List of TOP 10 english Action movies 2017

The action movies are the genre of cinema, which can undoubtedly be attributed to one of the most popular. After all, watching movies where tricks and special effects are brought to incredible perfection – it’s interesting and very exciting.

We are glad to present you our TOP 10 new english Action movies 2017.

The best action movies are films, where only the most popular actors are shot, capable either by themselves or with the help of understudies to show on the screen a maximum of entertainment in fights, chases, and skirmishes.

List of TOP 10 english Action movies 2017

List of TOP 10 english Action movies 2017

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

The new part of the movie tells again how Alice is fighting against the evil corporation. She is helped in this by friends: Claire Redfield, Razor, Doc and others. She is also in a strange, unequal alliance with Albert Wesker, who used to be the head of this corporation.

Incredible battles will lead the heroes to the same place where everything began once. This refers to the dark mansion. And the Dr. Isaacs in the meantime will try to destroy all life on Earth, plunging it into Chaos.

John Wick: Chapter Two

The legendary killer John Wick retired and plans to lead a quiet life, forgetting about the brutal bandits and bloody showdowns. But plans crumble when his former companion is plotting to seize control of the secret international guild of assassins. Many years ago, John swore a bloody oath to help a colleague, and now he is forced to return from retirement and again take up arms. His road lies in distant Rome, where he will have to engage with some of the most deadly killers in the world and use all his skills to stay alive.

Power Rangers

“Power Rangers” for the third time come back to the big screen. Five ordinary high school students discover in their small town of Angel Grove something that looks like an alien ship. Going too close, they come across inexplicable, and the next day they discover superpowers. Deciding to get rid of them, they return to the ship, but they learn that there is a deadly threat to the planet, and no one else can protect it. To succeed, they must learn to manage their power and work in a team.

Kong: Skull Island

In the 70s of the last century, a very strange expedition was to take place. Our protagonist wanted to collect a small group of people and go to a mysterious site called Skull Island. These places are famous for their alarming, gloomy, dark history. It is rumored that it was here that the great King Kong was caught. Our main character most of all in life wants to find his missing brother, and even some mysterious substance.

The group is going to their expedition, but not everyone is ready for its consequences because this trip is illegal and incredibly dangerous. On the territory of the Isle of Skull live mystical monsters and various eerie creatures that do not like guests and curious little people.


Tit is the long-awaited final part of the trilogy of solo films about Wolverine – one of the key heroes of the X-Men universe. “Logan” became the farewell appearance of the permanent Hugh Jackman as a legendary mutant and will show his beloved hero from a completely new angle, revealing the depth and drama of the image, and the R rating ensures that this time the story turned out to be bloody and uncompromising.


xXx: Return of Xander Cage

Agent Xander Cage is back in business. This time he faces a difficult task – to prevent a gang of villains and thugs from getting a secret superweapon – Pandora’s Box. He gathers his old friends and immediately goes on assignment.

Ghost in the Shell

People of the future, who live in the world of the latest technology and enjoy the daily benefits of their time, have long learned to use neural implants, which they implant in their bodies, to improve the quality of life and enhance a variety of physical opportunities. How could any of these new “cyborgs” imagine that cyber technologies can pose a mortal threat to their owners?


Police officer Vincent decided to go to crime, stealing from the influential gangster a huge lot of cocaine. However, the accomplices of the criminal kidnapped Vincent’s child. The bandits brought the child to a nightclub, and if Vincent does not return the drugs, his kid will be killed. However, Vincent decided not to give back drugs, and steal kidnapped child from their nightly establishment. The stakes in the game are high enough, so every mistake will lead to death.


In California, there is a police unit, which every day has to ride powerful motorcycles on the Los Angeles motorways and arrest violators of the law. Experienced police officers love to work in the night patrol because riding on expensive and powerful motorcycles, from which criminals never manage to escape, gives them pleasure. But not always night shifts go smoothly and calmly because some criminal persons do not have fear of the representatives of the law, therefore they can inflict a mortal blow on policemen and escape from the crime scene.

The Lost City of Z

At the beginning of the last century, the famous Colonel Fawcett, famous for his fascinating exploratory journeys, visited Brazil seven times between 1906 and 1924, where he made some scientific discovery every time. In 1925, the colonel found information that a lost city was hidden in the state of Mato Grosso, and then the colonel gathered a loyal team of assistants and set out on his journey. The expedition disappeared without a trace, but people tried to find traces of Fawcett and other people, but the attempts failed.

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List of TOP 10 good Action movies 2017
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