List of TOP 10 new Action movies 2017

Watching militants does not mean just watching a cat and mouse play a good hero with a bad one. Action movies are not just constant shooting. This genre is no stranger to a deep philosophy, subtle humor and lyrical scenes. Especially, if the creation of picture takes a cult director – James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, Luc Besson, etc.

When planning to watch action films in the evening, pay attention to the cast. After all, there are so talented actors that one their participation can turn a picture into a real legend. Indisputable mastery of reincarnation has Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris, etc. And if their appearance on the set ensures that the film’s collections are simply huge, then you definitely should not deny yourself the pleasure of watching the fighters with their participation.

The Mummy

If you like watching movies, you must be familiar with the basic roles of actors. They are rebels and fighters, who retain their internal independence even in the most difficult situations. Heroes surprise with their courage and willingness at any time to back up their words with the deed.

Watch action movies like teenagers, and more mature movie fans. After all, everyone finds something of their own in them. So the movie fighter is a passion for “boys” of almost all ages that do not lose its relevance.

List of TOP 10 new Action movies 2017 and TOP ten new Action movies 2017 in theaters

10. Power Rangers

In the film “Power Rangers”, a huge danger is approaching the town of Angel Grove and the whole of our planet. The villain Rita is going to invade Earth, while five ordinary high school students discover powerful relics that give them the strength to confront the space enemy.

9. Kong: Skull Island

In the film, “Kong: Skull Island” plot unfolds in the seventies of the twentieth century. To find his missing brother, the protagonist organizes an expedition to the foggy island, but finding themselves there the whole company faces a dangerous fauna consisting of giant and voracious monsters led by King Kong.

8. Logan

In the movie “Logan” (Wolverine 3), the action will unfold in the future in 2024. Xavier’s mutant school is closed, and the elderly professor himself is in the guardianship of Wolverine – Logan, whose ability to regenerate with age begins to seriously fail. Once a driver who earns extra money, Logan gets a special task – to take to the Mexican border an eleven-year-old girl, who is being pursued by special services. But the more a man learns about this child, the more he understands the relationship between them. A mutant girl like Wolverine is armed with sharp claws and is very dangerous. This movie also included in the TOP 10 recent Action movies 2017 because it came out on screen in the beginning of March 2017.

7. Collide

In the movie “Collide” tourist from the US and his girlfriend go on a trip to Europe, where they accidentally run across two mutually hostile mafia clans. They begin to hunt, so that begins a dangerous game of cat and mouse on the European motorways.


6. John Wick: Chapter Two

In the film “John Wick: Chapter Two” action will unfold in the streets of Rome. The main character is again forced to withdraw from the resignation when his longtime acquaintance suddenly decides to take to his hands a whole guild of elite assassins. Now John will fight with the most dangerous killer he ever met.

5. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

In the film “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” after the betrayal of Wesker, the potential end for all of the humanity is getting closer and closer. Now Alice is forced to return to Raccoon City, to destroy once and for all the corporation “Umbrella” and its latest weapons. It also added to the TOP 10 latest Action movies. Now, you can watch it at home in a good quality because its premiere was in February.

4. xXx: Return of Xander Cage

In the film “xXx: Return of Xander Cage” world threatened by a new secret weapon, code-named “Pandora’s Box”. To prevent a planetary scale catastrophe, Agent Xander Cage returns from his unofficial vacation and collects the best of the best among the most desperate extremists.

3. Skiptrace

In the film, Skiptrace, the most honest of all policemen is forced to work with a fraudster-swindler, his complete opposite, in order to save his niece from a major misfortune, and in between to eliminate the criminal syndicate that stole her.


2. Fast and Furious 8

After a successful operation to capture Deckard Shaw, Dominic Toretto’s team travels to New York to help a government agent, codenamed “Mr. Nobody” (Kurt Russell), deal with a new problem. Before the steepest race in the history of the Big Apple takes place, they will have to visit Cuba with an interim mission. Now, a new employee from law enforcement agencies (Scott Eastwood) will help Toretto in the mission, well, and the enemy this time is very unusual – this is a very clever, calculating and damn tempting villain in the performance of Charlize Theron.

It so happened that the authors of the franchise doing their best to keep the audience of the first part. Certainly, the series had ups and downs, spin-offs and continuations, but two things will remain unchanged: due to the death of Paul Walker, we will never see him again in the film; and the second fact is a directly proportional increase in the amount of testosterone from series to series. This time the film promises to be hot, at least because of the trinity of Statham, Rock, and Diesel. The director of the eighth part was an African American named F. Gary Gray, who had not previously worked on this film.

1. Mummy

American scientists make a surprising discovery, especially valuable for archeology – in Egypt find miraculously preserved sarcophagus of the Egyptian queen Amunet. Immediately in the desert rushes an expedition led by an elite turndown-service specialist – a young woman Jenny Halsey. She is escorted by a group of US military, led by famed Nick Morton. Arriving at the place, the characters of the movie “Mummy” immediately immerse the precious find on the plane, and the expedition returns back to present the sarcophagus to the whole world and give it to the famous museum. Soldiers look apprehensively at the strange find, inside which lies the body of a long-dead woman. The situation is being pushed for some reason, but the military is holding it and wants the journey to end as soon as possible. However, unknown forces do not want to fulfill the desires of people and send a suddenly appeared horde of bats to the plane. The portholes are broken; the pilots are dead since there was a depressurization of the cabin. The whole crew is in danger, but Nick manages to fasten Halsey to the parachute and throw it out of the falling aircraft. The soldier himself remains on the plane and after a while regains consciousness in the morgue. Something amazing brought him back to life, but what kind of power and why it did that is unknown.

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