List of Hollywood Cult movies 2018

Their titles are familiar even to those who do not understand cinematography; their heroes are imitated; their soundtracks are becoming hits, and the dialogues are divided into quotations … It’s about films that have received the status of a cult. These movie masterpieces can be viewed dozens and even hundreds of times – they never lose their relevance. We have prepared TOP 10 best Hollywood Cult movies of 2018 to watch to see cult movies in a new light.

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List of best Hollywood Cult movies in 2018

  1. The Invisible Man

A young chemist discovered a terrible formula, a dangerous drug that makes human flesh invisible. His interest was exclusively scientific, but the drug had a side effect, turning a guy into a maniac. Almost immediately, he begins to look for an antidote that could bring him back to normal…

Johnny Depp as The Invisible Man

  1. Peter Pan

Wendy and her younger brothers, John and Michael, always got along with each other: they all loved stories about adventures in distant lands, Wendy was happy to tell her brothers fairy tales and read books. When her parents told Wendy that she grew up and that she had to move to her own room, all three were very upset. Soon it turned out that there is a way to always remain children and never turn into responsible adults. The eternal boy Peter Pan – the dweller of the magic land of Neverland, visited the children.

Peter Pan poster

  1. The Crow

Eric returns again in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Cult films 2018.

The new movie will tell the viewer about the musician who was cruelly murdered on the eve of the wedding, which returns to the living world in order to take revenge on the villains. In the center of the plot is a rock musician named Eric. He is the very happy man who loves his girl and wants to get married to her in the near future.

However, in a cruel world, such plans were not destined to come true. Just before the solemn event, a group of unknown people breaks into Eric’s house and kills him; his girl was beaten and raped. Without regaining consciousness, the girl dies. Exactly one year later the rock musician returns from the world of the dead with one purpose – to bring revenge to that people.

Jason Momoa in The Crow Reborn

  1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

The is a real animated pre-Christmas and Christmas fairy tale, which calls first not to be angry, even if the whole world seems alien and hostile. This story has long been a cult, so the director and the whole team was quite difficult because the picture can indeed become a landmark for several generations. As you know, on Christmas eve, not only good forces are awakened and activated, but the dark ones also begin to look for those who are disappointed in the whole world – the main character is a great example of that.

Benedict Cumberbatch in How the Grinch Stole Christmas

  1. The Wolf Man

A person who follows a brother’s killer becomes a victim of a werewolf. The beast inside is out of control, every full moon is a torture of transformation, and in the morning new corpses. A person desperately seeks salvation, but only turns into an outcast in the eyes of others. Unfortunately for him, in Victorian age is no longer acceptable to believe in medieval tales, but is gaining fashion “mental therapy.”

The Wolf Man reboot

  1. Scarface

Tony Montana is in the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Cult movies 2018.

It is 1980. At that time, the port of Maryland Harbor opened, free for thousands of Cubans who rushed to the USA. One of the refugees found his dream on streets of Miami. He had everything – wealth and power. A simple refugee did not even expect that his most incredible dreams would surpass his expectations. This person is Tony Montana. However, he remembered as Scarface.

  1. Robin Hood

The famous hero of folk tales and ballads Robin Hood serves as an archer in the army of the legendary King Richard the Lionheart. After going through hard trials during military campaigns, the hero returns home after the death of his king.

In his native Nottingham, Robin discovers a bleak picture – all run by the sheriff, who established fabulous taxes for the population, and the power elite is completely mired in corruption. Seeing no alternative how to fix the situation, a brave warrior decides to take the criminal path and becomes a forest robber, a defender of the poor and oppressed.

  1. The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

The Nutcracker and Clara are in the TOP 10 new holly Cult movies.

Another Christmas story for the whole family based on the famous fairy tale by Hoffmann. A little girl, Clara, gets a gift for Christmas, an ugly Nutcracker doll for nuts. Once, when the city has covered the night, the awkward doll comes to life and invites Clara into her fairy-tale world. There is a brutal war in a magical land, hordes of mice, led by the evil King seeks to destroy the army of brave toy soldiers. The Nutcracker was an enchanted prince. The Mouse King sought to destroy him and capture his kingdom.

  1. Mary Poppins Returns

A respectable Banks family is concerned about finding a nanny for their children. They publish an ad in the newspaper; soon Mary Poppins comes to them. However, this is not a simple nanny at all! Only she can understand the language of animals and birds, revive the statue, calm the angry Miss Andrew, and even provide adults with the opportunity to meet their own childhood…

  1. The Irishman

The film, based on the novel by Charles Brandt, tells the story of one of the most odious, charismatic, and very dangerous criminals of the 20th century – Frank Sheeran. The police, trying to prove his involvement in a series of contract killings, nicknamed him Irishman.

Being on his deathbed an elderly gangster decided to confess. It all starts with the fact that the young Frank goes to the front, during the battles of the Second World War, he hones the skills of fighting, learns to survive in difficult conditions, and most importantly learns to kill without regret. Returning from the battlefield, the guy becomes a contract killer.

A list of Hollywood Cult movies 2018 is coming to its end.

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