List of Hollywood Classics movies 2018

Cinematography annually produces a lot of good films, but some of them become classics of the world cinema. These films are loved for their stories, for a real actor’s play, for good music and for other components of perfect movies. These films can be re-watched many times and with each new watching, they will still be interesting to watch. These films are known and loved, often quoted, and sometimes their stories even try to imitate or make skits. Perhaps, every person has seen these films at least once in their life or just heard about them, but it’s always nice to watch this movie again and enjoy its quality.

Today, we will speak about TOP 10 best Hollywood Classics movies of 2018 to watch.

Let’s begin!

List of best Hollywood Classics movies in 2018

  1. The Irishman

Frank is an impressive middle-aged man. Having experienced a lot of criminal acts, he does not even try to disguise his criminal intentions, but it seems that luck takes care of this man and all the evidence confirming his unequivocal involvement literally disappear from the crime scene.

A new case comes up on the agenda of the police – the disappearance of the leader of the most famous trade union movement – Jimmy Hoffa. This media guy was closely connected with the ill-fated Irishman – Frank Sheeran.

It remains only to guess who will win in this unpredictable battle – the true gangster Sheeran or peace officers.

  1. Mary Poppins Returns

The action takes place in London. Michael and Jane Banks have grown a long time. Michael lives in a house with 3 children and a housekeeper Ellen. After the misfortune occurs in Michael’s family, the mysterious Mary Poppins returns to the life of the Banks family and with the help of Jack’s cheerful lantern, she again gives the family the joy and happiness that they so wanted but did not know where to get it.

  1. The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

The Nutcracker is in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Classics films 2018.

The main character of the movie “The Nutcracker and the Four Kingdoms” is the young Clara, who receives a wooden Nutcracker doll from her parents. At night, when the whole house falls asleep, Clara decides to play with a new toy. But as soon as the clock strikes midnight, the girl miraculously appears in a fantasy world, where she has to fight against gingerbread soldiers. She cannot withstand an army of mice alone, only with the help of the Nutcracker, she will be able to win the evil.

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

  1. Robin Hood

Many from childhood know the story of a hero from the Sherwood Forest, who took money from the rich and gave them to the poor people. The authorities considered him as a charlatan, stating that he left everything he had stolen to himself. But the residents knew about his good intentions. Thanks to his skills, a hero could easily steal a chest of money, even if he was guarded by dozens of people. Robin had a way with the bow and arrows, which made him almost invulnerable. In a word, the film will tell about this guy, more precisely about how it all began. The audience will learn about his young life and what inspired him to become a hero.

  1. Scarface

Fidel Castro takes tough measures and expels all his political opponents from the country. With them, the island is left by drug addicts and criminals. Among them were Tony Montana and his faithful friend, Manolo. Both had a criminal past and they were banned from entering America. But there was another way – Omar Suarez suggested the guys to work for him. For a little business they will get the green card and start a new life. Men agree to a deal and kill the person the Mafiosi ordered.

Now they have the full right to live in a free country and get a job in a cafe. Realizing that in this way they cannot earn a living, they go to local authority. Lopez accepts new members, but after a while Tony leaves him to another boss. The bandit did not forgive the betrayal and tried to kill the defector, but perished himself, having only managed to leave a cut on Montana’s face. From this moment, the Cuban real ascent to the throne of the criminal authority begins.

  1. The Wolf Man

It is the fifth place of the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Classics movies 2018.

The picture takes place in 1891 when Lawrence Talbot returns to his father’s estate immediately after his brother’s disappearance. Talbot is taken to investigate all the circumstances connected with the loss of his brother and soon he manages to get on the trail of a man who turned out to be a werewolf. The detective notices strange changes with Lawrence and sends him to the madhouse. After a while, his father visits him and tells a terrible secret…

The Wolf Man reboot

  1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

The whole story begins in a very small, which is placed in an ordinary snowflake. There live fairy-tale creatures in this town, they are very small but very kind and cheerful. Most of all they like holidays and always celebrate them all together because in this town they do not know what anger or envy is, so they are all so friendly. But once they, unintentionally, offended one of the inhabitants of his town – Grinch. It happened a long time ago and everyone forgot about it, especially since he went to the mountains, where he settled with the only one close to him – the dog Max. Grinch lived for a long time alone and his grievance became even stronger, so he decides to take revenge on the inhabitants of the town. Grinch came up with the most incredible revenge – stealing Christmas.

Benedict Cumberbatch in How the Grinch Stole Christmas

  1. The Crow

A vengeful spirit is in the TOP 10 new holly Classics movies.

There is a legend that after death the soul is carried into the world of the dead by the ancient crow. But when a person dies from evil hands, and the nightmares are tormented by the terrible crime, there is no place for rest. In rare cases, the raven is able to return the soul of the deceased back to the world of living people, so that he performed a well-deserved revenge. A young rocker named Eric was killed in his own home. His girl, who only became a bride in the morning, was raped and beaten, she died in the hospital. Now the ghost of revenge hunts for every criminal. He cannot be killed because he is already dead. The moment of payback is approaching.

Jason Momoa in The Crow Reborn

  1. Peter Pan

In the most usual Darling family, order and peace are flourished. Careful parents and three obedient children have always been able to find a way out of any conflict. Big sister Wendy helped adults and selflessly loved her younger brothers, John and Michael. Every day before going to bed she told the boys amazing stories about pirates and heroes, about magical countries and wonderful travels. And then one night, an uninvited guest came to them in the room. It was Peter Pan – the defender of all abandoned and lost children.

Peter Pan poster

  1. The Invisible Man

According to the plot, one brilliant scientist worked long and hard on a formula that would allow the body to become invisible. His many years of work, once, lead to the fact that a genius can still invent a unique recipe. In order to test the result of the research, the man conducts an experiment, introducing serum to the animal. To his joy, everything goes well, but the process cannot be called complete without testing the drug on a person. As a test subject, the scientist chooses himself, since he does not trust anyone. Becoming invisible, our hero decides to make a walk, which ends with an unplanned incident.

Johnny Depp as The Invisible Man

A list of Hollywood Classics movies 2018 comes to an end.

Thank you for being with us!

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