryan. She portrays a young teenager who falls in love with a person who seems to transform and change his personality without even having the opportunity to control it. The whole storyline is actually based on the popular teenage novel written quite recently.

Debby Ryan in Every Day

2. Breathe

If you like crying whilst watching a film, this biographical drama is definitely for you. It follows the life of Robin and his wife that supported him even when he was left paralyzed down starting from his neck. Meanwhile, his wife Diana makes a decision to organize a trip all over the world in order to change or transform the lives of the people that suffer similar diseases to the one her husband has. In fact, this is one of the rare movies where the actor Andrew Garfield, who portrayed the main character, didn’t have to hide his British accent.

1. Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again

As the time passes by, the viewers often look for the romantic films that can fulfill and acquit their expectations, therefore, wondering, what is the best Love movies in 2018. This film is the sequel to the one that officially came out in 2008 and, surprisingly, had a huge success, as well as a big appreciation and love received from the fans. It is scheduled to be released in 2018 on the same date as the previous one which makes it one of the longest gaps between two installments.

The plot of this upcoming movie about love is still unknown but we are still aware of it uniting a few genres at the same time – romance, drama, as well as comedy. Such triple threat makes a good movie not to mention that this project is full of our favorite actors from the previous installments, as well as new ones.

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