TOP 10 modern Science Fiction movies

The category of science fiction films involves a collection of films with the presence of a certain fiction in the story, but there is the likelihood that this is just a little-proven fact and not a fiction of the writers. That is why this genre has acquired a considerable number of more specific directions. Fiction can be both social and scientific. Each of the directions has a number of its features, but it does not become less interesting from this.

We are glad to show you new Sci-Fi movies releases 2017.

In the modern world, technologies are developing so rapidly that a lot of opportunities appear both for shooting a science fiction films and for writing new scripts on a topic that even the boldest visionary could never have come up with.

TOP 10 modern Science Fiction movies

Every time there is a thought in the head that it’s simply impossible to surprise with something new in science fiction, there are new films that make the viewer feel excited from what he saw on the screen. Everything in this world is constantly changing, and this means that there is room for the flight of the fantasy of the inquisitive mind.

TOP 10 Science Fiction latest movies 2017

  1. Life

A group of researchers got the mission from the space center to study the planet Mars for finding an extraterrestrial form of life, and when the scientists reached their goal, they were unspeakably happy that the earthlings were not alone in the universe. But who could have guessed that life on Mars is very aggressive, so very soon experienced scientists will fall into a terrible trap in which they will have little chance of saving. But in addition to their survival, life on Earth is at stake, and if scientists cannot cope with the impending threat, then all life on our planet will end.

  1. Ghost in the Shell

TOP movie of the TOP 10 recently released Sci-Fi movies of 2017.

One of the most vivid and dangerous hackers in the movie is a Puppet Master, whose knowledge and abilities allow him to do really terrible things. Lawyers have long been trying to catch this cunning and extremely dangerous criminal, but all attempts are futile. When he decides to stick his nose in politics, taking control of a number of prominent officials, the specialized department of the Bureau of Public Security takes over the case.

Employees of the Bureau are working to neutralize the most dangerous criminals, they have in their use the latest innovations in technology and a colossal amount of knowledge. They must do everything possible and impossible to catch the Puppet Muster and protect not only politicians but also ordinary people, with whom he skillfully manipulates and with the help of which he plans to implement his terrible ideas.

  1. Power Rangers

The new film adaptation of the popular series on the idea of the creators should attract a young audience to the cinemas, which no longer found the old films about undefeated heroes in helmets and leotards. This is the second director’s work of Dean Israelite after a fairly good film “Project Almanac”

  1. Logan

The film will be based on the comic book series “Old Logan”, in which the aged Wolverine hides from the world seized villains.

  1. Kong: Skull Island

It is the long-awaited film about a huge gorilla. The work of the American director, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, brings the viewer back to the legendary “Skull Island”, but without a blonde who needs to be dragged to the skyscraper. The development of the picture began in 2014 with the choice of the director. Peter Jackson, who shot “King Kong” and initially did not plan work on the film, proposed the candidature of Guillermo Del Toro, who was not approved.

  1. The Discovery

In the distant future, the work of scientists to study the afterlife brought results, and now humanity knows for sure that life after death exists. This led to unpredictable consequences among the population because millions of people decided to take a desperate step and commit suicide. These people piously believed that with the help of death they would be able to get rid of all the problems and get a new life, in which everything can turn out differently. However, the heavens did not accept such a sacrifice from the people, so they still have to face the most severe punishment for their rash and strange act. So here is one of the TOP 10 Science Fiction movies recently released on screen. It happened at the end of March 2017.

The Discovery

  1. Colossal

In one-day main heroine’s life changes beyond recognition: this is preceded by a painful break with her beloved boyfriend, as well as dismissal from work, to which she devoted a lot of time and energy. Against the backdrop of these troubles, she decides to leave the bustling New York and returns to her native province, where passed her childhood and adolescence. On the way, it becomes known about the attack of a terrible monster on the capital of Japan. It would seem, well, what relation can this average American girl have to the attack of a giant monster in Tokyo? But she herself for some reason is convinced that she can have a direct relationship to these events. And if so, then we must immediately find out what is happening on the other side of the ocean and who poses a threat to humanity. It is one of the newly released Sci-Fi movies 2017.

  1. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

The action takes place after the 5 part. After Alice was betrayed by Wesker in Washington, she lost her supernatural powers and became vulnerable, but she continues to fight. Alice should return to the place where it all began – in the laboratory of Raccoon City, where should be stored the antidote.

  1. Monster Trucks

The main character of the film Tripp once again quarreled with his wife and decided to leave the house. Tripp left his wife all that was in his possession, just grabbing a huge jeep. Traveling on his beloved car, Tripp thought about finding a new job. Accidentally met with the organizer of the wandering fair, Tripp was able to earn some money. For this, Tripp needs to perform quite dangerous stunts on the car, flying on his jeep through other cars. Tripp did it all, but it was not only his own credit but also the monster living under the hood of the jeep.

  1. A Cure for Wellness

The young and ambitious protagonist of the film goes to the wellness center, which is in a secluded spot in the Swiss Alps to take back his boss. But, having arrived at a place, he understands, that in this center some strange things are going on…

Our TOP 10 modern Science Fiction movies ends now.

We hope you liked it.

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