List of TOP 10 good Crime movies 2017

It’s safe to say that Hollywood has taken over the world, and, ever since the early days of cinema, this mighty industry mogul has been delivering all kinds of criminal films for us to enjoy. Obviously, the genre is just as popular today as it used to be decades ago, and we’ve got just the right TOP 10 new good Crime movies 2017 release list that will keep you posted on the latest blockbusters. Stay tuned for more!

  1. The Snowman

A rough, tough and hard-boiled detective, Harry, has been investigating all kinds of weird, ridiculous and shocking cases for his whole life, but even his experience and wits might not be enough to crack a woman’s disappearance into thin air. The only lead is her pink scarf that the cops found wrapped around a sinister-looking snowman. What is the kidnapper trying to tell Henry with this piece of evidence? Or maybe she wasn’t abducted by anyone? The Snowman is a top-notch mystery thriller with an awesome cast of actors/actresses, a gripping, engrossing and captivating plot and more twists and turns than you can handle in one session. A must-see for the fans of the genre!

The Snowman

  1. The Trap

The story follow an ex-convict who’s finally out of prison and is seeking revenge against his former BFF, a gangsta, a hustla and a rapper who made him take full responsibility for a crime they committed together 1,5 decades ago. The man is full of hate and anger and has nothing to lose. He’s ready to put everything he’s got on the line just to bring the traitor to justice. But what if he gets entangled in his own trap? What if there’s no going back from what he’s about to do? Of the TOP 10 good English Crime movies 2017 The Trap is probably the most dramatic and engaging one. It’s equally thrilling and thought-provoking.

  1. Get the Girl

Clarence, a rich but stupid young lad, wants desperately to conquer the heart of a girl he’s in love with and goes a lot of extra miles to get her impressed: he stages a kidnapping and wants himself to be the hero who rescues the young woman, hoping to make her fall for him that way. But, everything goes south when one of the fake thugs dies. So, now the man is forced to really go out there and save the girl while doing everything in his power to keep his wicked plan a secret. Get the Girl is a dark comedy slash action-charged suspense movie that will glue you to your seat with the twists, turns, and great acting.

  1. The Crash

Cyber threats are becoming more and more sinister, and the United States government has no other choice but to implement new strategies into their routine tactics if they wanna successfully battle this new enemy. That’s how they end up “hiring” a bunch of criminals that know the system like the back of their hands. With the help of the thugs, they plan to save America from a new flow of devastating terrorist attacks. The only problem – the newly-formed team is anything but organized, and it’s gonna take a lot of “training” to get them to work together. The lives of innocent folks are on the line, and the clock is ticking. If you want to watch TOP 10 good Crime films 2017, put this movie on top of the list!

  1. Free Fire

Do you know what will happen if every single person gets a gun and loses his/her consciousness? Watch Free Fire and find out! This action-comedy will most certainly make you laugh and have a good time at the theater. The year is 1978, and two groups of thugs meet in an old warehouse to make a deal. But, it doesn’t work out, and when one stupid gangster fires the first shot, the mobsters start popping each other without rhyme or reason. This is a kill or get killed kind of a situation, and amidst the chaos, everyone has his/her own agenda – money, drugs, weapons, or just revenge.

  1. Going in Style

What’s an old chap to do when his precious pension becomes a case of a so-called “corporate casualty”? After all, who’s going to take care of the family and pay the huge bills? This is a hilarious story about three older men who join forces in an attempt to fix this dire situation. They’ve been living their lives without drama for many years, being perfect citizens and all, but now it’s time for the OGs to step up their game and retaliate against that bank that stole their hard-earned cash. Put Going in Style on the list of TOP 10 good Crime movies 2017 if you’re a sucker for old school comedies with a legendary cast of actors.

  1. John Wick: Chapter 2

After he killed every single Russian gangster in his town, Mr. Wick made himself a promise to never go back to his old ways (popping the most brutal mobsters out there). He’s sick and tired of the criminals and simply wants to enjoy what’s left of his lonely life. But there are some friends in John’s life that he will back up even if that means he’ll get into yet another international scuffle. So, Wick hops on the first flight to Europe and calls out a sinister villain. Some folks visit Rome for sightseeing or whatever, but not this guy. He’s there to take care of business, and even one slightly wrong move could be lethal for the man…

  1. American Made

This is a brand-new Hollywood blockbuster based on real events. Barry Seal, a hustler, and an elite pilot, was recruited by the American government to become a vital part of one of the greatest covert operations in the history of the United States. If you’re a fan of criminal thrillers based on true stories and Tom Cruise’s exceptional acting skills, make sure to put this awesome film on your list of must-sees this year. American Made will most certainly be one of the TOP 10 really good Crime movies of 2017. We’ll get tons of action, suspense, drama and a couple of plot twists along the way.

American Made

  1. Baby Driver

A gifted young getaway driver, nicknamed Baby, is the best to ever do it, and he’s really much enjoying the thrilling (and highly dangerous) life of being a criminal. But, when he meets the most amazing girl in his life, everything changes. He can’t be a thug and think about creating a family with this lovely young woman, so, he decides to cut ties with the mobsters and start fresh. However, the big bosses are not ready to let him go without a certain payment, and he’ll have to earn his retirement.

  1. Above Suspicion

A talented, capable and motivated young FBI agent, recently married, is to move to a mountain townlet somewhere in Kentucky. There, he starts a wicked affair with a local poor lady. She thinks that this poster boy will save her from the harsh life she’s living and take her to the big city, but, in reality, their relationship turns into a disaster – for both the Bureau agent and the woman. Of the TOP ten good Crime movies 2017 in theaters this year, Above Suspicion will be greatly appreciated by the GOW fans, as Emilia Clark is portraying the lead female character.

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