List of best Religion movies 2017

Millions of people around the world believe in God. Each religion offers its own view of faith, but it always affects the human soul and makes it better and purer.

Our TOP 10 best Religion movies of 2017 to watch will answer many questions or help you learn something new about the origins of religion.

Of course, our TOP will try to answer the main question: “What is the best Religion movies in 2017?”

The grandiose film screen of Martin Scorsese’s “The Last Temptation of Christ” caused a lot of controversy at the time of its release on the big screen. Young Willem Dafoe has incredibly organically got into the part of the son of God that preferred the worldly life. The philosophical parable “Mary” will send viewers to the sources of faith, forcing the idea of ​​the nature of religion, and what makes people believe. The picture “King of Kings”, nominated for the Golden Globe, offers a story about the life of Christ, and the documentary comedy “Religious” poses ironic questions about what and in whom we believe and what we really know about our religion.

List of best Religion movies 2017

  1. Novitiate

A young woman who is trying to become a nun faced with problems of the church, faith, and sexuality.


  1. Silence

The action of this historical drama takes place in Japan in the 17th century, when this country attracted the attention of the whole Old Europe. The Catholic Church was not going to lag behind the secular authorities and also tried to spread its influence in the new territories. Many priests went to the Land of the Rising Sun, intending to carry the teachings of Christ to the masses and is not imagining that the local people are not only used to worship their gods but also have a very peculiar mentality, not speaking of traditions that seemed to the Europeans as something unimaginable.

Two priests from the Jesuit Order go to Japan after their mentor, from whom there has been no news for too long. They intend to help him in his difficult but noble mission. However, once in Japan, the Jesuit Fathers will face many dangers when they realize that widespread persecution has begun against Catholic Church representatives in these places.

  1. Brimstone

A young woman, Liz, may seem to someone to be the most common resident of an unsafe Wild West. But in fact, this poor girl has been trying for years to run away from her dark past with her minor daughter. And she did it until a real “hellish” preacher appeared in a small provincial town, lost among the fields. At first, he seemed a respectable person, able to give up his soul for serving God. But then his dark essence unfolded when he began to pursue the inhabitants of the town and punish them for the Fall. And especially he often visited Liz, because he saw that the woman is desperately trying to hide the secret of her past. The movie is also included in the TOP 10 best recent Religion movies because in it was already released.

  1. The Case for Christ

Lee Strobel, being an atheist, set himself the task of debunking the historical tradition of Christ and Christianity. However, as the author became acquainted with the history of Christianity and historical documents, his attitude to faith changed. In the end, Lee Strobel in 1981 turned to faith. For his books, he was awarded several prizes.

  1. God Particle

The action-packed space opera of the astronauts of the orbital station, who, after the accident with the hadronic collider, discover … that the Earth is no more. But in the field of view, there is a second station, but it is unclear what it carries – an even greater threat or salvation?

God Particle

  1. The Preacher’s Son

Bishop Wilson, his lovely wife, and 2 children are respectable in their city. But Wilson’s children are struggling with temptations and his son Dante has a different opinion than his father about the church.

The Preacher's Son

  1. The Crucifixion

It is a mystical horror about a priest practicing exorcism, who is imprisoned for killing a distraught woman. A young journalist tries to find out whose victim was, in fact, the deceased – religious fanaticism or demonic forces?

  1. Pilgrimage

It is a medieval thriller. A group of monks carries a sacred stone to Rome through a wild Irish island, where tribal wars are raging. Their path becomes more and more dangerous when is revealed the true value of the relic – as sacred as material and even political.

  1. Mary Magdalene

One of the most famous women in the religion is in the TOP 10 best new Religion movies 2017.

It is a story about the Holy Mary Magdalene. Saved by Christ, she becomes His faithful until and after the Crucifixion.

Mary Magdalene

  1. The Shack

Happy family man Mack Phillips always tries to protect his relatives and take care of them. Once a man with his children goes to rest on the shore of the lake where a lot of people spend their time in a happy atmosphere. It was supposed to be a light and carefree trip, but unexpectedly the rest turned into a real nightmare. The youngest daughter of Mack Missy disappears without leaving a trace. Volunteers and policemen start looking for her. Soon it was possible to find the supposed place where the girl can be. Unfortunately, in the shack in the Oregon wilderness, there are clues that Missy, most likely, died, becoming the victim of a cruel maniac.

Mack falls into despair, and his life almost collapses. In the incident, he blames himself, as well as the Almighty, who could not save his child from suffering. Four years after the tragedy, he receives a strange letter allegedly from God with an invitation to return to that same shack. After some hesitation, Mack still makes the decision to go on this trip, hoping to get at least some answers. But he could not imagine that in an ordinary shack he would meet with the Lord himself and receive answers to his numerous questions.

So our TOP 10 best modern Religion films 2017 ends.

We hope that you find what you need.

Thank you for watching!

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