List of TOP 10 good Romantic movies 2018

Love is a sublime, or, on the contrary, wild feeling, which is indescribable. What kind of movie do we visualize when we are told about romantic movies? Romantic movies abound in beautiful heroes, landscapes, relationships, and feelings. The whole host of emotions in a romantic film is in a wild mix that makes the viewer worry about the fate of heroes, laugh at their temporary disturbances, and sometimes – cry over main characters that were not destined to be together.

We are glad to present TOP 10 really good Romantic movies that will be released in 2018.

Are you ready to watch TOP 10 good Romantic films 2018? Then we begin!

  1. Every Day

Events begin to unfold at a time when schoolgirl encounters an ethereal spirit that can be infused into the bodies of other people. He amazes her with his rich inner world. Together they spend a lot of time, and after a while, Rhiannon realizes that she was fond of a ghost. Every new day spirit is infused into the bodies of very different people in order to be together. He does not pay attention to age, gender, religious affiliation, the appearance of a person. He only wants to be with his beloved one. Every day, Rhiannon sees her lover in a variety of ways. Knowing his secret, she is trying to find a way to stay with him forever. However, the more time passes, the closer the heroine is to the face of a tough decision that she has to take.

  1. Little Italy

Leo’s family moves to Manhattan from Italy, having huge hopes for the realization of the famous American dream. Almost simultaneously with them, Nikki’s parents, decide on a risky step, moving to a small Italian district of New York. There, former Italian citizens want to open their own pizzeria and make money. Both families, overcoming difficulties, achieve the desired goals, they opened their pizzerias, have constant customers. The proposed variety of pizza attracts many lovers of fast cheap food, creating a fierce competition between two families. The competition is one thing, there is another – the big one. Leo and Nikki fall in love with each other and want to live together.

Hayden Christensen and Emma Roberts in Little Italy

  1. Valley Girl

Valley Girl is in the TOP 10 good english Romantic movies 2018.

Julie Richman, a valley girl, meets Randy, punk from the city. Although these two belong to different worlds, they find love in each other. Julie’s friends are not happy with Randy, but the girl herself must decide who is more important to her – Randy or her neighbor Tommy, whom all friends love.

Valley Girl first look

  1. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

In the film, in London’s first post-war years, writer Juliet looks for the main idea for a prospective new book. The stories that come to mind are inappropriate or boring, but suddenly an accident comes for help. She receives a letter from the pig farmer from Guernsey. Some Dawsey complains that there are few good books on the island and asks for advice on where books can be bought. Juliet finally finds a topic for her future book – the book will be about the life of the inhabitants of Guernsey, the club of reading fans. Gathering material for the book leads to correspondence with a wide variety of people.

  1. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

It is a story about a girl named Lara, who never declared her love to anyone, but instead wrote to each guy a letter revealing her feelings in it, sealing it and hiding it in a box under the bed. However, one day Lara discovers that in some strange way all her letters from the secret box have been sent to the addressees. This unforeseen circumstance confronts the girl face to face with all her former lovers: with the boy who gave her the first kiss, with the kid from the summer camp and even with her sister’s ex-boyfriend, Josh.

Noah Centineo and Lana Condor in To All the Boys I've Loved Before

  1. Life in a Year

It is the midpoint of the TOP ten good Romantic movies 2018 in theaters

The film tells the love story of a 17-year-old guy and his girlfriend, who learns of a terminal diagnosis. Learning that his girlfriend is terminally ill, the young man decides to do everything possible so that his beloved lived the remaining year of life as brightly as possible.

  1. Fifty Shades Freed

After going through many difficulties, Christian and Anastasia finally started a real family. If in the first parts we see Christian as a cold and closed man, then in this part you can enjoy his reincarnation. It’s just amazing how fragile and sweet Anastasia managed to re-educate Christian. She only understood and accepted all his needs and soon love healed his soul. Now we have the family relations of the main characters. They, like all people, have their own problems, but they learn to fight them.

  1. Midnight Sun

The girl with a rare skin disease is in the list of TOP 10 good Romantic movies 2018

17-year-old Cathy suffers from a rare skin disease. She has a special disease because of which her skin does not perceive light. With such a disease, it is very difficult for her to live and she simply cannot go out in the daytime. One evening she went for a walk. Suddenly she met a guy named Charlie. They had a chemistry from the second they met. The guy was red and looking like the sun. Here all crazy things begin to happen.

  1. Ophelia

Unexpected interpretation of the most famous play of Shakespeare, represented by the eyes of Ophelia, victims of a tragic love for Prince Hamlet. However, what if, in spite of the classical plot, she will not succumb to ruthless fate, but decides to fight for her life?

  1. A Star Is Born

Being a star is not an easy task. To be a star is to fight to the end, no matter how difficult it is and this is understood by the still rising star Ellie, who dreams of becoming a famous singer and has a talent for it, but she is still very far from the stage! How to overcome difficulties and not give up, gain incredible willpower and get the love of the public? If you think that she will deal with this alone, then you are mistaken! An aged musician who knows a lot about good music will help the girl to become famous.

The list draws to a close.

TOP 10 new good Romantic movies 2018 release dates can be found on the Internet, there are already available.

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