List of Hollywood Funny movies 2018

A great way to have fun – watch comedies. Everyone can enjoy the movie alone or in a big company. Plots of such films are completely different. Funny movies are built on ridiculous situations, which the heroes get into, as well as embarrassing moments. Funny films are created for people of different ages.

Funny movies give people the opportunity to make fun of others. From the point of view of psychology, funny movies are necessary for everyone.

We have prepared TOP 10 best Hollywood Funny movies of 2018 to watch.

If you ready we begin!

List of best Hollywood Funny movies in 2018

  1. Night School

Three African-Americans preferred to choose irresponsible life, free of any obligations. The boys left school and did not receive a proper education. Now they are adults living in Indianapolis, who have not achieved significant results, leading a very simple existence. Men have realized the mistakes made in a distant youth by their stupidity and intend to fix everything by making up for lost time. They enter night school. Will they be able to preove that they can be smart and well-educated?

  1. The Spy Who Dumped Me

The movie will tell about two friends, Audrey and Morgan, whose life changes radically when Audrey’s ex-boyfriend appears in the apartment of her friend with a whole team of pursuing killers. Finding two corpses in his apartment, the girls decide to join the action and go on a mission in order to save the whole world from the villain that want to capture it.

  1. Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Asian love story is in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Funny films 2018.

The heroes of this story are Professor of Economics, American Rachel Chu and her boyfriend Nick, who travel to his native Singapore for the wedding of his best friend. On arrival, it turns out that Nick’s family is very wealthy, and he is perhaps the most eligible bachelor in Asia. Overnight, Rachel has dozens of wealthy and jealous ladies who are ready for anything for their own happiness. Will she be able to save her own relationships with Nick or just leave him?

  1. Deadpool 2

Before becoming a talkative killer in a red-and-black latex suit, Wade Wilson had a job, a loving girl and plans for the future. An incurable disease destroyed everything, forcing him to seek a way out in various scientific programs. One of them, based on the use of experimental drugs, modifying the structure of the human genome, attracted the attention of the hero. Only finding himself in a capsule, chained with belts, he realized the perfect mistake. Villains, led by Ajax, intended to create an army of super-soldier. The laboratory burned out because of the incident, the protagonist became Deadpool, an immortal mutant with a rare ability to joke and kill.

  1. Ocean’s Eight

The film is the fourth part of the franchise about a gang of scammers. This time, Danny’s sister, Miss Ocean, who was just released from prison by a swindler, gathers the team. All 8 members of the gang of swindlers are charming and brave ladies, real professionals of their business. They intend to steal an incredibly expensive diamond necklace. The goal is not enrichment through theft of the necklace, but the satisfaction from a sense of revenge – the punishment of a lady-gallery owner. The plan is insanely bold but workable. Will they can rob the owner of the gallery?

  1. Valley Girl

It is the midpoint of the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Funny movies 2018.

Julie Richman is a pretty girl from a wealthy family. She has everything, including a boyfriend from a wealthy family. However, one day, she breaks up with him and the same evening meets the Hollywood punk. This happens when he breaks into a party in the house of one of Julie’s friend. They leave the house together to plunge into the life of a real Hollywood night…

Valley Girl first look

  1. Life of the Party

It is a comic story about a homemaker with many years of experience Deanna, who is left by her husband. Having lost support, she tries to catch up and goes to college – the very group where her daughter is studying. The girl is not happy at all about the “newcomer,” but her mother, finding herself among students, for the first time really learns the taste of youth, freedom, and fun.

  1. Paddington 2

Funny bear is in the TOP 10 new holly Funny movies.

It is a continuation of the family comedy from director Paul King. The new adventures of the most charming, good-natured, and intelligent bear in the world, which has found a new family among people and now will not let them get bored. The awkward Paddington is taking on an unbearable job to buy a present for the birthday of Aunt Lucy. However, the robbers stole the unique antique book, which he wanted to buy. The bear will do everything he can in order to get the desired book.

  1. Overboard

The movie is a filled with a story about the relationship of a different social layer of modern society. In the center of the plot of the film is an ordinary carpenter, who brings up four kids alone. In parallel, we get acquainted with his complete opposite – a rich woman, who always lived in luxury. The heroine takes Dean Profit to work. The rich girl has heard about his talents and orders him to make a furniture for her. He understands that she is a spoiled girl and wants to teach her a lesson.

  1. Tully

A young girl named Marlo raised three children. She was tired of constantly cleaning the house and watching the children. She is an attractive girl.

Two children were very energetic and restless, because of this, she had many problems. The third child was a baby and often screamed, thereby driving her mad. She did not have free time because of the children.

Her brother decides to help her, he advises her to afford a nanny. She, without thinking twice, agrees with his proposal. How it plays out?

A list of Hollywood Funny movies 2018 ends now.

Thank you for being with us!

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