TOP 10 latest Animation movies

A few decades ago, animation movies were aimed at the young audience – the kids, that is. And while today the “target consumers” are still the same, we’ve got more and more grown-ups tuning in, and not only when they’re taking their children to the theater. What can we say – big boys and girls also love cartoons! With that said, take a look at our TOP 10 new Animation movies 2017 release list and pick one you like. There’s enough for everyone!

Which Witch?

This movie is heavily based on the 1979 novel about a witty and engaging wizard that comes up with an awesome plan: to hold a mighty contest between the best witches of the world. Why would he do something like that? For fun? Well, not quite: the slick bastard wants to pick a bride for himself, and what better “candidate” than the winner, right?! Which Witch? is hitting the big screen later this year, so, make sure not to miss it during the Christmas holidays, as it’s gonna be a pretty great movie! Oh, and yes, you can attend the premiere with your wife and the kids – that will make everything even better.

The Emoji Movie

This awesome new movie will be available worldwide on the 4th of August, which is like three months from now. The story follows the secret world of the Emojis that are hiding in our Smartphones and want nothing more but to be picked by us, the users. Gene is a very special “girl”, as she’s got more than one expression at her disposal. Is it a gift? Maybe, but she certainly doesn’t think so and dreams of being normal like the rest of ’em. And that is why she asks her BBFs to join her in an exciting adventure that – hopefully – will turn her into a regular Emoji. But is that really what she needs right now? Make sure to include this one in your list of TOP 10 new Animation movies 2017.

The Emoji Movie


Please give a warm welcome to 6 unique Lego kids that have special abilities. They are skilled ninjas and have to constantly be on the lookout for their enemies that want to take Ninjago – their home – down. They defend it with honor and dignity during the nights; however, during the days, they’re just a bunch of regular Legos. They go to school, just like any other normal kids, and the funny part is – it’s much easier for them to handle the nightlife than the day life. Yes, it’s pretty hard to keep that balance between two different lives, so, the question is – how long will they be able to do that?

Monster Trucks

Tripp, an inquiring, nimble and skilled young lad, is bored out of his head in his regular hometown, and that is why he’s spending all of his days (and some nights) trying to construct a real-world monster truck from all the spare parts he can find in the vicinity. The task turns out to be quite a challenge, and Tripp can’t figure out what’s wrong with this approach until he meets an extraordinary creature. It’s on the run from some bad people and is looking for a place to stay. Next, the new best friends discover that this being can power the truck! Thus, they set off on a journey towards the unknown. Of all the TOP 10 recent Animation movies 2017, this one’s a must-see.

The Red Turtle

A fine man survives a shipwreck and ends up on a huge uninhabited island. Then, he comes across a mysterious red sea turtle that seems friendly at first but then turns into his greatest “opposition”. She doesn’t want him to leave the island and transforms into a beautiful woman after she manages to calm him down. Soon, the two fall in love with each other and even bring a child into this world. But, there’s a devastating tsunami heading their way, and the family will have to stick together in order to survive the calamity.

The Lego Batman Movie

Batman is the undisputed leader of the LEGO squad, and now the Dark Knight is back to star in his own movie. The Joker is terrorizing Gotham, the man’s hometown, and if the Bats wants to be successful in taking the psycho down, he’s gonna have to learn how to trust others and how to work as a team. Oh, and one more thing: Bruce needs to learn how to lighten up! At least sometimes…If you wanna watch TOP 10 new Animation films 2017, you gotta check The Lego Batman Movie first!


Meet Buster, a lovely koala on his way towards greatness: together with his buddy, Eddie, the fella wants to bring his once-epic movie theater back on its feet. He doesn’t have that kind of money on him right now, so, he decides to start a singing competition and to raise some bucks. The whole town wants to audition, and pretty much every single animal attends the show, including a scary gorilla from a notorious family, a shy elephant, a pig that works too much, a reckless mouse, and more.

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

The Titans have to be vigilant 24/7 and never seem to get a chance to sit back and rest. Deathstroke is out there, watching every step they make, which means there’s simply no room for error. Furthermore, there’s a new recruit in the team, and there’s no telling whether this new member is loyal to the cause or not. Tara is under a lot of pressure, but she’ll have to get herself together and to use every single opportunity to strike and to protect those she loves. Of all the TOP 10 latest Animation movies, the brand-new Titans the best!

Cars 3

Lightning used to be the undisputed champ, but his days of glory are in the past now. The younger, faster and stronger cars are outrunning him like it’s nothing. But he’s got more “juice” in him than the youngsters know, and the king is ready to prove for once and for all that he still is the fastest rider on the track. He gets himself in a great shape and works day and night to push his own limits. The iconic Hudson Hornet serves as a source of inspiration for McQueen, and there’s no going back!

My Life as a Zucchini

Courgette, the hero of this fascinating story, is trying to cope with the passing of his mom. A kind and warm-hearted cop take him to an orphanage and becomes his new best friend. It’s hard for the boy to adjust to this new reality: the other kids are mean. However, Courgette beats the odds and turns into the leader of the “pack”. And, he falls in love with the most beautiful girl in the orphanage. Ok, friends, this was the list of TOP ten new Animation movies 2017 in theaters. As you can see, there’s more than enough “fish in the sea” this year. Pick a movie you like and enjoy!

My Life as a Zucchini

List of best Animation movies 2017
List of best Animation movies 2017

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