List of best Monster movies 2018

In our imagination monsters are everywhere – the deepest fears of us find their place in our dreams and sometimes in reality, too, taking the unusual form. The same is about several characters from the brand new upcoming horror films represented and described below that have to experience the worst day of their lives and struggle with the monsters face to face.

In today’s article, we are counting down the best horror film that belongs to our TOP 10 best new Monster movies 2018.

10. Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich

The plot of this horror film focuses on the story of a man that has recently divorced – therefore, he comes back to his old home where he spent his childhood alongside his brother who passed away a few years ago. Whilst being home and conjuring up all the childhood memories, the man accidentally finds a doll that used to belong to his dead brother. He makes a decision to sell it in order to make some money he needs so after the divorce.

Meanwhile, he gets to know his new neighbors – a girl and a young man being obsessed with comic books. With their help and support, all three head on a road trip to an auction that was set up to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Toulon Murders. All the hell begins with a sudden panic of the crew as the bloody game starts being set up by the old evil.

The best horror movies on Hulu right now - Puppetmaster

9. Hotel Transylvania 3

There is also an animated film of the TOP 10 best recent Minster movies which is the third installment of the whole franchise – it continues the adventures of old characters that all go on a cruise ship specifically created for the monsters. There, the father of vampire Mavis falls in love with the captain of the ship but has no idea she is the descendant of Van Helsing.

8. Halloween

Brand new installment and a direct sequel that belongs to the franchise originally created by Carpenter. It is believed to be set forty years later after the installment that was released in 1978 and the story representing the final confrontation between Laurie and her biggest enemy – the mysterious and dangerous figure in the mask who has been hunting her for several years.

7. A Nightmare on Elm Street

Another brand new adaption on the list of best Monster 2018 – the adaptation of the most iconic horror movies of all time. According to the 1984 original version of the film, it first represents the short story of a teenager slowly becoming the victim of the slasher that somehow managed to kill her in her dream which was seen by her close friends that are the next on the list of the mysterious murderer.

6. The Strangers 2

Second movie belonging to the well-known slasher movie franchise that was first released in 2008. The brand new film focuses on the story of a happy family – they organize a family trip to the mobile home park in order to have fun together but they have no idea what evil expects them in the empty streets of the town. They are staying at the secluded place and in the night they realize they are hunted by three strange people in the terrifying masks. The whole family struggle with new difficulties in order to survive the most terrifying night in their lives. The film is set to officially come out at the very beginning of March in the following year.

5. The Nun

One of the most expected films on the TOP 10 best Monster movies of 2018 to watch separately focuses on the terrifying nun whose character, as well as the story, was first represented in the second installment of Conjuring franchise. This separate film follows the adventures of the members of the monastery in Romania that start their own investigation in order to find out what caused the death of the nun whose ghost kills people.

4. Meg

The first shots of the film focus on the events happening five years ago from the main ones – it represents the usualworkday of professional expert sea diver that suddenly encountered the thing he had never experienced before. The whole situation forced him to leave half of his best people and finish the mission.

Five years later, the story about the same man who used to have a good career. Today he has no family and no job, the wife left him with nothing. But it seems like the life gives him another chance – he has to return to his old duties in order to save the vessel being on the very bottom of the sea, the place where his ex-wife is and there is big chance the rest of the crew alongside her will be attracted by a huge monster that was believed to be extinct for several years.

3. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Another good movie from the TOP 10 best modern Monster films 2018 is the brand new installment of the well-known franchise – it is the straight sequel to the previous film and directly continues the events represented in the previously mentioned one. The principal photography of the film took place in different spots in England and lasted for over five months.

2. Kong: Skull Island

This film is considered to be a reboot of the main King Kong franchise. It focuses on the events in 1973 when an agent from American government makes a decision to hire former British air captain, as well as many other professional forces in order to lead the secret operation that is related to the main events taking the place in the South Pacific twenty years ago.

The group is also joined by photojournalist that has his own opinion about the whole operation and being so pathetic. The team arrives at Skull Island and suddenly discovers something they have not expected to experience face to face.

1. The Predator

The first place of any list that ever existed puts one of the most iconic films of all time on the first place and the readers always wonder, what is the best Monster movies in 2018? Obviously, it is all about upcoming science fiction movie belonging to the well-known franchise about the Predator. The new installment, in fact, takes place between the movie released in 1990 and the one from 2010.

The plot of the film is still unknown to the public but we are clearly aware of the filming process happening from the end of February till the very beginning of June. The official premiere of the project itself is the beginning of March 2018.

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