List of TOP 10 recently released Drama movies of 2017

It is generally accepted that drama is a genre for those who like serious soul movies (namely, for mature people who know how to appreciate every moment of life). Today, it is difficult to disagree with such an assertion. But the number of fans of dramatic films does not cease to grow. Entertainment, unpredictable storylines, unexpected solutions, a variety of special effects does not leave indifferent any generation of viewers, including the youth audience.

We always take into account the preferences and tastes of the majority, therefore we are ready to offer you our compilation of new Drama movies releases 2017.

Of course, in all the presented films you will not find impressive chases, shootings, explosions. However, this does not mean that such “Non-Man” cinema is preferable only for the female part. We are sure that even a man can be touched and imbued with emotions. Would you like to check? Call your men, meet with friends or with your family and watch the best drama movies of 2017.

Let’s watch list of TOP 10 recently released Drama movies of 2017.


  1. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Being a child, the main character did not think about his origin. He grew up on the streets of Londinium, along with his friends. Having grown older, they became famous, like a gang of thieves, who are busy in urban lanes. The guards tried to catch them, but they did not succeed.

The news of the sword in the stone flew around the area very quickly and with it the legend that it is not simple, but magic. Many people who wanted to experience the fate gathered in the city square, everyone wanted to become the owner of the sword, after all, the reward was not only a sword.

As soon as the sword was in Arthur’s hands, the young man felt a change in himself; he wanted to change something for the better. But to begin with, the King’s son will have to fight with the powerful enemy Vortigern, who at one time killed his parents to get the throne.

  1. The Zookeeper’s Wife

Antonina and Jan keep their own zoo in Warsaw. This territory belongs to the city, and therefore the spouses feel relatively safe when the Germans came to the country. The persecution of Jews began everywhere, they were sent to the ghettos and were simply killed. Antonina and Jan decided to keep Jew is their zoo during the persecution of Jews. They saved three hundred Jews during the war.

  1. Aftermath

This movie is one of the newly released Drama movies 2017.

The immigrant from Russia Roman Melnik moved to the United States and even managed to settle well. Now he is waiting for the arrival of his wife and pregnant daughter, who are his closest and beloved people. But all his hopes for a bright and happy future collapsed the moment he learned about the tragic plane crash in which many people died, including his relatives. Two planes collided in the sky due to the fault of the dispatcher Jake, who made a gross mistake and was distracted from his direct duties. For Roman, the loss of the family was the strongest blow he cannot recover from because the wife and daughter were for him the whole world and the meaning of life.

A year has passed since the tragedy, and Roman cannot find comfort, and one of the main reasons for this is that to this day no one has apologized for what happened. The man sets a goal – to find the dispatcher Jake, who after the incident, frightened by the consequences, moved to another city and began to hide his identity. Roman wants to look into his eyes and hear from him an apology. But will he be able to find comfort in this, and, finally, put up with a painful loss?

  1. Unforgettable

Tessa Connover, even after two years after the divorce, could not fully believe that the husband forever broke with her. She hoped for the return of her husband, therefore, learning about the appearance of David’s bride, experienced a deep shock. When Julia Banks decided to establish relations with her young daughter’s little daughter, the woman completely lost control of her own emotions.

  1. The Discovery

The scientist Thomas has proved the existence of the afterlife, and his revelation caused a huge number of suicides in the world.

  1. Logan

It is the Golden Mean of the TOP 10 Drama latest movies 2017.

In the last battle of the gray-haired, but the same incorrigible Wolverine is seeing off an old friend – Professor X. The survival of superhumans is up to Wolverine, and the indomitable hero with famous adamantium claws will achieve for the brethren of a better fate…

  1. The Lost City of Z

Supported by his son, wife, and adjutant, Colonel Fawcett makes several new attempts to explore the beloved jungle. The British traveler is constantly seeking fresh evidence of the existence of a mysterious settlement. In 1925, Fawcett organizes another expedition and does not return. The final disappearance is wrapped in a mystery…

  1. Ghost in the Shell

When the main antagonist of the modern world decided to break into the holiest political secrets – the ninth division entered the game under the command of invincible lady Motoko Kusanagi. The leadership ordered the girl to use any methods to neutralize the desperate criminal.

  1. Voice from the Stone

The cruel ghost of the deceased mother is on the list of TOP 10 Drama movies recently released.

When Malvina, the mother of young Klaus, was dying, the boy took vow a silence. A lot of time has flown under the pain, but the boy continued to remain stubbornly silent. Verena managed to solve the difficult matter. She liked to unravel the violent personality disorders, helping the unhappy. No matter how a good girl tried to talk a kid, help a poor fellow realize that his mother is gone forever, and it will not come back, but he remained adamant.

Continuing the work, quite unexpectedly Verena began to notice the bad oddities that occurred both personally with her and in the surrounding everyday life. The psychologist realized that this furious soul of the deceased is trying to penetrate into her body in order to communicate with her beloved son. Can a doctor resist an evil entity and prove to the boy the purity of her intentions?

  1. Fifty Shades Darker

The leader of the compilation of the latest Drama movies in english 2017.

Frightened by the dark secrets and inner demons of Christian Grey, Anastasia Steel decides to break with him and soon gets a job in a small publishing house in Seattle. But Christian’s wishes continue to dominate him. Offering Anastasia to meet, he is ready to review the terms of the agreement and even reveal all his dark secrets. When, at last, it seems that everything is going perfectly, Anastasia encounters the anger and envy of those women who were with Christian before meeting her.

Now TOP 10 modern Drama movies of 2017 ends.

Thank you for watching!

List of TOP 10 english Drama movies 2017
List of TOP 10 recently released Romance movies of 2017

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