List of Hollywood Detective movies 2018

The best detective movies attract viewers to the seeming routine of the plot and the situation. There may not be unusual special effects. There are no scenes of violent battles, where one main hero, having in his hands only a pistol, easily deals with a band of heavily armed scoundrels. Detective movies are close to real life. It is this that attracts the attention of lovers to wrack their brains and, together with the detectives, find a criminal.

If somebody likes investigations, if somebody wants to “wrack the brain” together with the main characters, then the detective movies will surely suit them. Detective movies are capable of capturing the viewer so much and plunging him into the whirlpool of events that in search of the solution of the confusing incident one can forget about time and feel part of the world, so different from daily routine.

We are here to present TOP 10 best Hollywood Detective movies of 2018 to watch.

The directors shot a huge number of detectives dedicated to talented investigators, whose inquisitive mind, clinging to every little thing, unravels a tangle of events and easily finds the criminals.

We can say that the time spent on watching of detectives will not be in vain.

List of best Hollywood Detective movies in 2018

  1. Maniac Cop

New York is terrified! The city was engulfed in a series of brutal murders. All witnesses claim that they were committed by someone in the form of a policeman. The police department at first does not believe this, and only Lieutenant Frank McCray understands who they are talking about. Then one of the policemen manages to shoot at the stranger, but these shots have no effect on him! The number of deaths is increasing…

Maniac Cop promo

  1. Belleville Cop

A policeman from the Paris suburb arrives in Miami to investigate the murder of his childhood friend. In a company with a local policeman who is used to other methods of work, the French policeman tries to find the guilty and disrupt the plans of international drug dealers.

  1. Amityville Cop

Amityville is in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Detective films 2018.

In the city of Amityville in 1974, an emergency occurred. On November 13, the whole family of Defeo was killed in a house on Ocean Avenue. Parents were killed sleeping in bed, also two sons and two daughters were killed. The eldest son Ronald remained unharmed, he was arrested, convicted and imprisoned. The movie will be about the same house.

Amityville Cop poster

  1. Domino

Justice is a law enforcement activity carried out by the court to review and resolve civil and criminal cases, while observing the requirements of the law and the order established by it, ensuring the legality, validity, and fairness. A distinctive feature of the Justice is that this type of state activity can be carried out in accordance with a special procedure, which is regulated in detail by the Law.

The movie will tell about situations when the justice is weak. In the movie will be shown how policeman tries to find a killer of his best friend.

  1. Winter Ridge

The psychological thriller will remain no one indifferent. The policeman will have to find a put behind bars criminal while being tormented by the fact that his wife is in a coma.

  1. The Guardian Angel

It is the middle of the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Detective movies 2018.

At the mention of hypnosis, we most often imagine a person with the unblinking piercing eye, who, with the help of his hands, forces the volunteers from spectators to make various ridiculous things on the stage. However, hypnosis is not only a show, it treats many diseases, relieves people of bad habits, phobias and even … commits crimes.

Hypnosis is called a special psychophysiological state, like a dream or half asleep, it is caused by suggestion. At the same hypnotized person obeys the will of the hypnotist and performs his commands.

The main idea of the movie is how to fight against it.

Josh Lucas in The Guardian Angel

  1. Super Troopers 2

“The Time is Meow!” It is another story of guys who are trying to tell their superiors that they are the most indispensable and best rangers guarding the sanctity of the Canadian border.

In the movie, five mischievous friends who are employed by the police on the border of America and Canada find out that the budget of the city is being cut and they are likely to remain out of work. The last few years they did not know what to do with boredom, after having solved a big case, their department was given a good reward.

  1. The Happytime Murders

Doll’s killer is in the TOP 10 new holly Detective movies.

In a world where people co-exist with living dolls, a series of murders occurred. Two famous detectives of the city are ready to find killer and bring him to the court. They are confident that they will find them. But killer is not ordinary person. He knows everything about these detectives and will do everything in order to be free. Who will win in this battle?

  1. Ride Along 3

Ben is the most ordinary black guy who is completely content with his life. He works as a security guard, dating with a wonderful girl named Angela for several years and will soon marry her. Here’s just one little problem: Angela has a brother who works for the Atlanta police and he’s really a tough guy. James very much loves his sister and does not intend to give her to marry the first person that comes by.

One day, to prove to James that he is a good candidate, Ben goes with him to patrol the streets of the city.

A still from Ride Along 3

  1. Bad Boys for Life

Marcus and Michael are policemen, they are policing in Miami. In each part of the trilogy, friends got into some kind of bad situations. First, they had to search for the missing 100 kg of heroin, later – to decipher the drug delivery scheme. The third film will invariably be associated with the searching for local bandits. An interesting story will be complemented by action and humor.

A list of Hollywood Detective movies 2018 draws to a close.

Thank you for being with us!

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