List of TOP 10 recently released Fantasy movies of 2017

Do you feel the lack of mysteries and interest in everyday life? Do not know what you can do? Then you are lucky because in our compilation of new Fantasy movies releases 2017, you will find both mystery and interest. Especially for you, we have collected the best collection of fantasy movies of 2017.

According to one of the scientific versions, literature and cinema are just the next stages in the development of the fantasy genre. According to its rules, only the reality in which the elves, dragons, halflings, trolls, ghosts and other fantastic entities live is real. It has its own laws, different from terrestrial, physical laws, and witchcraft is the norm. What is it – a special planet, a fantastic scenario or a parallel world?

Millions of fans of the genre do not even ask themselves this question. Mysticism and adventure, which are rich in fantasy films, do not leave a chance for a cold analysis. See for yourself!

Let’s see the list of TOP 10 recently released Fantasy movies of 2017.

A Cure for Wellness

  1. Monster Calls

The death of a loved one is the worst thing. There is nothing more terrible than the loss of a loved one, and these events are especially memorable when you are only thirteen years old, like the protagonist of this film. He is busy with his own affairs but suddenly realizes that his mother is no more. How at such a young age to realize all this and most importantly to understand that there would be no trauma in the future? This problem will have to face the protagonist of the film. Connor decides to be strong to cope with everything that happened as soon as possible and begin to live a normal life. From that very moment, his life changed.

  1. Monster Trucks

Life in a provincial town is boring and each of the young people is trying to find an exciting lesson to somehow reconcile with the sad reality. The high school student Tripp has an old dream – to escape from his native city. In the meantime, he is busy with his favorite occupation – the creation of a universal machine from the wreckage of recycled cars. He is attracted to monster trucks – huge cars of a frightening kind, easily overcoming deserts and any obstacles. The guy for a long time dreams to create such monster.

At this time in his town, there is an unpleasant incident – an accident on one of the oil rigs. After this incident, residents began to notice that their cars began to be attacked by some strange underground creature.

  1. A Cure for Wellness

The strange resort is in the compilation of the latest Fantasy movies in english 2017.

The fascination with the healing properties of pure mountain rivers served as the beginning of a detective story. A young employee of a successful American brokerage firm, Mr. Lockhart, receives a special assignment from his leadership – will go to the Swiss Alps, famous for its famous spa clinics. It is at such a resort that the hero of the film keeps his way. Before him is the task – to find the executive director of his company, which has long been stuck in the healing waters. Mr. Hannah did not appear at work after his vacation, which caused concern among the company’s co-owners.

Arriving in the Alps, Lockhart discovers that his boss disappeared in an unknown direction under unclear circumstances. The young man accepts the offer of the administrator to stay at the hotel for several days to look for the missing chief and, at the same time, to use such a rare opportunity – to relax in a fashionable resort.

After a while, the guy comes to the conclusion that the disappearance of his boss is not an accident, and the spa resort is stuffed with all sorts of secrets. In addition, Lockhart begins to feel that something inexplicable is happening to him, and his mind is constantly being tested.

  1. Warrior’s Gate

Modern teenager indescribably transferred to old China. That’s where he will need the skills acquired in video games.

  1. Ghost in the Shell

Cyber technologies have subordinated all spheres of life to themselves, and the most dangerous criminals were transferred to the virtual space. The cyborg hybrid, at the head of the elite police unit, follows the trail of a powerful hacker.

  1. The Shack

The Golden Mean of the list of TOP 10 Fantasy movies recently released movies of 2017.

Mack considers himself to be a happy man because he has everything for this. Good work, beloved wife, and lovely children. Once the head of the family decides to arrange for his loved ones to rest in the forest. They stop in a picturesque place, next to the river and High Mountains. But the parents could not even imagine that this walk and rest would change their whole life. No one understood when Missy, the younger daughter, disappeared.

  1. Kong: Skull Island

King Kong is in TOP 10 Fantasy latest movies 2017.

The film takes the audience in the 70s of the last century. The protagonist organizes an expedition to the Skull Island, always covered with a fog on which King Kong was once caught, in order to find the missing brother and some mysterious substance. During the difficult search, travelers will face the nightmarish world of the monsters of the terrible island.

  1. Beauty and the Beast

Once upon a time, there was a young handsome prince who was arrogant and selfish. For his bad character and unwillingness to correct one Witch “rewarded” him with a gift – the prince turned to be a terrible monster.

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

The new movie continues the story of the exciting adventures of a charismatic pirate. The pirate captain was convinced that enemies must be remembered, or they will necessarily remind themselves. The old enemy of Jack, Salazar, began to hunt him. The insidious and merciless captain, along with the rest of the ghosts, managed to get out of the most dangerous trap for all – The Devil’s Triangle. The movie is included in the compilation of newly released Fantasy movies 2017 because it was released on May 25, 2017.

  1. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Among the street slums of the ancient city of Londinium, which was later named London, walks a young street beggar Arthur. Together with his gang, he is a hooligan on the streets, involved in fights, where he often acts as an instigator. The guy does not even guess that in his veins is royal blood and he is the direct heir of the king of England. But all this is unknown to an ordinary guy and did not know what a surprise fate had prepared for him.

TOP 10 modern Fantasy movies of 2017 is coming to an end.

Thank you for your staying with us!

List of TOP 10 english Fantasy movies 2017
List of TOP 10 recently released Fantasy movies of 2017

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