List of TOP 10 good Comedy movies 2017

Comedy movies are the first cure for getting rid of negative emotions and mental problems. They are also good for watching with beloved people uniting the whole family in the late evening. But the question is, what is our TOP 10 new good Comedy movies 2017 release to watch as a family and spend a good time together? We prepared the list with the funniest films that are all going to be released during 2017 so prepare to buy the tickets to watch these pictures:


This comedy is based on a graphic novel that has the same title and represents the unusual story of the man in middle age who feels so lonely in his senseless life. After some time, he seems to restore his marriage with previously divorced wife and during the reunite he meets his daughter who has typical teenager problem. They spend a lot of time together so that the main character gets the chance to get to know his daughter better.


Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

Our TOP 10 good English Comedy movies 2017 also includes latest 3D animated projects. This upcoming film is actually based on one of the best novels for children and tells the story about a school principal who has been hypnotized by two students. They have a very rich imagination so they decided to go on a journey with their principal in order to destroy the plans of a mean professor named Poopypants and his evil companions. The movie is scheduled to air at the beginning of June 2017.

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone

The plot represents the story about a man named Gavin who used to be a star in the past. Many years later he has to return to his old home but he makes a decision he will be pretending to be truly Christian. The reason he makes such plan is that he has a big desire to portray Jesus in the play organized by a church. As a part of interesting fact, the main actor playing Gavin – Brett Dalton – got his role due to the son of the director who appeared to be a huge fan of television series Brett was on.

Sandy Wexler

Adam Sandler – the king of comedies and our list– is back in the new Netflix film. Apparently, this seems to be one of the most expected projects to air in theaters so if you are looking for the best ideas to watch TOP 10 good Comedy films 2017 this one is for you. The plot follows Los Angeles life in the late 1900s and talented manager, He is the king of show business and helps lots of clients to become American star on the stage. However, the life prepared a few challenges for him but one of them he has to face is when he meets talented singer Courtney. This movie also represents the Adam Sandler’s sarcastic respect to his own manager in real life Sandy.

How to be a Latin Lover

This funny movie follows the story of Maximo loving rich and luxurious life but having zero desire to earn money by himself. Instead of that, he seduces older but wealthy One day he marries such lady who is much older than he is. Many years later, he realizes he has to wake up with 80 years old woman which is not the best moment of his day. The woman forces him out so he has to reunite with his divorced sister, played by Salma Hayek. She lives with her cute son in a small apartment and struggles with everyday routine. To be able to get back to his life Maximo uses the son of his sister and his school crush – young girl who is a granddaughter of widowed rich lady that becomes the main target of Maximo.

Rough Night

Our list of TOP 10 good Comedy movies 2017 represents the black comedy with Scarlett Johansson and Zoe Kravitz. This is funny story follows five best friends who first met while being the students of the same college. Ten years later they find each other again and spend a weekend together in Miami. But something unexpected happens while their wild girls’ party – they accidentally kill a male stripper.


This film originally had the title Mother/Daughter and was inspired by the personal life of the co-writer of the project. She says it represents her own story and relationships with her mother. The plot follows the unexpected adventures of mother and daughter who previously make a decision to go on holidays to have fun together. Instead, everything goes wrong and they have to deal with some problems.


In the United Kingdom, this movie is included in the TOP 10 really good Comedy movies. There this project is known as Who’s Your Daddy? It shows the story about two brothers played by Owen Wilson and Ed Helms, who accidentally find out that their father is not dead as they had believed when they were younger. They make a decision to hit the road and go on a big journey across all American corners to find him.


Action comedy about two cops that were actually based on the screenplay on television series aired on in 1977 till 1983. At the beginning of the movie, we meet former racer who used to be a professional at the freestyle motocross. But because of the traumas and damages he got, he is no longer able to be a part of this sport. Because of that he has to take painkillers and was left by his wife. Afterward, he gets the mission and a new partner that also came to work as a secret agent of FBI which later on turns out to be the deception. Together, they have to complete the mission and open some never heard secrets before. They both turn out to accidentally ruin the mission but, afterward, they unite together and succeed successfully finishing the mission. Even if the former wife of one of the characters sold a house he is happy to start a new life.

Despicable Me 3

And the final movie on our list of TOP ten good Comedy movies 2017 in theaters that is also a great 3D animated kids movie that will make them love the old funny characters. This is the third film from the movie series about Felonious Gru. This time he has to struggle with new problems finding the diamond. It has been previously stolen by a former superstar that was loved by many children in late 1900s called Balthazar. Meanwhile, Gru finds out he has a twin brother called Dru who seems to be more successful than the first one. However, they have lots of things in common, including the idea of stealing the diamond from Balthazar.

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