List of TOP 10 english Drama movies 2017

Drama films are not always about crying and having bad moments in the life. In fact, some people even find these movies motivational cultivating them for different life circumstances. On this brand new TOP 10 best English Drama movies 2017 to watch we have successfully collected the golden projects of world’s best cinematography. They also unite the actors from different countries mostly from America, Great Britain, Sweden and even Israel. So what are these?

Running Wild


Tulip Fever

This time Swedish actress plays Sophia – the girl who falls in love with the painter Jan coming to make the picture of her and her old mean husband who seems to be unsatisfied with an artist he hired. Jan and Sophia decided to run away and start everything over but their dreams seem to have a bad end as the husband of young lady starts his own investigation to be able to kill Jan.


The very last TOP 10 new English Drama movies 2017 is supported by huge work made by talented actor Chris Evans playing the uncle of a gifted girl. She is just seven years old but already finds herself being a genius in Math impressing the teachers in her school. Afterward, she gets a scholarship to a private school for similar kids having unique talents. However, her uncle turns it down having his own fears about the future of a little girl as he wants her to have a normal childhood like other children.

The Sense of an Ending

This British movie has been based on the bestseller written by Julian Barnes. This is a touchable story about an old man who receives the letter one day. What he remembers is only a half of what truly happened whilst he was being in the relationships with the girl far in the 1960s. In this film, the main character experiences life through different circumstances when his best friend flirts with his girlfriend.

Song to Song

This is not just a drama story but also the love one following two couples being in Austin, Texas and following the beats of music they love. This film on our list of TOP 10 English Drama movies 2017 unites such actors and actresses as Ryan Gosling, Natalie Portman, and others. In fact, the production of this project had started at the end of 2011 – at that time movie should have had another cast including Cate Blanchett and Christian Bale but the last took the participation in another project whilst Cate agreed to play the girl called Amanda.


Someone’s revenge can be the most dangerous and bloody thing ever and this brand new movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger playing the main protagonist of the film proves it. The original title of the project is 478 and it follows the sad story of Roman Melnik. After leaving his work earlier he heads to the airport in order to meet his wife and daughter. But instead, he is told the sad news about her family dying in the airplane accident caused by the mistake of the traffic controller that becomes blamed by Roman. Afterward, Melnik meets two lawyers who offer him the particular amount of money from airport companies that are ready to pay for the damages caused by his family death. But it seems to be not enough for him so he refuses signing the needed documents. Meanwhile, the lawyer of the traffic controller advises him to move to another state and change his name but Roman finds him before he succeeds at running away from that.

Bitter Harvest

If you are looking for a good movie this is one of the best to watch TOP 10 English Drama films 2017 as it tells a story about Ukrainian people in Soviet Ukraine in the early 30s in the past century. The project was inspired by true events – heading back to that time the viewers will be able to see the story of the whole nation struggling and trying to survive during the events known as the Soviet famine of 1932-33. The story also focuses on two young people falling in love together – Yuri and Natalka. Whilst  Natalka and her family are suffering from Stalin’s troops actions Yuri has to go to Kyiv to be able to become a student of the school that prepares soldiers for anti-Bolshevik resistance.

The Dinner

This is an unusual story about two rich families that make a decision to go to the restaurant together and solve particular problems connected to their children. In fact, their sons seem to make a crime which was detected by the local camera but the police have not identified them yet. The sons of them become the main topic of the emotional conversation of four people trying to save their children from going to prison and being caught by the police officers.

Lost in Florence

A little bit of romance on TOP 10 latest English Drama movies 2017 release – this one follows the story of former football star that travels to Italy to change his life. There he decides to try himself in new local sport called Calcio Fiorentino (Italian soccer that has been very popular since the sixteenth century), falls in love with local lady and heads to visit his cousin Anna who has lived in Italy for a few years and teaches local language to the people who come to Italy for the very first time in their lives.

Running Wild

The film follows the widow who manages to save her ranch and then finds horses wandering on her own property. She will have to fight with her bad feeling and emotions after the death of her husband to be able to understand that the best remedy for that is helping other people who are being good to her, as well as other living creatures surrounding her and making her feel better day by day.

Megan Leavey

Our last film on the TOP 10 popular English Drama movies in 2017, list that has been created according to the feedbacks and preferences of viewers, is based on the real biography of young Marine who managed to save thousands of lives during the war in Iraq, having unique and rare discipline and faithful dog named Rex she had a chance to adopt right after the war. The film also represents her early life showing the place where she grew up and then became Marine being paired with a special military working dog. In fact, the principal photography of the project started only in 2015 in South Carolina.

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