List of best Romantic movies 2017

These are the films that make every woman cry so hard but that doesn’t mean they are not interesting to watch for the men. Upcoming projects are the good chance to unite as a family and follow the story of different characters whose lives are worth discussing. Some of them love and struggle in order to be with their half, and some of the characters are on the edge of giving up. This is TOP 15 best new Romantic movies 2017 that will touch your heart and make you rethink about the life.

Everything, everything

You will definitely need a bunch of wipes to watch this film. The main female protagonist is 18 years old and she has never been outside. The movie is based on the best-selling modern novel and tells the story about the girl who suffers from SCID and can’t leave the house. One day, she sees her new neighbor that slowly falls in love with her. But they only communicate through the texts and one day Maddy leaves the house despite the fact how dangerous it can be for her life.

The Promise

Historical drama about a love triangle between people of different nations. The plot follows the final years of the Ottoman Empire. A love story between a medical student from Armenia, American journalist that works in Paris and a lady that was born in the USA but raised in Europe and France definitely deserves to be on TOP 15 best recent Romantic movies.

Beauty and the Beast

The story of love that everybody knows and enjoys watching. In this new movie, Emma Watson plays the girl that breaks the spell and frees the Prince from being Beast falling in love with him. But his task is to learn again how to love another and earn the love in return. Otherwise, he will be the Beast for the rest of his life.

The Discovery

British-American movie made in romantic science fiction genre which makes it even more interesting than the previous ones. At the very beginning of it, we see an interview with the man who managed to prove that afterlife really exist. It has, unfortunately, brought society to the very high level of suicides. The story continues with the son of the scientist who accidentally meets the girl Isla and she seems to be familiar to him.

Somewhere Beautiful. Next, on the list of best Romantic movies 2017 is an upcoming movie that is planned to be released in April 2017. The plot tells us about a lot of different things that we may love but then we accidentally realize they are just gone and not noticed which makes us regret about what happened. Afterward, people are left without any chance to get the help but then just one thing can change everything.

The Wedding Plan

An Orthodox Jewish woman that is 32 years old finally sees her future with a man of her dream in a happy marriage. But suddenly her fiancé makes a decision to cancel the wedding but she doesn’t want to return to his old life full of loneliness and hopeless. So all these things push her to find a new spouse as the wedding getting closer.

The Space Between Us

Another romantic science fiction film coming out in 2017 and is about Sarah that takes the participation in the mission of colonizing Mars in the near future. During the trip she finds out she is pregnant but she dies while giving a birth to the baby that will later become the first human being ever born on Mars. When the boy grows up his only desire is to find out more about his mother.

Carrie Pilby

This is probably the most adorable film from the TOP 15 best Romantic movies of 2017 to watch. American romantic comedy that is actually based on the novel with the same title written by Caren Lissner. This is the beautiful story about the girl who graduated from Harvard and has no idea how to live this life. To solve her problem and deal with beliefs she goes to the therapist in New York that creates her a plan to check and challenge her beliefs. She goes on blind dates and visits crazy parties. She has to struggle with her main problem – how to fit in the society and the world in general?

The Shape of Water

A fantasy movie about the lady from the government that works as a janitor accidentally seems to fall in love with an aquatic man. He is actually being trapped and held in order to make particular tests and experiments as the plot follows the Cold War era in the USA around 1963.

The Shape of Water

The Lovers

The plot represents the story of a couple that is being married for quite long and seems to lose any feeling they experienced at the beginning of their relationships. But the spark between them suddenly brings their passion back after they find other partners on the side.

Donnie Darko

This movie was released in 2001 but comes back in 2017 again with the new format. The story follows a teenager that keeps seeing a monster in a rabbit costume.

Same Kind of Different as Me

There is another movie based on a breath-taking novel on our TOP 15 best modern Romantic films 2017. Basically, this is a long story about the relationships between people of completely opposite upbringing and that fact how they struggle with other people’s opinions to stay good companions.

My Cousin Rachel

If you ask yourself what is the best Romantic movies in 2017 to watch with your half, then you need to remember this one. The unforgettable story about the woman who falls in love with her own cousin and feels like it has to be told to him. The scenario was based on one of the best British novels of all times.

My Cousin Rachel

The Bad Batch

A Very unusual movie that includes such actors as Keanu Reeves, Jim Carrey, Jason Momoa and Suki Waterhouse and shows us the story about Texas after the apocalypse. The population turned to be very dangerous, and there are even some cannibals.

Fifty Shades Darker

One of the most expected romantic dramas based on the novel with the same title. This is the second film about complicated relationships between Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey after they broke up in the past. But this time, Anastasia had to deal with the ladies of her boyfriend who feel quite jealous they are together again. Meanwhile, Christian has to face his own inner demons in order to save the relationships between him and Ana.

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What is the best Romance movies in 2017?

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