List of TOP 10 good Animation movies 2017

Cartoons are great. Like movies and serials, they are different from completely childish to cynical and brave or wise and philosophical. In our new “TOP ten good Animation movies 2017 in theaters” you will see all good movies that will come out in 2017. And they are really very different.

List of TOP 10 good Animation movies 2017

  1. The Lego Batman Movie
  2. Captain Underpants
  3. Frozen 2
  4. The Little Vampire 3D
  5. Breadwinner
  6. Smurfs: The Lost Village
  7. Cars 3
  8. The Lego Ninjago Movie
  9. The Boss Baby
  10. Despicable Me 3

Here, you will see films descriptions of the TOP 10 really good Animation movies.

10. The Lego Batman Movie

Joker escapes from “Arkham” and now the inhabitants of the city are in danger. Batman goes in search of a villain. The boy Dick Grayson named Robin want to be his partner. He immediately gets involved in superhero activities and will study with interest the heroic equipment.

9. Captain Underpants

A couple of close friends and classmates hypnotized the malicious school director and in him awakens “alter ego” – a superhero in underpants, which is always ready to help the kids.

8. Frozen 2

The second part of the 2013 animation hit. Continuation of the touching story of two sisters – Queen Elsa, able to control the snowy elements, and Princess Anne, who can melt any heart.

Frozen 2

7. The Little Vampire 3D

The Halloween tale of a good vampire Rudolph, who makes friends with a mere mortal boy Tony, carried away by legends about evil spirits. Unusual friends are trying to save Rudolph’s family from the formidable vampire hunter.

The Little Vampire 3D

6. Breadwinner

The main heroine of the cartoon “The Breadwinner” is the girl Parvan who, after the unjust arrest of her father Nurullah in a Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, is forced to dress as a boy to work and be able to feed her family. The girl has a mother named Fatema, and also sister Soraya. The family remained without the main breadwinner, but the main heroine decided to take everything into her own hands. The cartoon has a very interesting story, which shows that you cannot give up even in the most deplorable situations in life.

The director of the animated picture based on the bestselling by Deborah Ellis is Nora Tumi, and one of the executive producers is Angelina Jolie.


5. Smurfs: The Lost Village

Smurfette and her best friends having got a map, go on an exciting journey through the mysterious forest, which is inhabited by many creatures. Their goal is to find a lost village. In the way of the heroes there will be a lot of incredible adventures and dangers, and also they will open the greatest secret in the history of Smurfs.

4. Cars 3

While Lightning flashes, the race continues. It has always been so, but everything changes. The protagonist of the cartoon, a racing car named Lightning McQueen, because of its imperfection and backwardness in times of high technology is out of work. Now, in the world of high-speed racing cars come to a new generation of cars, not giving the legendary Lightning a single chance to come to the finish line first. But our hero is not as simple as it may seem at first glance and is ready to fight further because he is a legend. Deciding to enter the trend, the hero appeals for help to a young and very talented mechanic named Cruz Ramirez. She is a true professional and treats her work with all her heart. She is very carefully working out a plan for the return of Leadership Lightning, and for this, she has everything she needs, including the latest equipment. Cruz also knows very well what weaknesses of opponents need to use McQueen to win.

The third part of the franchise about wheelbarrows produced by Pixar Animation Studios and produced by Walt Disney Pictures comes to the big screens six years later. The responsible role of the film director was given to Brian Fee, who had not previously worked on the previous parts of the trilogy. “Cars 3” is his debut in the career of the director.

3. The Lego Ninjago Movie

The adventure comedy about ninjas, masters who fighting side by side against the evil.


2. The Boss Baby

The life of a seven-year-old boy named Tim was beautiful and carefree before he had a little brother. Instantly all parental love and care go only to the baby, and everything seems to be forgotten about Tim. However, this does not bother little Tim. He cannot understand how his parents do not notice that their baby really does not look like a newborn. He wears suits, walks with a diplomat and constantly commands all. Soon, Tim learns who his younger brother is and with what mission he appeared in their family.

1. Despicable Me 3

Balthazar – a child who grew up in the 80s and is obsessed with the moonwalk of Michael Jackson, appears from nowhere and with the help of a formidable weapon – chewing gum, arranges a chaos on a military ship. Now he is over 40, he has a bald spot on his head, and he wears a suit that is tasteless by today’s standards. Absolutely uncontrollable, constantly dancing and annoying with his ease, the new villain throws a challenge on the already mature but not lost his charisma Gru. Together with his assistant Lucy Gru should stop the informal and protect people from the eccentric antics of Balthazar Bratt.

The third part of the series about the villain Gru might not have come out but everything changed the output of the spin-off “Minions”, which earned more than a billion dollars. Director of “Despicable Me 3” is Kyle Balda, the same one who shot the “Minions”. Kyle’s assistants were Pierre Soffin (“Despicable Me 1-2”) and Eric Gillon, who proved himself as an artist in the recent film “The Secret Life of Pets”.

TOP 10 new good Animation movies 2017 release dates you can see on the internet. Most of them are already known.

We hope that you liked this article and already want to watch TOP 10 good Animation films 2017.

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