List of TOP 10 good Adventure movies 2018

If you want to immerse yourself in a world of bright and exciting adventures, then the adventure movie is the best option! With its help, you can get incredible impressions.

The adventure genre is good because it combines many directions. Those who like fights in films will find something interesting for themselves. Some who likes to learn the unknown worlds will also find something interesting in this category. Because the adventure movies combine many genres, the whole family can watch it.

If you want to watch TOP 10 good Adventure films 2018, then we are here to present it to you.

List of TOP 10 good Adventure movies 2018

  1. Maze Runner: The Death Cure

A deadly virus called “Flare” wiped out most of the once blossoming planet. However, there is a cure for the “Flare,” at least Thomas believes in it. The young hero goes to a dangerous adventure to get the coveted cure. However, his mission is opposed by the mighty organization WICKED, which Thomas will be fighting against.

“The Death Cure” is the final part of a delightful trilogy that will put the final point in an incredible story hit by the deadly virus of a dying world.

  1. Venom

Among the many threats that await humanity. Invasion of alien organisms is not the last one, famous for gluttony and heartlessness. Infinite outer space conceals various forms of life that can seriously compete with earthly inhabitants. One of these strangers will be Venom. The creature requires a full control over a carrier, with which symbiosis is created. Such cooperation gives a number of advantages, including supernatural abilities. They have to pay for them by satisfying the hunger that is tormenting the stranger.

  1. Alita: Battle Angel

Alita is in the TOP ten good Adventure movies 2018 in theaters.

The film tells the story of the rebirth of a cyborg girl from a heap of scrap metal. Three hundred years have passed since the Great War. The earth is in ruins, everything around reminds of fighting battles. Dr. Ido finds a broken cyborg in a pile of scrap metal. He decides to fix the fighting girl and bring it back to life. When the work on resurrecting the cyborg was over, the doctor was delighted with what he saw. It was a real angel in combat armor. The girl did not remember her past. The only thing that the girl knew firmly was that she was a fighting cyborg. Now she has to remember her past.

  1. Aquaman

The film tells the story of an unusual man, who was destined to become the ruler of the Seven Seas. The protagonist of the picture is Arthur Curry. He was born in the family of a lighthouse keeper. He was different from his peers. The boy was the fastest and hardest. His father taught him to manage his abilities and gave an excellent education. Over time, already grown up, Arthur learned to speak the fish language. When his mother, Atlanta, was on her deathbed, she told her son about the secret of his birth. In fact, she is the Queen of Atlantis. She was expelled from the sea kingdom. Her son was destined to become the ruler of the sea and his true name Aquaman. Having learned this news from his mother, the young man decides to go in search of adventure and become a sea king.

  1. A Wrinkle in Time

The main hero of the picture is a teenage girl named Meg. Her parents were scientists and have long been engaged in the study of quantum physics. Alex was always interested in the scheme of the universe. He dreamed of learning how to overcome huge distances of billions of light years in just a moment. To achieve his goal, Alex conducted many experiments, one of them ended with his unexpected disappearance. Meg did not believe that her father died. She goes in his search.

  1. Tomb Raider

Lara’s adventures are in the TOP 10 good english Adventure movies 2018.

The film tells about the fate of a young girl who decided to continue her father’s business. The hero of the picture is Lara Croft. Since childhood, she has a thing for research, ancient artifacts, and adventures. Her father is a well-known archaeologist who searches for ancient treasures and artifacts. Once he finds himself on a mysterious island, on which, according to legend, there are many antiques. He disappears on that island.

Lara Croft decides to continue her father’s unfinished business. She is well prepared physically. The girl masterfully owns a firearm. These qualities will help her in the search for a mysterious treasure on a mysterious island.

  1. The Meg

The movie centers on a man named Jonas Taylor, who in the past was an experienced captain. For a long time, he ran a huge submarine, which explored the sea. Now he became a professor who studied paleontology. Almost all his life he gave to the study of the water depths, but now he changed his life radically, he had only memories of the past. However, not everything is so simple. A mystery settled in the protagonist’s soul many years ago. He became the only witness to the movement of​ a big monster.

  1. Pacific Rim Uprising

Huntsmen against kaiju are in the TOP 10 really good Adventure movies.

The fate of the world was to change forever after a decisive large-scale battle, but now it has remained in the past. Powerful alien forces had great potential to subordinate the whole civilization. They arose from the depths of the sea and were confident that they would achieve their goal. However, scientists have created perfect technological beings. They got the name Huntsman.

In the first part, they helped people kill the monster. Now here comes the second wave.

  1. Predator

One day, predators came to Earth, descendants of an alien race. They arrived on the planet not with a noble mission, but with the goal of enslaving humanity. The strongest army of the world was powerless in front of the powerful enemy. Representatives of extraterrestrial civilization have superpowers, allowing them to deal with any obstacles that arise in their path. The main hero – McKenna – is confident that in the near future they will destroy civilization and take power into their own hands.

  1. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

The action of the picture takes the viewer into a world in which scientists have managed to perform the impossible, namely with the help of complex genetic engineering, resurrected the extinct species of dinosaurs. Realizing that a new population of creatures can harm society, they were decided to send them to specialized and isolated territories. The protagonist is a scientist who studies dinosaurs and tries to teach them something new. Once the government decides that it’s time to show people them. Soon the home of prehistoric reptiles from the modern world turns into a big media entertainment park in which anyone can look at an extinct species. However, if before the huge animals were stable and lived quietly, then after the innovation, everything changed, they gradually began to become wilder.

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