List of TOP 10 good Action movies 2018

You may not be a fan of action movies but you certainly watch them. Action movies take a deserved place in the top three most popular genres after comedies and sci-fi pictures.

If you ready to watch TOP 10 good Action films 2018, then we begin.

List of TOP 10 good Action movies 2018

  1. X-Men: Dark Phoenix

The Dark Phoenix saga is one of the most famous and dramatic stories in the X-Men universe. It talks about an extraterrestrial powerful entity, which is called the Dark Phoenix. It selects mutant telepaths and gets control over them for the sake of achieving its own ambitious goals.

A new chapter of the superhero saga about a team of mutants who have become outcasts among people because of their superpowers. One of the first pupils of Professor Xavier, telepath Jean Grey finds a destructive force that gets out of her control.

  1. Ready Player One

The story of the novel tells about the guy Wade Watts, who lives in the middle of the XXI century. The world has covered the energy crisis, the economic crisis, the demographic crisis, and several more crises that only come to mind. People are not very worried about these problems. All thanks to OASIS, a worldwide virtual network that represents something between Facebook, multiplayer gaming, and the Internet itself.

The conflict is built around the multi-billionaire James Halliday – a geek with autism, maniacal love for the 80’s, and the creator of OASIS. His posthumous note announces the quest, the winner of which takes all his fortune. As a result, the world has been covered by Hunting.

  1. Black Panther

Prince T’Challa is in the TOP ten good Action movies 2018 in theaters.

According to the plot of the picture, the young warrior T’Challa from the technological kingdom of Wakanda takes over the reins of the country after the death of his father-king and seeks to protect the country. To do this, he will have to meet with the old enemy. The action begins when criminals knew about vibranium and want to get it. Vibranium – special metal that can absorb vibration.

  1. Mission: Impossible 6

The plot of the action movies is a story connected with the world of agents, intelligence, and state affairs. Ethan is an agent. Hunt was himself under suspicion in the course of the operation to capture the traitor.

Of the entire capture group, only Ethan managed to survive. Ethan is forced to independently find a traitor. To make it, he needs a complete database of the CIA, which is very secure. It would seem that it is impossible mission, but he is a great agent, so with good equipment he can get to the right information. Ethan will make his best in order to clear his name.

  1. The Predator

In the impenetrable jungles of Central America with a secret military operation, a group of commandos is sent. However, the objectives of the operation change drastically in the course of its implementation. Rescuing the hostages turns into the destruction of the military base, and the way back turns into a game of a death in the form of an elusive space alien. Hunting for people continues until one of the victims itself becomes a hunter.

  1. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

It is the midpoint of the TOP 10 good english Action movies 2018.

The events of the storyline underwent significant changes. Viewers will no longer see the usual Isla Nublar, populated by creepy reptiles and ancient raptors. The action of the picture will go beyond the usual scope of the plot about the confrontation between people and dinosaurs. Film fans will get acquainted with the new terrible creatures, which have a unique source code that allows to create a reptile anywhere in the world. This unpredictable modern technology falls into the hands of criminals who pursue the goal of creating a new kind of weapon.

  1. Deadpool 2

Former Special Forces Wade Wilson as a result of the scientific experiment receives not only super abilities but also disfigured body and face. Angered at scientists, Wade becomes an anti-hero Deadpool. In the sequel, he joins another anti-hero of the universe Marvel, nicknamed Cable.

  1. Avengers: Infinity War

Infinity War is in the TOP 10 really good Action movies.

Before the audience appears the main villain of the universe – Thanos. Titan managed to collect all six magic infinity stones that fit into the Infinity Gauntlet. With the help of it, he became invincible, now the whole universe is in mortal danger. Mankind understands the impending threat to the planet, people turn to the Avengers, but the civil war, the story of which was started in the previous part about the superheroes, split the team of brave warriors. Now it is not known whether they will be able to reunite in an unconquerable team. Interesting and unexpected was the fact that in this part of the Avengers, Spider-Man reveals his identity and joins the fighters against evil, but will the participation of the quick Spider help if the team of the Avengers gave a serious crack?

  1. Hellboy

The main character of the film cannot be called a positive character, and a knight without fear. Although all the terrible enemies defeated by him, people are afraid of Hellboy. Once this devil was called to the world of people by soldiers who wanted to enslave humanity with his help. However, Hellboy refused to serve them and became a defender of the planet, not its destroyer. Even though, he is the embodiment of evil coming from hell itself. Nevertheless, the hero manages to be charming.

  1. Tomb Raider

Lara Croft – adventure thriller, a young girl who will be looking for her father. The whole corporation belongs to the main heroine, which was previously in charge of her father. It so happened that more than seven years ago a man disappeared in an unknown direction. Of course, well-trained people were engaged in the search for a rich and famous person, but no searches gave good results. Now, she decides to find her father on her own.

The list ends now.

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