List of TOP 20 good War films

War films are historical films that recreate the tensest moments of world history. By the will of the director, the viewer becomes their witness and invisible participant of such a movie.

Today we are going to share with you best modern War movies that will be released in 2019.

Let’s begin!

List of TOP 20 good War films 2019

  1. Panipat

It is a story about the Battle of Panipat, which took place on January 14, 1761, between the Maratha Empire and the ruler of Afghanistan and his Indian Muslim allies.

  1. Kesari

The battle of Saragarhi took place on September 12, 1897. On the one hand, 21 Sikhs from the 36th Sikh battalion; on the other hand, 10’000 armed Afghans and Pakistanis. Havildar Ishar Singh led the team of 21 Sikhs.

Despite the numerical superiority of the enemy, the whole team headed by Havildar decided to “fight to the death.” This battle entered the annals of history as an example of what can be done by people who have decided to defend their land and an example of how soldiers who have the sense of honor and dignity should fight.

  1. Waiting for Anya

Jewish suffering is on the list of good english War movies.

During World War II, Joe, a young shepherd with the help of the widow, helps to transport Jewish children across the border of southern France to the neighboring country – Spain. German soldiers will soon occupy the French countryside. Disgraced Benjamin realizes that it becomes dangerous to remain in the village, but the old man does not want to leave until he meets his daughter. She has to come the other day along with relatives. However, the long-awaited reunion may not happen. Every day, the fascists are getting closer but there is still no news from his daughter.

  1. Greyhound

During World War II, an elderly naval officer, George Krause, took command on the Greyhound. His dedication and strength of mind pass the severe test of strength when confronted with enemy forces.

  1. Archimedes no Taisen

The Japanese army is in the TOP 20 best english War movies 2019 to watch.

Long ago, in the 1930s, when the dawn of the Japanese dynasty was ending, a state with its army and first fleet began to form. The Japanese army fiercely tried to seize all the coastal territories that belong to them and free them from detractors from other countries. The formation of the military structure at this time was going too fast since the Japanese government and the militia had approached the issue with seriousness. At the given stage in time, everyone wants to build a huge aircraft carrier and launch it into the sea to guard the nearby shores from foreign invasion. Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto decides that the necessary funds for such a large project simply do not exist and is trying to stop everyone around him. After conducting his own investigation, he learns that the construction of an aircraft carrier is only a cover for a larger project.

Archimedes no Taisen poster

  1. Kingdom

In the third century BC, the period of Warring States, when the territory of modern China had a lot of constantly warring with each other small states. Somewhere in the back of one of these states live two orphans and train daily to fulfill their dream of becoming a great General. However, one of the friends is strikingly similar to the ruler, and the guy is taken to the palace as its twin.

  1. Jojo Rabbit

A strange imaginary friend is on the list of best english War movies to watch.

An awkward 10-year-old German boy who lost his father is trying to find his place in the unusual world. Peers like to laugh at him; his mother says that the child creates problems. Hoping to get a replacement of the missing father boy invents an imaginary friend – Adolf Hitler, who does not look like the familiar Fuhrer. The situation is complicated when the boy discovers that his mother hiding a Jewish girl in the house.

  1. Vysota 220

The film tells how in the summer of 1942, on the approaches to Stalingrad, defenders blocked Wehrmacht soldiers. Machine-gunner Khanpashi Nuradilov destroyed almost a thousand enemy soldiers and officers in an unequal battle, showing an example of courage and heroism. Nuradilov stopped a powerful attack of the German army, thereby giving time to regroup the Soviet troops, and did not allow the enemy to seize the Serafimovich bridgehead, which collected the main forces of the army for the main attack on the Wehrmacht grouping in Stalingrad.

Vysota 220 poster

  1. Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi

Lakshmi Bai is on the list of best modern War films.

The history of the Indian national character, a symbol of resistance to the tyranny of the British colonialists, the leader of the Duchy of Jhansi – Lakshmi Bai (birth name – Manikarnika). In 1857, she took an active part in Indian Mutiny against the brutal policies of the British.  She defended Jhansi against the army of General Rose.

  1. Midway

It is the history of one of the largest and most strategically important naval battles in the Pacific during World War II. In June 1942, the American fleet commanded by Admiral Chester Nimitz won Swivel victory over the Japanese who have suffered catastrophic losses.

  1. Danger Close

Vietnam War is on the TOP nineteen good War movies in theaters.

