List of TOP 12 good Spy films

There are genres in cinema that never lose their popularity. One of them is spy movies. During the cold wars, governments of various countries injected espionage, which found its reflection in films.

We are going to show you the TOP 12 best english Spy movies 2019 to watch.

Let’s go!

List of TOP 12 good Spy films

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  1. Agent Emerson

A CIA officer seeks to quit the game and cease to be part of an experimental program, where all participants are completely under the remote control of the “General.” He has to fight to take responsibility for his actions again and get out of the custody of the secret services. Alex Emerson helps him in this confrontation.

Filming took place in Louisiana and Los Angeles. The film was shot with the help of a stereo camera that allows you to create the effect of total immersion for the audience.

  1. Charlie’s Angels

Natalie, Dylan, and Alex are on the list of good english Spy movies.

Can three beauties be deadly enemies? They can if they enter a secret special unit called “Charlie’s Angels.” Natalie, Dylan, and Alex own all kinds of martial arts, shoot well, and excellent spies. Angels are entrusted with only the most complex tasks.

Charlie’s Angels are hired by a certain Vivian Wood, who is the vice-president of a large technology company, with a request to find her kidnapped partner Eric Knox, as well as to return the software stolen by competitors to the company. Angels take on the job. As usual, they face many difficulties and dangerous situations, as well as evil plans of enemies.

  1. The Balkan Line

Confrontation for Slatina airfield is on the list of best english Spy movies to watch.

The Russian task force is ordered to take control of the Slatina airfield in Kosovo and hold it until reinforcements arrive. However, this strategic base is extremely important for the Albanian field commander and NATO generals. The group is forced to take an unequal battle against terrorists. Russian peacekeepers and NATO forces are rushing to the airfield. The world is again close to a big war. But the commander of the special group, Andrei Shatalov, is not up to politics: his beloved girl is among the hostages at the airport…

  1. Above Suspicion

The true story of the new FBI agent, who, having been assigned to Kentucky, finds a priceless informer in the person of a local girl. A communication with a young agent becomes the only hope for salvation for a girl who is stuck in this place. However, the hero has his own plans for the future – which, however, is preparing a catastrophe for both lovers.

  1. Spies in Disguise

Spy Pigeon is on the list of best modern Spy films.

If you still do not know who is the coolest agent in the world, then get acquainted with the magnificent Lance Sterling, who can neutralize dangerous criminals, get into a secret object and save the world! No one except him can cope with difficult missions because the most gifted team is also working together with the hero. Besides the fact that Lance is a handsome man and a martial artist, he is also a master spy. A properly selected camouflage helps him to remain invisible to enemies.

The young scientist, Walter, who works for the government, comes up with new ideas to help special agents. Once again, his experiment was a success but Sterling did not like the result. The fact is that the boy turned him into a pigeon, stating that there are so many of these birds that no one will suspect. His words make sense but spy does not want to be a bird. He asks the guy to return him proper shape but he still does not know how to do it.

  1. Lazarat

Drug trafficking is on the list of TOP 12 best Spy movies of 2019 to watch.

The action of the thriller, based on real events, takes place in the heart of Albania. The viewers will see a world full of drugs, crime, deception, shame, and danger.

In the center of the plot – the story of a real confrontation between local residents and the police, who tried to limit the violent activities of the villagers associated with the production of drugs.

  1. My Spy

Dave Bautista is in the TOP twelve good Spy movies in theaters.

A CIA agent, a scourge of the underworld, is ready to deal with anyone. In the next mission, he was assigned to monitor a suspicious American family who was interested in the secret services. However, it is not so easy to do scanning of the house. A little intelligent girl who lives there with her parents prevents the main hero from his work.

At first, the spy thinks that it will be easy to get rid of a curious person. A nine-year-old baby turns an important mission into a nightmare. A man is trying to cope with a mischievous little girl but he can do nothing. If he refuses to indulge her, then Sophie tells her mother the terrible truth about their new neighbor. For the sake of career and task fulfillment, the secret spy is forced to obey the girl. However, patience is wearing thin. Unable to withstand the cruel jokes, the superspy is ready to take any measures. However, to finish the job, he will still have to find a common language with the child and make contact with her. However, when the mafia begins to hunt him, the problems with the girl take the back seat.

  1. Furie

A deadly fury is on the list of really good Spy films.

The former head of the criminal gang went into hiding in the countryside. She gives birth to a girl and now enjoys happiness. However, when her daughter is abducted by an international organization of human traffickers, the woman turns into a deadly fury, and now the villains will have to regret their actions.

  1. Cold Pursuit

The third place of the list of best modern Spy movies.

Nels and his wife live in a comfortable home. They have everything they need for happy family life. In addition, the main character only recently received the title of “Citizen of the Year,” becoming one of the most famous townspeople. However, the quiet life ends at the moment when Nels learns that his son was brutally murdered by an influential cartel engaged in the production and distribution of drugs. Although Nels understands that criminals can easily deal with him, he develops a plan that will help him avenge the death of a child. He uses his hunting skills and turns from an ordinary peaceful person into a skilled killer.

  1. Polar

Duncan Vizla is one of the most dangerous killers in the world known by the nickname Black Kaiser. Once he killed people all over the world but now he enjoys a peaceful life. Only now, a former client, with whom Duncan had a little conflict, is not going to forget old grudges. Soon the peaceful life of the former killer will ends when an army of young and merciless murderers starts hunting for Duncan. In order to save his life, he will have to use all the skills and knowledge acquired during the long years of his profession.

  1. Triple Threat

The leader of the TOP 12 best new Spy movies 2019.

The international criminal group sends a team of professional killers to kill the billionaire’s daughter, who has conceived to put an end to their criminal activities. Three mercenaries will rescue a girl, who were successful fighters in the past.

By the way, TOP 12 new good Spy movies 2019 release dates are available on the Net and thank you for watching TOP 12 good Spy films 2019.

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