List of best Mafia movies 2018

When the cinematography just began to conquer the world, a separate genre, corresponding to the spirit of the times, was born – films about the mafia and gangsters. “Dry Law” has become a kind of trigger, which launched the process of creating movies telling about the flourishing of crime in America in early twentieth century. It was then that on the screens of the country one film about the mafia was replaced by another one and heroeswere dressed in hats, armed with Thompson’s submachine gun and other attributes of the representatives of the criminal world of that time. The characters of the films were covered with a certain romancebecause of the strong nature which refuses to obey the circumstances of the Great American depression, caused the audience to admire and even to emulate.

We are here to show TOP 10 best Mafia movies of 2018 to watch.

Let’s go!

List of best Mafia movies 2018

  1. Scarface

It is a story about Cubans who rushed to the USA in search of an American dream. One of the refugees was Tony Montana. But he remembered the world under a different name – Scarface…

  1. Ocean’s Eight

According to the story, Sister Debbie Ocean, performed by Sandra Bullock, will be freed from “unhappy places” and immediately rush into an adventurous outburst. The female gang will help her to do it. However, Debbie will not follow in the footsteps of her brother Danny Ocean. Ladies are not going to rob the casino. Instead, the single-minded girls decided togo on big “job!” Their goal will be a precious necklace. The scene of action is a charity event. But not for the sake of gain, the eight friends will decide on such an unseemly, at first glance, affair. First of all, girls want to punish those who really deserve it.

  1. White Boy Rick

Richard Wershe, Jr. is in the TOP 10 best modern Mafia films 2018.

This film will tell about the fate of one of the most popular prisoners of the United States. Richard Wershe, Jr., serving life imprisonment, is a prime example of the imperfection of the US legislative system. He was caught by the FBI at the age of 16. Then the law enforcers found with him 8 kilograms of drugs. Thirty long and painful years have passed since that day. It was the protagonist who fell under the harsh law. According to the Criminal Code regulation, a citizen who keeps more than 650 grams of narcotic substances receives the most severe punishment. When Wershe was handcuffed, he realized that he would not return to normal life.

Then this case received a wide resonance in the media. Human rights defenders tried to provide legal assistance to the detainee. However, all endeavors have proved futile, the guy was put behind bars. The film contains all the surviving video recordings with the convict, the materials of the investigation. Also, the authors interviewed his relatives, friends, classmates.

  1. The Equalizer 2

In the lead role is retired scout named Robert McCall. Upon completion of the service, he decides to start a new life, in which there will be no war and no weapons. A man works as a salesman and leads an absolutely calm lifestyle. But somehow on his way, there is a girl named Teri, who turns out to be a prostitute. He sees her being beaten by unknown people and taken to an unknown direction.

Criminals turn out to be CIA officers who actively contribute to the Russian mafia. They do not intend to retreat, but rather do everything possible to eliminate the newly defender. An unequal struggle begins between them, in which one should be the winner. McCall is ready again to take up arms just to restore justice. Will a brave retired military officer be able to apply his skills in the current situation or will corrupt policemen win?

  1. Den of Thieves

Planning a bank robbery, the robber is trapped between two criminal groups.

  1. Ride Along 3

Here is the midpoint of the TOP 10 best recent Mafia movies.

The plot of the new fascinating film will introduce viewers to one very intriguing life of one very experienced and talented law enforcement officer, named James Payton, who could easily regulate all the difficulties that appeared in his life. But because of the very stupid boyfriendof his own sister, called Ben Barber, he almost every day manages to get into different funny situations. Already a long time ago, the sluggish Ben managed to join the ranks of policemen, so he was talented to spoil important operations, and also to break the reputation of the main character.

Before the start of the sister’s wedding celebration, the policemen were decided to send on a business trip to Miami in order to carry out operational activities there with the detention of a dangerous drug lord.

Ride Along 3

  1. Bad Boys for Life

The plot of the picture tells us about already familiar, in the past, black policemen, Marcus and Michael. Marcus – henpecked, the head of the family, constantly listening to the claims of his wife. Michael – his complete opposite: a rich weirdo and spender, for some inexplicable reason, chose for himself such a dangerous job.

  1. Irishman

The plot, which will demonstrate the picture, will tell about a real person – Frank Sheeran. A man comes from the war and encounters a Mafia community. A hero becomes the first Irish man, who was taken into a group of Italians. For all the time while he worked as a hired killer, Sheeran had killed more than twenty-five victims. The man admitted that he was able to kill the trade union leader Jimmy Hoffa.

  1. The Commuter

The actionmovie is about an unpretentious insurance agent, who every day gets to work and back on a suburban train. But one day, there were criminals among the passengers who drag the hero into a deadly conspiracy.

  1. Widows

It is the number one of the TOP 10 best new Mafia movies 2018.

Wives decide to continue the business of theirhusbands who were killed during the next robbery.

TOP draws to a close.

We hope it helped find out an answer to the question – what is the best Mafia movies in 2018?

Thanks for watching!

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