List of Hollywood Cop movies 2018

The job of an American policeman is complex and often deadly. If we believe Hollywood movies, the cops’ job really requires the maximum output, because the American streets are full of drug dealers, killer psychopaths, rapists, and sometimes terrorists.

We are glad to present TOP 10 best Hollywood Cop movies of 2018 to watch.

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List of best Hollywood Cop movies in 2018

  1. Bad Boys for Life

Marcus and Mike are two policemen who are used to working in a pair. Although they had completely different views on life, they have been faithful friends for decades. Once they become aware that they will soon be left without work and all this because of the last case. The guys caught a very large drug dealer and seized drugs for several hundred million dollars. Only this material evidence suddenly disappears from the repository. Now internal security intends to close the police department where the guys work because they believe that this business was pulled off by someone from that department.

  1. Ride Along 3

James has served many years in law enforcement. He is valued as an experienced and talented performer. In the police station, a stupid man works with him, dating with his younger sister. James manages to constantly get into trouble. A future relative regularly disrupts serious operations, thus damaging the reputation of a partner.

A still from Ride Along 3

  1. The Happytime Murders

Melissa McCarthy is in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Cop films 2018.

The world that will be shown in the film like some dystopia is divided into people and dolls, where the latter are second-class citizens. Of course, to become famous, some are willing to sacrifice some principles. For example, the participants of one the TV shows consist entirely of real celebrities, who outside the set practically do not resemble their characters. Their behavior is often disgusting and serves as an excellent food for tabloid newspapers. All this continues until a mysterious killer appears and begins to destroy the participants of the show one by one.

  1. Winter Ridge

When the young man knew that his wife went into a coma he did not know what to do. At the time a serial killer appeared in the city that cruelly kills everyone whom he wants. The point is that the young man is a detective who has to find this murderer and put him behind bars. Will this detective, tormented by his own state of mind, be able to find this criminal?

  1. Super Troopers 2

For a long time, the eccentric patrol policemen lived their lives. The Canadian border was a very calm place. There were no major violations here. Policemen behaved involuntarily and relaxed. The main occupation of brave cops was idleness, it was necessary to make efforts to diversify some boring life. Among colleagues, there are daily skirmishes, during which the characters exercise in humor. Their service is almost without supervision. The guys enjoyed this position until a certain moment.

Unconcerned policemen are shocked by the unexpected news. Their budget was cut, which immediately affected the income.

  1. The Guardian Angel

The fifth place of the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Cop movies 2018.

Since the emergence and throughout the history of existence, hypnosis has always provoked a highly controversial attitude. On the one hand, it acted as a peaceful psychotherapeutic tool that promoted the healing of mental, physical and psychosomatic diseases, on the other – concealed in itself the threat of an almost unlimited power of the hypnotist over the somnambulist, which could be used for illegal purposes. The unsub, brought into a deep hypnotic trance, becomes in the hands of the hypnotist “a real machine gun, both in moral and in physical relations.” He sees, feels, thinks and does only what he is ordered. Obviously, if the intentions of the hypnotist are not pure, he can use the helpless state of the somnambulist for illegal purposes: the hypnotized can become both an object of criminal assault and an instrument in the performance of criminal intentions.

The movie will tell about such hypnotist and detective who will have to fight against him.

Josh Lucas in The Guardian Angel

  1. Domino

Justice is a form of state activity, which lies in the consideration and resolution by the court of the cases referred to its competence – criminal offenses, civil disputes, etc. The main hero of the movie is a policeman who tries to find evidence to put behind the bars the criminal who killed his best friend and partner in one of the chases. But the justice system is weak facing the criminal nightmare, the main hero decides that he has only one path –destroy everyone who will try to prevent him to find that bad guy and kill him.

  1. Amityville Cop

The Amityville Horror is in the TOP 10 new holly Cop movies.

Not far from one of the most famous cities of the United States – New York, there is the city of Amityville, which has a house famous throughout the country because of the real horror that once was happening inside. This really terrible story begins in 1924 when the Dutch emigrants built a damn house. Then the real horror of Amityville began! The story of cruel murders in the house will be told by the one of policeman that had a chance to be there.

Amityville Cop poster

  1. Belleville Cop

A police officer from the city of Paris decides to move to Miami to perform one important mission. This mission is of a personal nature and the hero intends to execute it in any case. He wants to investigate the brutal murder of his own friend with whom they were friends in childhood. A man enlists the support of a local policeman and begins active operations. But the partner has got used to work in another way that creates a tandem a lot of inconveniences. Nevertheless, the main character continues to search for the guilty one…

  1. Maniac Cop

The action of the plot of the new picture will unfold in modern Los Angeles and the protagonist will be a female police officer who is struggling to find a mysterious maniac that kills innocent people by hanging them on meat hooks.

A list of Hollywood Cop movies 2018 draws to a close.

Thanks for watching!

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