List of best new Dinosaurs movies to watch

These ancient creatures are big, strong, and used to rule planet Earth long before we came around. In the 90s, every single famous director considered it to be his duty to shoot a film about these fascinating creatures; that’s not the case anymore. Still, we’ve got a list of TOP 10 best new Dinosaurs movies for all time for you.

Yes, Hollywood still recognizes the awesomeness of these beasts and we’ve got quite a lot of dinosaur-friendly releases in 2018. Not all of them are going to be…conventional, but that only makes things that much more exciting.

  1. Mary Anning & the Dinosaur Hunters

Mary is one of the greatest female paleontologists in history. She did more for this ungrateful profession than any other woman out there (or man). Back in the 19th century, it was extremely hard to make a name for yourself in a world dominated by gentlemen. But her incredible skills and passion for discovering new things made her a legend. They say Darwin was fascinated by her and that she inspired him to create some of his best work. Dinosaurs were her first love and she dedicated her entire life to them.

Katharine Hamilton in Mary Anning & the Dinosaur Hunters

  1. Prince Charming

Who’s going to rescue the lovely princess from the scary beast? The prince, of course! He’s got the skills, the courage, and the right motivation to walk into the monster’s den. Fight the vile creatures for the right to be with the young lady – that’s what he’s all about. Vampires,dinosaurs and even dragons – he’ll battle them all. Disney finally realized that folks really like modern-day adaptations of classic fairytales, and Prince Charming is going to be one of their biggest releases next year. In 2018, it’s definitely going to be one of the TOP 10 best Dinosaurs movies for families.

Prince Charming promo

  1. Madagascar 4

Our favorite brutes have been through a lot and seen it all. But there’s one last adventure that they’ll need to go through before settling down for good. Back in the day, they used to battle all kinds of unbelievable enemies. Last time they ended up in Africa, and it wasn’t all pretty. One thing is certain, though: as long as the friends stick together, everything will be alright!The Zoo is their home, the place where they belong. Eventually, they all come back. What will the heroes have to deal with this time around?

Madagascar animals

  1. Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad

Swifty is an overzealous fox that has a dream: to train and become just as cool at the best couriers in Arctica. But how can he prove he’s got what it takes to hang out with the greatest? Well, he uses his position in the mail room and single-handedly delivers a top-secret package to a place he’s never been before.

There, he finds a hidden fortress ruled by a ruthless villain. He’s got an entire army of beasts waiting for his command and is about to flood the entire planet. So now it’s up to the fox to team up with his group of misfits and protect his home from destruction. As far as the list of best new Dinosaurs movies to watch goes, Arctic Justice is a good pick.

Arctic Justice poster

  1. Early Man

What was life like for the ancient humans? They certainly had bigger problems than we do! Dug, the main character of the story, is about to become a legend. Along with his best friend and the whole tribe, he is to fight the greatest villain on the planet and protect his village. Welcome to a world where mammoths and dinosaurs are normal. They’re roaming the forests like they own them, and mankind is just trying to find its place among these dangerous creatures. Will Dug man up and do what’s necessary for his people, or is he just another hero wanna-be?

  1. The Jurassic Games

In the future, death-row convicts still have a chance to earn their lives back. There’s an incredibly popular show that invites all the soon-to-be-dead criminals to participate in a virtual game. The goal is simple: to stay alive as long as possible. There can only be one winner, and that person will be able to walk away freely.

But the “fellow convicts” aren’t the only obstacle towards freedom. This virtual reality is inhabited by the meanest dinosaurs to ever live. And when it seems like the challenges are over, the Host drops a bomb on their heads. Of the TOP 10 best Dinosaurs movies to watch, The Jurassic Games is a must-see.

The Jurassic Games promo

  1. The Jungle Book: Origins

This is one of the most popular novels ever published. There were numerous theatrical, TV and movie adaptations. Origins is a brand-new big-screen banger that is set to bring something new and exciting for the audience. With a cast that includes pretty much all the biggest names in the industry right now, we bet this is going to be the most talked-about film of 2018. All that’s left for us to do at this point is mark the release date on the calendar and cross our fingers. It’s been a while since we got a proper fairytale adaptation, right?

Jungle Book poster

  1. Bumblebee

It’s 1987, and Bumblebee, one of the most fan-favored intelligent robots in the world, is stranded in Cali. Beaten, confused and scared, he’s desperately trying to make sense of his surroundings and find a shelter. Charlie is a teenage girl with an attitude. She can’t find a place where she belongs and is constantly looking for a sign.

When she comes across the Transformer, the kid instantly realizes that destiny brought them together. Bumblebee is taking a hard left turn from the series and will be more focused on the story and the characters. Will it feature the steel beasts like the 4th chapter did? We’ll find out soon enough! It’s obvious that of the TOP 10 best modern new Dinosaurs films, it’s pretty high up the ranks.

  1. Iron Sky: The Coming Race

The world thought that the Nazi threat was neutralized, but truth is – they’ve been hiding on the moon, building a base and arming their soldiers with next-gen weapons. Their technology far exceeds everything that the nations on Earth have, and it’s finally time to attack what once used to be their home. Driven by their revenge, the villains are ready to destroy both planets for their cause. Expect a thrilling mix of action, sci-fi, adventure and top-notch comedy. The first chapter was an awesome movie, and we bet the sequel is going to be even better.

  1. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Mr. Pratt is back, ready to save the world from a dino attack once again. The 2015 film was huge commercially and the producers promise a real eye-candy with the Fallen Kingdom. We know that the majority of the heroes from the original movie will be featured in the sequel. The script is kept under wraps, though, and we’ll just have to wait for the official trailer to see what’s what. In any case, this is, most definitely, the most anticipated dinosaur film of the next year. Ok, now we all know what is the best Dinosaurs movies!

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