The best horror movies on Hulu right now

A characteristic feature of the horror films: in they rarely are filmed famous actors (apparently, the creators don’t feel bad about killing the unknown actor). However, some horror movies still boast of star names, such as Johnny Depp, Julianne Moore, Jessica Alba and even Robert de Niro!

You can immerse yourself in the dark atmosphere of the film with your head and fully experience everything that the creators wanted to convey to you. Open the list of the best horror movies on Hulu right now and start watching horror movies right now!

TOP 10 best horror movies on Hulu you need to watch in May 2017 (right now)

  1. Children of the Corn

A 12-year-old preacher Isaac appears in a small town surrounded by corn fields. He calls on children to kill adults, to feed their thirsty fields with their blood. Isaac forbids children to play, urging them to sacrifice themselves to the fields on the day of the 18th anniversary. Many try to escape, but it overtakes them!

  1. Ginger Snaps

Ginger is sixteen. She has younger sister Brigitte and they are great fans of making horror films. One night, during the next outing, a huge monster attacked Ginger. Bridget helped her older sister hide from their parents the terrible wounds inflicted by the beast, but to the surprise of both, they quickly healed. After Ginger feels strange changes inside, the girls understand that the wounds were only the beginning of their serious problems.

  1. The Den

A study of the behavioral factor of people is an occupation that can be very useful to society. It would seem that nothing special happens in the chat rooms – people just communicate. Our heroine, using a webcam, delved into a new interesting project to study the habits of users. Before she could get to work the safe jungle of the Internet turned into a real horror – the girl becomes a witness to the murder, unable to help the victim. Now the virtual life is tragically intertwined with reality. A cruel torturer is nearby, he is following her…

  1. The Girl Next Door

It is one of the good movies to Watch on Hulu in January 2017.

David Morgan is an ordinary teenager and a big fan of catching crayfish, doing his favorite thing a guy gets acquainted with the 16-year-old girl Megan, his new neighbor. She, along with her younger sister Susan, lives in Chandler’s family. The very same Mrs. Chandler, whom her offspring call “Ruth”, is nowhere near as good as the best mother. She calmly allows her three sons to drink beer and periodically conducts very obscene conversations with them. Megan and Susan are very unlucky to live in this house; they constantly suffer humiliation and beatings from family members. As a result, Meg does not stand up to bullying and complaints to the local sheriff, in retaliation, Ruth decides to punish her. Accidentally going to neighbors David sees how Ruth and her sons torture a girl, unable to fall asleep that night, the guy decides to help her.

  1. Tales from the Darkside: The Movie

In a small American town lives a young attractive girl who is no different from other residents, and none of her friends even suspect that in fact, she is a cannibal. One day she brings to her house a little boy who should be a treat for her. The girl puts him in a cage and gives him a collection of terrible stories, which she was very fond of listening to in her childhood. While the girl is preparing for a festive dinner, the boy chooses three stories from the book, which he begins to read aloud. Will he be able to talk the cannibal down and find an opportunity to escape?

Tales from the Darkside: The Movie

  1. The Amityville Horror

One of the best horror on Hulu in January 2017.

In the autumn of 1974, an eerie event occurred in the secluded home of the Defeo family. Six households were brutally murdered in their own beds. The youngest son, who mercilessly shot his parents, brothers, and sisters, was arrested on suspicion of a terrible crime. To commit a bloody murder he was made by strange voices, sounding in the head. Years pass, new tenants enter the house. They are aware of the long-standing tragedy, but this does not bother them. After all, the house cannot make a person a criminal. However, the character of the head of the family suddenly starts to deteriorate, and it happens quite quickly.

  1. Maggie

Mankind has faced a terrible virus that turns people into bloodthirsty zombies. The US authorities organize quarantine zones for all infected people, where they will be isolated from healthy people. The film tells the story of a young girl named Maggie, who was infected. Maggie realizes that in two weeks she will completely lose her human face, so, having warned her father over the phone, she goes to the quarantine zone. Unwilling to put up with such an end of his daughter, a loving father goes after her to bring her back to her home and spend the last days of her life together.

  1. Killer Legends

It is a documentary about the origins of the most horrifying urban legends and true stories that formed the basis for them.

  1. Devil’s Pass

The real events of 1959 laid the foundation of the plot of the film. The grant for research, which was provided to a group of American students, allowed them in 2012 to go to the Urals, along with the way of the Dyatlov’s group. The mysterious death of Soviet skiers has been considered mystical for years. To solve the mystery is the aspiration of many indifferent people.

Frosty February, fifty-ninth … The second of February – lost contact with tourists. Rescuers failed to arrive on time: the bodies were found only a couple of months later. And in a deserted tent there is a note with a frightening text: “Now we know that the snowman exists”

  1. Puppetmaster

Alex Whittaker, along with three psychics, is investigating rumors about the secret of eternal life, which was discovered by the master puppeteer Andre Toulon. This secret lies in the revival of inanimate objects and the migration of souls in them with the help of the ancient Egyptian method of mummification. Once upon a time, Toulon managed to revive five dolls and they turned into real cruel killers. These dolls were intended solely for torture, dismemberment, and murder. Driller, Leech, Jester, Blade and Pinhead are five cruel and merciless murder machines that are programmed to guard the deadly secrets of their creator, André Toulon, and they will do anything to fulfill their mission.


Our compilation is coming to an end. It also included horror on Hulu: movies coming in January 2017.

Thank you for watching!

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