List of TOP 10 good Mystery movies 2018

The mystery is a genre about supernatural things, about the hidden and mysterious aspects of life that so interesting. Everything unidentified and mysterious is capable of capturing our interest.

If you are here to watch TOP 10 good Mystery films 2018, then we are here to show it.

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List of TOP 10 good Mystery movies 2018

  1. The House with a Clock in its Walls

The young man Lewis because of life circumstances was forced to move to his permanent residence in his uncle’s house, but the guy quickly realizes that both his uncle and neighbor are real sorcerers. In the house of Uncle Jonathan, there are magical hours that count down the time to a terrible global catastrophe that will destroy all of humanity. Now two sorcerers and Lewis will not only have to find the magic clock but also make sure that the world does not face a catastrophe. However, it is difficult to make such a plan happen.

  1. Annihilation

The X-Site is a kind of exclusion zone, all living things getting there are at risk of disappearing forever. The secret government organization repeatedly attempts to obtain any confirmation of the nature of the anomalous phenomena occurring there. Research expeditions were sent to the X-Site, the fates of which were similar: some of them did not return, disappeared without a trace into the unknown, others returned, becoming completely different people – sick people.

The last, the twelfth expedition, consisting of a special team of professionals and equipped with the latest technology, have to find out what is happening there.

  1. Holmes and Watson

Sherlock is back in the TOP ten good Mystery movies 2018 in theaters.

Sherlock Holm and his faithful assistant Dr. Watson work as private detectives. They will have to investigate the most complex crimes, in parallel struggling with the criminal genius. Sherlock cannot get along with the world around him because he is a sociopath, besides, he is sincerely convinced that all people are stupid and can not understand the basic motives.

It is comedy interpretation of the famous stories of Arthur Conan Doyle.

  1. Suspiria

A young and beautiful girl goes to distant Berlin to enter the famous ballet school and become a real celebrity in the world of dance and art. However, she could not even think that this school will become the real coven which the representatives of the ancient witch clan will choose to perform their rites.

Suspiria cast

  1. Cloverfield Movie

The movie will tell about a group of cosmonauts that flew to a space station to change the old shift and continue to study the planet. With the help of a new development, astronauts managed to discover a new theory of the appearance of God particles in the galaxy. This allowed people to bring humanity closer to the solution of the appearance of life on Earth.

Cloverfield 4 promo

  1. The Commuter

It is the midpoint of the TOP 10 good english Mystery movies 2018.

Mike has his own business, which brings a man a good income. The office of the businessperson is located in the center of the city and he lives in the suburbs, so every day he has to get an electric train. On the way, Mike usually remembers the past day, make plans, or simply reads the newspaper.

Once, returning home, with Michael, there is an unforeseen situation that changes his life dramatically. A young and charming lady sits down next to someone who is reading an article from a local newspaper. The girl greeted him and began a conversation, in which she very proposed a profitable deal.

The main character understands that with huge profits can come huge problems, losses, and cruel punishment. The beauty persuades the businessman to conclude a contract, only verbally guaranteeing security. Thus, the protagonist becomes part of a terrible conspiracy, as a result of which the lives of innocent people, as well as his relatives and friends, are endangered.

  1. Professor and the Madman

The plot of the picture is devoted to the creation of the legendary Oxford dictionary. James Murray became the man who takes the mission to create the dictionary, which all England needed. The man did not realize that he would create his diction with the help of a mentally ill person. With this person, James will get acquainted in the hospital, where mentally ill criminals are treated.

Sean Penn & Mel Gibson on cast for the Professor and the Madman

  1. The Nun

The horrible nun is in the TOP 10 really good Mystery movies.

The monastery, located in a quiet corner of Romania, survived a terrible event – a young nun for unknown reasons decided to commit suicide. To find out the truth in this terrible incident for the church, a priest from the Vatican was sent to the monastery for the investigation the case along with the novice. When the heroes of the picture arrived at the appointed place, they immediately realized that there is an otherworldly force.

The Nun poster

  1. Insidious: The Last Key

Finding an outlet in the now fashionable books and films about parallel worlds and other “delights” of a different reality, people do not seriously think about how terrible the world can be beyond the bounds of their habitual reality. Human heartlessness and insidiousness is nothing compared to those who either by their own stupidity or by coincidence of circumstances, got into the parallel world of spirits and ghosts, becoming there a hostage of darkness, wandering unendingly through endless corridors in search of a way back.

  1. Game Night

Night games are a long tradition of the company of friends who from time to time gather in the house of one of them and arrange a detective investigation. The meaning of this game is some fictitious murder, in which each of them acts as a detective, trying to make his version the most daring and catchy.

However, one they will have to investigate the real murder.

The list ends now.

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