List of best Mystery movies 2018

This genre has been around for decades, and it feels like everything has already been said and done. But, we’re still getting some fresh new ideas, awesome plot twists, and gripping narratives. You should keep a lookout for the TOP 10 best new Mystery movies 2018.

These titles will be dominating next year, and it’s always nice to have at least a couple of worthy picks marked on your list. That way, you’ll know what to expect and will be able to share your wisdom with the rest of the world.

  1. Thelma

When was the last time you saw a Norwegian movie? Come on, admit it – you didn’t even know they were good at making nail-biters, right? Well, they are, and Thelma is shaping up to be one of the biggest releases of 2018. Suspenseful, full of tension, spooky and gripping, this is one of those dramatic slash romantic slash mystery thrillers that a fan simply can’t miss. The story follows a beautiful woman who falls in love and dreams of a quiet and peaceful life. However, when she realizes she’s got a number of otherworldly powers, everything changes.

  1. The Happytime Murders

Welcome to a reality where puppets live side by side with mankind. Phil, a disgraced former police officer, is now a private investigator. He’s putting everything on the line to catch the killer of his brother. The maniac is going after the cast of a huge TV show from the 80s.

When he finds out that his ex-lover, Jenny, is the psycho’s next target, he enlists Edwards, an old friend, to help him stop the killer before he takes her life. Comedy, crime, and suspense came together to deliver one of the TOP 10 best recent Mystery movies.

  1. Den of Thieves

Butler is back, ladies, and gentlemen, and he’s ready to take the industry by the storm once again. The cast of the Den of Thieves is impressive, the production team is top-notch, and the story is twisty and engrossing. He is a thief, and he gets into a mess of gigantic proportions. The man finds himself hated by not one, but two criminal gangs while trying to come up with a plan to heist a bank. It’s literally impossible to break into a bank with this kind of security; yet, Flanagan is a genius and eventually finds a way in. But what is he going to do with the gangsters?

  1. Sherlock Holmes 3

Yes, the legendary detective is back, and he’s about to make some noise. The previous two chapters were commercially successful and received a lot of international praise. The third installment in the series will have to prove that the cast and the team still have what it takes to deliver a masterpiece for the average viewer.

Unfortunately, there is no information about the plot, but we do know that all the actors from the original film, including McAdams, Law and Downey Jr. will return to their respective roles. Put SH 3 on your list of best Mystery movies 2018 if you appreciate smart, savvy, funny and entertaining tales.

  1. The Nun

The Conjuring series turned out to be a big crowd-pleaser, and now we’re getting the official spin-off. Father Burke, a charismatic priest, leaves home and goes to Rome to find the real truth about the passing of a nun. Everything about this case is wrong, and he can almost feel that there are some dark powers at work here.

Soon, he figures out that a powerful demon possessed the poor soul, and it’s up to him to free her. True, the story isn’t at all original, but rest assured that The Nun will glue you to your seat and keep the tension rising to the very end.

  1. Buzzard Hollow Beef

Are you a big fan of psychedelic horrors? If you are, then we recommend taking a look at this quite disturbing film. The plot is centered on a family who goes through bright hallucinations. They make these people believe that a bunch of maniacs from the local village with cannibalistic tendencies have poisoned them and want to eat them alive. As far as the creepiest mysteries and horror tales go, this one will have a prominent place among the TOP 10 best Mystery movies of 2018 to watch. Again, if you’re into that kind of stuff, this will become your new favorite.

Buzzard Hollow Beef poster


  1. Hotel Transylvania 3

You could say that this is more of a fantasy comedy for the family (including the little ones), but there are some mystery parts in it that will appeal to the fans. When Dracula looks into the eyes of Ericka, the dashing captain of a ship, he falls in love with her – madly. However, what he doesn’t know is that one of her ancestors was Van Helsing himself, the man who had been hunting the vampires and other “vile creatures” for decades. So, what’s it going to be? Will Dracula fall victim to his own weakness, or is there a way to make everyone happy?

  1. Slenderman

Yes, it was all too obvious: after the Slenderman turned into a worldwide hit, it was only a question of time before one of the big studios paid attention to it. The tall, scary gentleman in a classy suit has been dominating the Internet for more than eight years, making kids from all over the world fear this fictional character.

We’re actually quite curious to see what Hollywood will do with this now-iconic villain. Will it be just another routine release, or maybe they’ll manage to glue the grown-ups to their seats? Definitely, one of the TOP 10 best modern Mystery films 2018.

Slender Man and a girl

  1. The First Omen

The original movie came out in 1976, more than 4 decades ago. Still, it’s considered to be one of the finest films in the genre. The second chapter is actually a prequel, not a follow-up, and will be focused on the events that took place before Damien came to this planet. The majority of the modern-day fans of mysteries might not even know about this classic cut because it came out way before they were born. But if the team behind the new installment recreates even a tiny part of that unique experience, we bet The First Omen will become a huge hit.

The First Omen

  1. World War 3

Part action, part sci-fi, part mystery, this is going to be one of the biggest releases of 2018. Based on a best-selling novel, World War 3 is an attempt to predict the future of mankind. What will happen at the end of the 21st century? Will humanity survive?

Will we thrive, or will our vices turn this planet into a graveyard? If you’re a fan of thought-provoking and engrossing stories, make sure to put this one on your list. Ok, we now have the answer to the big question – what is the best Mystery movies in 2018?

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