List of TOP 14 good Black films

In the cinema, black movie occupies a special place.

Today we are going to share with you TOP 14 best english Black movies 2019 to watch.

Let’s begin!

List of TOP 14 best Black movies of 2019 to watch

Issa Rae and Marsai Martin in Little

  1. Clemency

Warden Bernadine Williams began to chafe numerous death sentences carried out. Everything changes with the appearance of another prisoner awaiting execution. Communicating with him, Williams realizes that her job has affected her emotional and mental health.

  1. Coins for Christmas

The hard life of a single mother is on the list of good english Black movies.

Single mother barely makes ends meet. Two weeks before Christmas, her bank account is frozen and she is fired from her job. Desperately trying to pay bills and buy gifts, mother jumps into the “gig economy.” It was then that a nasty former football player Alec Darby, who was also secretly on the verge of bankruptcy, hired her. This strange people repeatedly try to work together, and in the end, they find a common language. Moreover, to their surprise, they learn a lot about themselves and teach each other how to become better people.

  1. Slice

In the small town of Kingfisher, where people and ghosts live side by side, someone kills pizza guys. A few years ago, a series of unsolved murders of food deliverymen from a Chinese restaurant, which was located in the same place where the pizzeria is located, already happened. Suspicions tend to Dax, werewolf, who just returned to the city. A local journalist and smart cops try to get to the truth.

  1. The Hate U Give

The life of black skin girl is on the list of best english Black movies to watch.

A girl with black skin has to go through many trials and real rejection. The surrounding reality suggests that the problem of external differences does not exist. Inner fear and a sense of belonging to a lower caste arise from the distrust and sideways glance. The hero of the film tries to live a full life. She is studying in a prestigious school with white children, sincerely hoping that racial disparities are no reason for humiliation and discrimination. However, in the near future, she will make sure that this is just her fantasy, and in fact, the world is cruel. It turns out that the girl lives in her fantasy world. The things get hard when the police officer and kills a close friend in front of the main hero.

  1. The Intruder

The tenth place of the TOP fourteen good Black movies in theaters.

For a long time, the young couple lived in the middle of a metropolis. Soon the life in the big city bothered the newlyweds. They decided to move to a more remote place. Thus, the couple gets a mansion, which is located in the wild, surrounded by colorful countryside.

In the new house, the couple hopes to find a long-awaited peace. Upon arrival at the site, a good-natured man named George, who is the former owner of the house, meets the couple. He showed them the house. After this, he walked away, wishing the residents good luck and well-being.

Unfortunately, the family was not long. George began to visit them, constantly bothering the couple. An annoying man began to interfere in their personal life. Later it turns out that George has his own secrets, making his presence dangerous.

  1. Bolden

Buddy Bolden is on the list of best modern Black films.

The life of Buddy Bolden is full of many interesting facts, amazing events, and memorable stories. This man has always dreamed of being known, which in fact made him a strong and strong-willed person. He was not conceited, helped others and respected the opinions of others. The biopic will tell you his story from the very beginning to the end. This African-American Cornet King is remembered by millions for his charisma and a vision of life.

  1. Relive

Detective Jack receives a call from his niece Ashley. He hurries to help but he is late – the girl and her family were brutally murdered. Jack takes up the investigation and suddenly Ashley calls him again. He thinks he’s going crazy, but he’s not.

  1. The Upside

The friendship between a poor guy and the rich man is on the list of TOP 14 good Black films.

Dell is an ordinary unemployed guy living on a benefit. Phillip is a paralyzed aristocrat. The chances that their lives will ever cross are insignificantly small but still, it happens. Despite the lack of proper education and experience, Dell becomes Philip’s personal assistant. The rich man chose this shameless guy because he did not treat him like a disabled person. You will not get bored with such a nurse and Philip got a taste for life again.

  1. Little

This story is a woman who had an ordinary life. She had many good and positive moments but there were also unpleasant situations. At some point, responsibility began to put pressure on her too much. At this time, she wants to cope with some tasks and quickly go on a long-awaited vacation. However, in the case of our hero, everything turns out a little differently, she gets the opportunity to re-live her carefree youth. Yes, she again finds herself in a young body of herself and has the opportunity to spend that time again as she wishes.

  1. The Car: Road to Revenge

An instinct for vengeance is on the list of really good Black films

Crime continues to thrive in a cyberpunk town. The Avengers killed the prosecutor and threw him out of the window of the apartment just onto his new car. The picture will show what happens next when the prosecutor is resurrected. Anarchy helped to violate the current order and everything turned into chaos. The man intends to revenge everyone.

  1. The Banker

Back in 1950, two black boys decided to break out of eternal poverty and racial discrimination, because of which they always had problems. Bernard and Joe came up with a brilliant idea for the business related to real estate. Their project got a great start but the development turned out to be non-profitable since not everyone is eager to deal with two African Americans. Therefore, they had to hire a fake white guy to play the role of a boss. After this, the business began to prosper, brought profit, and customers were satisfied. However, the happiness did not last long because after a couple of years, they were at risk and this threatened with exposure. For the sake of preserving business, they had to go for different tricks so that people would not think that two black guys can manage the business.

  1. Gemini Man

The life of a professional killer is on the list of best modern Black movies.

According to the released synopsis, the plot will be built around the story of an old killer who has already retired. However, in retirement, he does not live in peace, and now he has to confront himself, or rather, his young clone. The main role in the sci-fi action movie will play Will Smith. The role of the villain will play English actor Clive Owen.

  1. High Flying Bird

The world of big sports is a world of big money. The main hero – basketball agent – understands this very well. He also understands that in sports, you need to do something very special to hitch a jackpot. In addition, he has a daring plan to do this. Young black basketball player Eric Scott – a key link in this plan. He offers the young man a deal. However, to achieve victory, both basketball agent and Eric will have to go through serious trials.

The making of the film was first announced in 2017. Filming began in February 2018 in New York. The official premiere was scheduled for January 2019 at the Slamdance Film Festival.

  1. Three’s Complicated

The leader of the TOP 14 best new Black movies 2019.

The main character is a 42-year-old businesswoman. One day, when things were not going well, she decided to distract herself from the problems. Away from her home, she enjoys the party with many drinks. She spends the whole weekend with a young and unfamiliar man. She does not think about anything. This casual hook-up does not mean anything to her but after a while, it becomes clear that the very stranger is dating her daughter…

It should be noted that TOP 14 new good Black movies 2019 release dates are available on the Net.

Thank you for watching TOP 14 good Black films 2019!

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