List of best Sales movies

It is believed that salespeople got used to constantly working hard – well, salespeople, it is finally time to take a break and enjoy a good movie with your close friends and family as we represent our TOP 10 best Sales movies for all time. You may get the chance to catch something interesting that will move you towards making and following potential business prospects – but for now, it is better to relax and enjoy good and well-known sales films.

The best sales films to watch with the family

Danny DeVito and Kevin Spacey in The Big Kahuna

Place 10: Lord of War

The tenth position belongs to 2005 crime movie with Nicolas Cage. The movie represents the story about Yuri Orlov being the eldest son of the emigrants from independent Ukraine. Whilst visiting local restaurant in the United States he becomes the witness of Russian mafia killing possible series killers that were holding Kalashnikov automatic rifles. Afterward, Yuri is convinced he has to go into arms industry and makes his brother Vitaly to work with him. Later on, the character of Cage flies to Ukraine in order to buy the weapons from the former general of Soviet army and becomes an illegal dealer of arms. The whole story is inspired by real events and stories from real people.

Place 9: Tommy Boy

The ninth movie from the TOP 10 best Sales movies for families is about an immature man played by Chris Farley, that is considered to star in popular American show known as Saturday Night Live, discovers the values of real friendship after his father’s sudden death. This is more road comedy representing two persons travelling across the United States – one of them, as it was said earlier, has to deal with social anxiety whilst being hyperactive. The movie follows funny adventures of the Farley’s character showing the reason why social community does not seem to be very happy about the fact to accept him.

Place 8: Pursuit of Happyness

This movie starring Will Smith and his well-known son Jaden Smith will make you cry. You may have noticed the mistake in the title but this is the way filmmakers decided to make up unusual poster – in fact, the spelling is directly connected to the wall of the daycare facility that is attended by the son of the main character. The story focuses on the salesman that invests all his personal money savings on contemporary bone densities being sure they are way better for people rather than basic X-rays. He has huge financial instability and problems among which is the fact that his wife left him with the son that is about to turn five years. But together, they go ahead and fight for better life – at the end of story the character of Will focuses on establishing his own brokerage company that is worth million dollars.

Place 7: Love and Other Drugs

The following position on the represented list of best Sales movies is nice modern romantic comedy starring well-known Hollywood actors. Basically, the movie follows a lady suffering from Parkinson’s disease but being quite positive about her future. She flirts with every single guy but one day falls in love with the man whose presence she notices whilst visiting her doctor. The guy starts taking her to multiple conferences and certain specialists and scientists all around the country. However, the woman realizes her new companion just loves her hoping there is a cure for her disease and makes a decision to break up with him immediately. In the end, despite all the difficulties and setbacks the couple reunites and starts completely new life having each other as the biggest support.

Place 6: The Goods – Live Hard, Sell Hard

The sixth film project on the list was officially released in 2009 – it is American comedy and follows the story of Ben from Temecula. His car dealerships go through pretty rough times. He still has hundreds of cars to sell over the American Independence Day but really hopes to achieve the desired profits within just a weekend. To be able to sell as many cars as possible the main characters decide to come up with dishonest commercial for people revealing that the owner of the dealership suffers from testicular cancer that leads to death. Afterwards, the main characters are followed by unexpected adventures which seems to be the perfect time to reveal some never told secrets.

Place 5: Cadillac Man

Comedy movie starring well-known comedian Robin Williams that portrays successful car salesman named Joey. This movie from the recent TOP 10 best Sales movies to watch focuses on the multiple problems of mentioned character – his ex-wife demands from him a maintenance, he has a daughter that is missing and other enormous issues that make a huge pressure on his life. The real adventures start when crazy motorcyclist takes a few hostages being the visitors of the main character’s dealership. Joey makes a decision to talk to the terrorist by himself but everything turns out to be real comedy.

Place 4: Wolf of Wallstreet

2013 movie starring legendary Leonardo DiCaprio. This black comedy is based on the memoir of the same title. It represents the story of the absolutely amazing and insane skills of one of the most successful man (portrayed by DiCaprio) that literally owns the world. However, it seems like FBI is very interesting in this person starting their own investigation and arresting DiCaprio’s character at the end.

Place 3: Jerry Maguire

Even though this movie starring young Tom Cruise was released in 1996, it is still on the list of TOP 10 best modern Sales films taking the third place. Cruise represents a sport agent who seems like not being very successful. The things got even worse when he suddenly loses his job due to being rude to people. But he is convinced that he is capable of creating his own business but there are only two people who believe in him – his girlfriend and a wide receiver of the franchise being one of the most well-known and professional American football one. The movie had a huge success and also brought Cruise big popularity before he began filming in popular action franchise Mission Impossible which was released in the same year for the very first time.

Place 2: Moneyball

This is another American drama starring well-known Brad Pitt. The movie is based on the book that was first released and represented to the public in 2003 following the best traditions of nonfiction literature. It focuses on the story of a manager and his professional assistant and shows the time when they have to struggle with limited budget for the baseball players. The main character, in fact, tries so hard to find the right and sophisticated approach when it comes to analyzing all the players and building a real team of winners. Despite all the difficulties, the character of Pitt is followed by a huge success.

Place 1: The big Kahuna

When it comes to finding out more about what is the best Sales movies, we put the mentioned film in the very first place as it stars Danny DeVito. This comedy follows the story of two men working for developed industrial companies who head on a convention where they are joined by a young businessman. They later on become good and close friends trying to figure out how to come up with their own business but all they tries and adventures turn out into very funny and comedy actions with the potential success at the end of the business trip where all of them deal with some serious people.

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