The film tells the story of the Vietnam War in 1966. Australian and New Zealand troops landed in enemy territory. They are little more than a hundred people who control the security of the southern lands of Long Tan. A young Major Harry Smith commands troops. The base came under the fire at night and dozens of soldiers were wounded. In the morning, patrols were ordered to find the origin of firing. During the grid search, they found traces of the enemy but nobody was found. The soldiers then moved further into the woods, they were ambushed.

After a short time, enemy forces surrounded them. The heroes immediately opened fire against the guerrillas. The situation is complicated by the strongest tropical storm.

  1. The Aftermath

The Second World War ended and Germany lost it. The country is in ruins and the local residents just starve. In the center of the story the English army officer Lewis Morgan who was appointed as a head of the city of Hamburg. The main has many things to do in the city because it is destroyed. Together with his wife, the protagonist settles in a large estate, which is home to the German scholar and his mentally ill daughter.

  1. Prazdnik

Besieged Leningrad is on the list of TOP 20 best War movies of 2019 to watch.

Events films take us to the besieged Leningrad in 1941. The city rapidly runs out of food stocks, so the majority of the citizens are starving. On the streets start to appear the bodies of people who had fallen from weakness and have not managed to get up. There are people very close to the party who still do not know the horrors of famine. The main characters of the movie just those lucky ones. Georgi Voskresensky – there is a lot of meal in his house that his wife and children did not appreciate. Accustomed to a full life, they do not think that somewhere behind the walls of a luxury five-room apartment, people die from exhaustion.

In the New Year’s Eve, heroes are going to arrange a family dinner, but soon problems start. Firstly, there is no one to prepare meals. There is no maid in the house. Secondly, on a holiday present intruders. The daughter comes home with a veteran and son with an unfamiliar girl who has long suffered from hunger. Their mother is strongly opposed to the presence of strangers.

  1. L’Intervention

In 1976, in the border area of Djibouti, a group of terrorists seized a school bus. Together with the children-hostages, they went to Somalia. The best French snipers who entrusted risky rescue operation are on their way. One mistake could turn into tragedy with tens of innocent victims.

  1. Resistance

Marcel Marceau is on the list of really good War films.

It is a true story of a young actor famous French mime artist Marcel Marceau, who during the Second World War took part in the Resistance. Having lost her father and most of the family, Marcel tries to resist the German invaders and save tens of thousands of Jewish children. His talent and art of mime help him.

  1. SGT. Will Gardner

The film tells the story of Iraq war veteran Will Gardner, who received a head injury in battle, and after returning home was faced serious difficulties in adapting to civilian life caused by post-traumatic stress disorder. After a series of failures in life, he steals a motorcycle of his employer, who does not want to pay him earned money, and leaves on a journey across the country, hoping to be reunited with his son, who had not seen for a long time.

  1. Uri: The Surgical Strike

The action of the movie takes place in 2016 in one of the densely populated areas of India. A small group of terrorists made its next outing because of which several people were killed. They were well prepared and it seemed that the villains escape retribution. As a result, after the terrorist attack, there was organized a mission to find terrorists. Troops managed to strike the enemy with surgical precision because during this special operation none of the civilians was not injured…

  1. Flags over Berlin

This intelligence operation is considered one of the most important in the entire Second World War. The journalist Mark Spencer from the UK is to carry out a secret mission. In late April 1945, while in the besieged Berlin, Spencer is witnessing the fierce assault on the Reichstag – the home of Nazi Germany. The film based on documentary events tells about the heroic acts.

Flags Over Berlin Poster

  1. Saving Leningrad

The first place of the TOP 20 best new War movies 2019.

The life of the young Anastasia is about to change for the better. Over the past few months, the girl suffered a lot of difficulties. First, the war broke out the German invaders, and the main character’s father was sent into exile by the military leadership, declaring him a public enemy. The Nazis set up a siege of Leningrad because of what the citizens are trapped. September 1941 is going to be incredibly difficult. Nastya gets an opportunity to leave the besieged city. Soviet barge, on which the command is going to place the refugees and a few pieces of equipment, must go through a risky route. Once on the boat, she and her lover Konstantin face a lawyer who accused Nastya’s father of treason. A fight takes a back seat when the barge is in a powerful storm. The Nazis catch the heroes immediately after the rescue from a sinking ship.

By the way, TOP 20 new good War movies 2019 release dates are available and you can see them on the Net.

We hope you enjoyed the compilation and thank you for watching TOP 20 good War films 2019!

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