List of TOP 10 new Sci-Fi movies 2017

Sci-fi movies are works of game cinematography, the plot of which is based on fantastic speculations in the field of social, natural and technical sciences. With the help of such speculations, certain phenomena, events and technologies that theoretically can exist today or be invented in the future can be grounded. For example: extraterrestrial life forms, parallel worlds, extrasensory abilities, time travel, interstellar travel, cyborgs, artificial intelligence and the like. The time of events in most science fiction films is the near or distant future.

In the topic below you will see the TOP 10 latest Sci-Fi movies of 2017.

In the last century, fantastic films followed the tail of the corresponding literature, developing much faster. However, even then it was clear that this lag will not last long, because cinema since its inception had a huge advantage of visuality. To fully realize this advantage was possible after the appearance of special effects, and then computer graphics, which made the best fantastic films, if not the most but one of the most spectacular works of modern cinema. It is thanks to it that the directors of science fiction films and serials have an opportunity to fully convey the epic fantasy of the best novels of the best science fiction writers of the past and the present.

List of TOP 10 new Sci-Fi movies 2017

Thanks to the fact that the genre of science fiction is very popular, the list of good fantasy films every year is very large.

List of TOP 10 new Sci-Fi movies 2017

  1. “Life”
  2. “Ghost in the Shell”
  3. Justice League
  4. “Alien: Covenant”
  5. “Blade Runner 2049”
  6. “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead People Do Not Tell Tales”
  7. “Thor: Ragnarok”
  8. “Guardians of the Galaxy 2”
  9. “Logan”
  10. “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”

Here we give you synopsizes of TOP 10 new Sci-Fi films 2017:

10. “Life”

A sample of organic matter was brought to study from Mars to the ISS. This organic matter turned out very clever; it grabbed the scientist’s hand, so the chaos reigned at the station. It is a suitable plot for a horror type of “Alien”. But “Life” by director Daniel Espinosa looks more like another film from a new wave of solid Sci-Fi, started by “Gravitation” and “Interstellar”. Trailers cause just such an association. The characters of Jake Gyllenhall, Ryan Reynolds and other actors hover in a thoroughly simulated weightlessness and talk about life in the universe.

Whether “Life” is worthy of its predecessors is difficult to judge. But it is worth to watch it. A year ago we underestimated “Arrival” and do not repeat this mistake again.

9. “Ghost in the Shell”

Hollywood decided to film the adaptation of the famous cyberpunk anime by Mamoru Hosea. A new film is fashionable to blame in advance for casting: many Japanese heroes in the film turned into typical Americans. So, Scarlett Johansson put on the role of cyborg Motoko Kusanagi, which is now simply called the Major. And it seems that her prehistory was also changed: in the trailer, the heroine is hinted that her past was hidden from her.

8. “Justice League”

This is the central film of a DC company, the answer to the Marvel’s “Avengers”. To fight the villain Steppenwolf, Batman collects a team of superheroes. It will include a Wonder Woman, a supersonic jolly Flash, and a cyborg named Cyborg and Aquaman with the face of Khal Drogo from the “Game of Thrones”, who does not understand the jokes about “the most useless superhero”. And in this movie will be a reborn of Superman in a new black suit.

7. “Alien: Covenant”

Continuation of “Prometheus” by Ridley Scott tells about the ship “Covenant”, which flew to colonize the planet, similar to paradise. It turned out to be the ancestral home of the Engineers, the creators of mankind. What happened to them? And what other secrets does this planet hide? On the latter question we already have an answer from the trailer: it hides toothy Aliens.

It’s not quite clear how the film fits with Prometheus. The creators promise that in the film will appear David and Dr. Elizabeth Shaw but they will not be in the lead roles. And Michael Fassbender, whom you see in the trailer, is not David but his twin, the new robot Walter from the “Covenant”.

Alien: Covenant

6. “Blade Runner 2049”

Classics of cyberpunk “Blade Runner”, Ridley Scott made in 1982 for the remote motives of the novel by Philip Dick. The sequel comes out after thirty-five years – it seems it’s a record. The aged but still charismatic Harrison Ford again plays Rick Deckard, a retired hunter for runaway androids. But in the center of the plot is not him but a new hero in the performance of Ryan Gosling, figuring out where Deckard disappeared all these years. The trailer shows how they met.

5. “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead People Do Not Tell Tales”

Captain Jack Sparrow returns to the screens to fight the mystical Captain Salazar of the Bermuda Triangle. To win the Sparrow will need a trident of Poseidon. The main story of the “Pirates” ended in the third film, so that the plot of the continuation seems slightly made of cardboard. But this series is valued not for scenarios but for naval romance, dark magic and dizzying tricks. This is what we are waiting for.

4. “Thor: Ragnarok”

While Cap and Stark fought in the Civil War, Thor lounged on vacation, waiting for his third solo film. What exactly he will do there is unclear. The leaked spoilers hint that he will fight Loki for power in Asgard. But in the scene after the titles of “Doctor Strange”, Thor declares that the brothers intend to search together for their father Odin (yes, by the way, Anthony Hopkins will still return to this role). It is known that the Hulk will help the Thor, who will try on gladiator armor. And the main villain is Hela, the queen of the dead.

3. “Guardians of the Galaxy 2”

The first “Guardians of the Galaxy” was the most original film of the Marvel studio since the “Iron Man” and only slightly missed the title of the movie of the year in 2014 (artful Nolan tripped him). It was a provocative cosmooper about star thieves with a healthy share of madness. Who would have thought that we would love a talking raccoon and laugh away from the words “We are Groot”. Now, we are waiting for the sequel.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

2. “Logan”

The first generation of the “X-Men” is leaving, what will happen next with Universe is unknown. In the meantime, Hugh Jackman is playing the last film in the role of brutal Wolverine, he’s also Logan.

The picture is based on the comic book “Old Logan”, but it will not be an exact adaptation. According to the plot in a gloomy future, Wolverine and Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) began to grow old and lose superpowers. Before they retire, they decide to save the girl Laura, the clone of Logan, from the villains who are going to put on the poor kid experiments.

1. “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”

It is the long-awaited movie of the TOP 10 recent Sci-Fi movies 2017.

About this film, we know less than others on the list. Its story and even the name are kept secret. Or, on the contrary, we know more than necessary. To the network again and again leaked retellings of the plot, supposedly working titles, supposedly spoilers. Most likely, fake, but you will never know.

Either way, the Star Wars will return. We will see the game of Mark Hamill as the elderly Luke. We learn from where Ray has such abilities. We will visit previously unknown parts of the distant galaxy. Let’s see how the director of the “Looper”, Ryan Johnson copes with high-budget projects. And then we will break more than one keyboard, arguing about all this.

In this list, you see TOP ten new Sci-Fi movies 2017. We hope that you are waiting this film as we do.

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