List of Hollywood Crime movies 2017

Hollywood, the modern-day “monster” of filmmaking, knows exactly how to get us hooked up with just the right narrative, characters, CGI effects, and atmosphere. This time around, we’ll discuss TOP 10 latest Hollywood Crime movies 2017 to give you the complete picture of what’s going on in the genre this year. If you’re a big fan of crime/thriller films, this list will give you all the info you’ll ever need.

T2 Trainspotting

It’s been 2 decades since Mark left his townlet and disappeared into thin air with tons of money. Obviously, his friends are as angry as they can be, and now that he’s officially back in town, there’s some sorting out to do. Some of his buddies welcome him with open arms, others are giving him the cold shoulder and expect a formal apology (or, at least, some answers). That puts Mark in something of a pickle, and that means he’ll have to hustle in the streets once again and try to stay out of trouble while dealing with the consequences of his mistakes from the past. Spud, Sick Boy and the rest of the blokes are there to lend him a hand.


Mikey, a gangster wanna-be, is constantly running into all kinds of trouble with the local kingpins. At the same time, his big bro, JP, has a booming business in construction. One day, Mikey gets into a life-and-death situation, which leaves JP as the one and only person on God’s Good Earth who can save the bastard. He asks Sal, a trusted friend, to help him sort this out. Sal is a detective with the police department, and together they come up with a plan. It’s not gonna be easy to put the criminal boss down, but there’s no turning back from this. His army of hoodlums is coming for Mikey. As far as the list of TOP 10 new holly Crime movies goes, Arsenal is a great pick.

American Violence

Amanda is an exceptional psychologist and is internationally known and respected for her incredible knowledge of the human psyche. However, Jackson is the one and only patient that she can’t quite figure out. His execution is right around the corner, and she needs to hurry if she wants to make a difference for this man. His life is at stake, and it’s up to Amanda to make the right call in this impossible situation. The fragile line between right and wrong gets more and more blurry by the second, and Jackson’s case is by far her hardest one to date. Will she be able to make the one and only correct decision?

The Crash

Cyber-terrorism is a big threat for the American government, and, as it grows bigger and bigger, the head honchos finally understand that it’s imperative for them to implement some new tactics into their routine if they want to keep the country safe. So, they come up with a perilous plan: to use a bunch of known criminals – their experience and genius brains – to stop the bad guys. But, as expected, the newly-founded “squad” doesn’t really get along with each other very well, which puts the mission in jeopardy. America’s fate is now in their hands! The list of Hollywood Crime movies 2017 won’t be full without this explosive film.

The Assignment

A rough-tough, hard-boiled assassin thinks that he’s seen pretty much everything and can’t be surprised and/or scared by anything. He’s been through all kinds of crazy and ridiculous situations, but nothing quite like this one: He wakes up one day and realizes that somebody has turned him into a girl! Obviously, he’s angry as Hell and wants to punish those that did this to him. His quest will take him to all kinds of peculiar places, and he’ll soon discover that it’s not as bad to be a woman as he initially thought. Still, there are some morons out there who need to pay – ASAP – and that’s not even a discussion!

The Assignment

Live by Night

Joe’s dad is a decorated cop in Boston – a captain. However, he still can’t keep his son from becoming a bootlegger for the local gangsters. But, when he falls for a dashing woman, a powerful mobster’s mistress, he has no other choice but to run from the city. That’s how he ends up in Florida and starts working with the Italian mob. Soon, he manages to build a booming rum-running organization that brings him money and respect. He becomes a famed and feared gangsta, but this kind of life has its downsides. Live by Night easily makes it into the TOP 10 best Hollywood Crime movies of 2017 to watch list.


A group of notorious criminals kidnaps a local cop’s kid and forces the man to lay waste to their whole organization. He drops everything and dedicates himself to finding the scumbags and putting them down. Along the way, he discovers that some of the cops are crooked, and he can’t trust anyone. It’s up to him to bring the criminals to justice and to save his innocent boy. In order to do that, he’ll have to abandon everything that he believes in and turn into a completely different person, someone who’s not afraid to torture and to take lives. But is there a way for him to go back to who he was after this?


A nice family – a man, his wife, and their son – embarks on a wonderful vacation to the Caribbean. They are really excited and want to enjoy this trip to the fullest. But, when a gang of local fishermen abducts the woman and the kid, the husband is forced to race against the clock and to put his own life at risk just to make sure his family is safe and sound. The thugs don’t care about human lives, so, the man will have to make some friends – fast. Because these people will kill his family or do something even worse to them without even blinking. He’s not Rambo, but he will have to be just as strong and smart if he wants to pull this impossible “mission” off. Of all the TOP 10 latest released Crime Adventure films 2017, Extortion is a stand-out cut.

Baby Driver

A young man named Baby is a gateway driver, and he’s used to handling all kinds of hazardous situations. This is the only kind of life that he’s ever known, and he’s really good at it. But, when he meets a beautiful girl – a waitress – and falls in love with her, he suddenly starts to think about leaving the world of crime and going legit. However, he doesn’t have full control over his own decision, and the bosses are not at all pleased with his decision. So, he’ll have to put all of his experience, wits, agility and luck to good use; otherwise, he may just kiss the beautiful young woman goodbye.

Death Wish

A mild-mannered, peaceful and a bit shy man, a father, turns into a brutal killer after a group of bandits rapes his wife and daughter. He never used to be a hero or a blood-thirsty man, but, after this, he transformed into a real-world killing machine and won’t stop until every single one of the scumbags pays. Alright, dear friends, that concludes out list of best Hollywood Crime movies in 2017. As always, make sure to visit us more often so that you can keep up with all the latest releases.

Death Wish

List of best Crime movies 2017
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