List of best Running movies to watch

Running is a good challenge for people to really see the unlimited abilities of the human’s body. In this article, we are representing the list of TOP 10 best Running movies for all time that will definitely inspire you to wake up earlier and start the day with running and remember that even those runners considered to be world’s champions have once started with only just a step reaching to the unbelievable results and achievements.

Running the Sahara

Across the Tracks (1991)

This film starring Brad Pitt represents the story of two brothers who used to have completely opposite lives in the past but now they have to learn how to deal with each other what they successfully do whilst taking the participation in multiple high school sports activities achieving amazing results in running.

Desert Runners (2013)

A contemporary documentary film following the story about the runners who are not professionals but, yet, make a decision to challenge themselves and attempt marathon races being considered to be the most complicated ones in the history.

They push the limits of their bodies which change their mentality; they try to survive whilst being exhausted; they see all the beauty given by nature and at the end of the story finally realize that everything is possible. This documentary project from TOP 10 best Running movies for families has inspired and cultivated lots of professional runners and athletes.

Spirit of the Marathon II (2013)

The amazing documentary follows the story of seven different runners who take the participation in the marathon in Rome that was established in 2012. Each of them has a goal to achieve which basically represents the reason why they are all united on beautiful Italian streets. Among the runners are Italian runners owning well-known pizza restaurant; the runner Vasyl from Ukraine who takes the participation on the marathon in order to represent his country on the Olympic Games 2016; a woman from Africa earning money to help her family; Julie from America making money for the fighting against one of the cancer types due to which her father passed away.

The Running Man (1987)

Funny fact about this movie from the list of best Running movies to watch is that it follows the 2017 world – so let’s see if the filmmakers predicted it all right. It stars Arnold Schwarzenegger portraying the main character Ben being a pilot on the helicopter that belongs to American police. After escaping the labor camp he comes back to his brother’s apartment but instead finds the head of the broadcast known as The Running Man. And now Ben is forced to take the participation in a dangerous game just like his brother.

The Athlete (2009)

This amazing inspirational movie follows the real story of a runner from Ethiopia that became the first black man from Africa to win the gold medal on Olympic Games in 1960 that were set up in Rome. The film unites the real footage of the runner, as well as the one that is fictional. Unfortunately, he harmed both his legs in a car accident leaving himself paralyzed and not being able to move again. He died four years later after that day.

Run For Your Life (2014)

The fifth position from TOP 10 best Running movies to watch is a drama film that is actually based on a true story. It focuses on the multiple events happening in the life of a woman from Canada named Meredith. She is seeking for the safety as her own life is put in danger due to her extremely offensive husband. She makes a decision to settle in America but, unfortunately, she has to keep running due to her ex-husband quickly finding her again.

In order to protect her own life, as well as the lives of her children, she has multiple choices to live peaceful life – to kill the husband with her own hands, find someone who could do that instead of her or just apply multiple new identities to stay in a shadow.

Unbroken (2014)

Historical war drama directed by Angelina Jolie. The movie represents the real story of an Olympian from the United States that, during the Second World War, was sent to Air Force of America but his airplane crushed so that he had to survive within more than forty days. Afterward, he was forced to spend his days in multiple war camps including the one located in Tokyo.

The man is forced to do a hard work – during one of them he decides to take a rest making angry a corporal known as “The Bird”. In fact, this scene became one of the most iconic ones in the whole movie – “The Bird” orders him to take a big piece of a wooden beam and tells the guards to shoot the American solder immediately if he drops it. The soldier keeps holding the given beam and keeps staring at the Japanese corporal even though he’s been said he is not allowed to. The corporal gets very angry and starts beating the man several times.

Running America (2009)

After running across the Sahara (next movie on the list), an ultramarathon runner known as Charlie Engle makes a decision to join a team starting brand new expedition – and this time, his goal is America. The team plans to run more than three thousand miles within just a little bit more than 46 days. This movie, having the leading position on our TOP 10 best modern Running films, fully shows the challenge the brave runners had – their goal was to start running in San Francisco and their final destination was Times Square located in the very heart of New York City.

To be able to accomplish their achievements the runners should have run approximately seventy miles per one day or more than hundred kilometers. The documentary represents the ups and downs of the runners but, fortunately, at the end of the story, they are the proof that all is matters is the strong desire to achieve something.

Running the Sahara(2007)

The documentary film represents the story of three different people that are united together by common goal – run across the Sahara Desert. In fact, the whole movie is narrated by American actor Matt Damon. Whilst creating the project the runners themselves, as well as the team of filmmakers successfully crossed six countries in total.

More than six hundred kilometers became the real challenge to the runners – one of them is a motivational speaker that, therefore, became the author of the autobiography book in which he fully described his life dedicated to running, the feelings and difficulties he had whilst being in Sahara. At the end of the Marathon, the whole team finally reaches their final destination – the Red Sea which was achieved at the end of February 2007.

Into The Wind (2010)

The first place on the list of the best movies connected to the running belongs to the documentary movie about Terry Fox officially released in 2010. He used to be an athlete from Canada and when he was just 18 years old he was diagnosed with the type of cancer destroying the human bones. Due to it he lost his right leg and was forced to wear an artificial one.

Later on, he decided to set up the Marathon of Hope in order to collect as much money as possible for those people suffering cancer as the scientists could get more opportunity for researches about different types of cancer. When it comes to the question what is the best Running movies, this one always has the special place on the list – the film contains the real footage representing Fox during the Marathon, as well as an interviewwith the people who knew him in person.

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