List of TOP 10 good Action movies 2017

The action genre is most often associated with scenes of violence on the brink of the fact that good can win, but with the use of “fists”. More often this category combines a lot of other genres and often amazes with the complexity of the plot in the good sense of the word. Some of them are pleased with charismatic characters, others with humor and special effects on the latest word on technology development. It is unambiguous that this genre not only has not lost its relevance and interest on the part of the audience, but it has also been developing successfully, impressing its fans with the richness of the script and the skill of the actors.

So we are glad to present you to watch TOP 10 good Action films 2017. Some of them were already released some will be released sooner.

List of TOP 10 good Action movies 2017

  1. Kingsman 2

After the Kingsman headquarters was destroyed by a new villain named Poppy, Eggsy and Merlin’s agents have no choice but to seek help from the former British colony, American colleagues from a similar intelligence service called Statesman. After sorting out hostility, super-spies will have to find a common language and together fight to save the world from impending evil.

Anglo-American espionage thriller from director Matthew Vaughn is the logical continuation of the first film which collected at the box office a solid 400+ million dollars.

Kingsman 2

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

The long-awaited sequel to the first part is filmed by the same director James Gunn and promises to be no worse than the previous series. In a new movie, it can be noted that some of the heroes we will see quite different from what they were imagined. Yes, we are talking about baby Groote, who just learned to speak the longest and only phrase. Guess what?

  1. The Lost City of Z

The film is based on the novel of the same name by David Grann and tells the real story of the British archaeologist and traveler Percy Fawcett, who for many years was looking for the lost cities of ancient civilizations in the South American jungle.

  1. The Fate of the Furious

After a successful operation to capture Deckard Shaw, Dominic Toretto’s team travels to New York to help a government agent, codenamed “Mr. Nobody”, deal with a new problem. Before this, they will have to visit Cuba with an interim mission. To help Toretto comes a new employee from law enforcement agencies. The antagonist of the movie is hot and clever Charlize Theron.

  1. Ghost in the Shell

The struggle against evil goes to a new level and requires inhuman efforts in the literal sense of the word. Scarlett Johansson fits perfectly into the fantastic criminal cyber-punk drama of Rupert Sanders, for whom this film was the second in the bag of the director. “Ghost in the Shell” is a film adaptation of the famous manga of the same name, created by Masamune Shiro.

It also includes in the TOP ten good Action movies 2017 in theaters. You can watch it now in theaters.

  1. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

In 2700, two employees of a special space agency named Valerian and Laureline became part of an incomprehensible conspiracy, to which bizarre inhabitants of the planet Alfa are relevant. This planet had a huge number of diverse forms of life from anywhere in the galaxy, so life on this planet was the most important thing. Valerian and Laureline had to understand that there was a serious threat over Alpha on the part of the mysterious enemy, and if the young special agents did not unravel the mysterious affair, this could lead to irreparable consequences.

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Captain Jack Sparrow as always cannot live a day without getting into any trouble. And in the main, he does not even have to apply any effort. So it happened this time. Jack discovers that he is being hunted by his old foe, a ghastly creature in a semi-human form called Captain Salazar, in a team who has the same evil spirits as himself.

  1. Jumanji

The mysterious game is in our TOP 10 really good Action movies.

In the distant past, actor Robin Williams already starred in the eponymous film, which the producers of the studio decided to restart. The plot line of the film revolves around an unusual game called “Jumanji”, in which participants cannot leave the race half way, otherwise, their lives will simply be destroyed. In this enigmatic game, all the events that seemed to happen in a fictional world are actually happening in reality, and if a player encounters a beast or a treacherous monster, then he will have to save his own bacon in real life, what is not so simple to execute.


  1. Wonder Woman

Our world needs heroes because at any time people were exposed to various dangers. But lives on our planet a miracle woman who possesses mystical abilities, allowing her not only to cope with difficult situations but also to travel to different epochs, where people needed her help. So the heroine was the head of the Amazons, and she also fought a mortal battle with a huge Cyclops, to who she stabbed through the eye. But even in the modern world, people need the help of such hero, and it is worthwhile for the enemies of mankind to think about how to avoid meeting with the heroine.

  1. Blade Runner 2049

The first part came out in 1982, and, finally, we waited for the continuation. The film’s actions unfold in 30 years after. The protagonist of the tape is the policeman Kai looking for missing person Rick Deckard.

After 30 years, androids became almost like people. The only difference is that they cannot feel, but in every possible way, they try to disguise themselves as people. Some androids fail and begin to harm people who created them. But in the future, there is a police department “Hunters”, which finds androids-runaways and liquidates them.

So our TOP 10 good english Action movies 2017 is coming to an end.

Almost forgot TOP 10 new good Action movies 2017 release date you can see from the Internet.

Thank you for watching!

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List of TOP 10 english Action movies 2017

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