TOP 10 new Hollywood Comedy movies

Do you like to watch comedies with Eddie Murphy, Jim Carrey or Adam Sandler? Are you firmly sure that the best movie can be called only that which causes laughter and smiles? In this case, we are glad to welcome you TOP 10 best Hollywood Comedy movies of 2017 to watch! Any comedy from our list is a great way to cheer up. However, why to say a lot of things? It’s better to start our list right now, and you will see it for yourself.

To many who like comedy to watch, it can be mistaken to think that this genre is one of the simplest in the cinema. In fact, making people laugh is really hard. But for talented directors, there is no impossible.

Watch comedy means to be constantly surprised by the variety of topics and stories. For example, a film can be a dress-up game, a parody, political satire, a humorous story about the relationship between men and women, etc.

TOP 10 new Hollywood Comedy movies

List of best Hollywood Comedy movies in 2017

  1. The Boss Baby

Each parent has his own method of raising children, his approach to this difficult process. Some give the child more freedom, others prohibit and limit everything. But one thing is clear – the children need to be educated, taught, and independent. But what to do if a child already knows everything from birth, likes to command and educate others? Seven-year-old boy Tim lives happily with his parents, who consider him a great dreamer. His carefree life ended on the day when a new member of the family appeared on the threshold of their house. It was his newborn brother.

The kid turns out to be too serious, pompous, and besides, he wears a strict business suit and watch. Seeing him, Tim immediately realized that now in their family there will be no peace. And the kid from the first minutes began to command all. He occupied literally the whole house, behaving like a harmful, picky boss. Tim is trying to convey this message to his parents, but this does not work. They do not find it strange that he wears a suit and carries a briefcase. They try to please him in every way because otherwise, this little one suits everyone with a swig. And one evening, Tim accidentally hears this little boss talking to someone on the phone…

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Captain Jack Sparrow discovers that he is hunted by his old enemy, the terrible Captain Salazar.

  1. Going in Style

Three old men spent every day on a standard pension, enjoying the rest in the local park, discussing the evocative images and behavior of young people, and also constantly feeding pigeons. But the three old men were tired of such a mediocre and gray life, so they decided to finish their own biography beautifully.

The grandfathers agreed to turn a daring and extraordinary robbery in the bank so that together with a huge sum of money to go to Las Vegas and there to be pulled off at last time. The plan for the grandfathers is pretty good, and no one could have thought that it was the old people who would be able to turn such a loud robbery.

  1. Colossal

A giant monster attacks Seoul, destroying everything in its path. In New York, the lost work and boyfriend Gloria understands that somehow connected with these fantastic events.

  1. Monster Trucks

The senior Tripp wants to escape from the boring town where he was born and raised, and enthusiastically builds a monster-truck from the wreckage of old cars. And when the incident releases a wonderful creature, knowing the sense of speed, Tripp has a real chance not only to finally change his life but also to find a real friend…

It is also included in the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Comedy movies 2017. According to the name of the TOP, you can watch it now.

  1. Kingsman: The Golden Circle

The previous part was one of the most popular films about the activities of the espionage organization. The film managed to absorb the best of the James Bond films, without losing any sense of humor. The main character of the comic action movie is still Harry Eggsy – a charming teenager, who was able to join the secret organization thanks to his father’s old friend. Harry quickly showed a high level of his skills, having managed to save the planet from the treacherous plans of the villain Valentine, who wanted to world domination. Successful completion of the assignment made him a full member of the organization.

At the beginning of the second part, the guy is in an unpleasant and even dangerous position. The headquarters of the agency was destroyed by a mysterious criminal organization, Eggsy and Merlin are among those who miraculously managed to survive. Now they have to go to the US to get acquainted with American colleagues – members of the agency “Statesman”. Roxy joined them – the beloved Eggsy, who, despite past failures, is ready to prove her devotion to the cause. By joining forces with overseas partners, the heroes will face a new world threat – a mysterious group that calls itself “The Golden Circle”.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

  1. Ferdinand

The bull Ferdinand likes to look at the sky and he is very good and kind, but stupid people mistake him for unbridled animal. He is taken to Madrid to participate in bullfights

  1. Sandy Wexler

It is a romantic comedy about the brilliant agent Sandy Wexler, who represents the interests of eccentric stars in Los Angeles in the 1990s. His devotion to work undergoes a painful test when Sandy falls in love with his new client – a beginning singer with a tremendous talent.

  1. A Dog’s Purpose

The plot line of the film unfolds around an unusual dog, whose purpose is to bring joy and positive emotions to its masters. The dog is constantly reborn and finds itself in various families, trying to establish relationships between people so that they understand the meaning of life. The dog perfectly remembers its first owner, whom it always belonged to even in new lives. And it is this unknown person who dreams that his beloved dog will help ordinary people to find happiness. It is included in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Comedy films 2017 because it came out in the end of March 2017.

  1. Snatched

And the first place of our List of Hollywood Comedy movies 2017 takes “Snatched”.

Freaky Emily is already over 30, and she was just dropped by the guy. Now the girl needs to urgently find a fellow traveler to travel to Ecuador instead of the retired boyfriend. Emily manages to persuade her over-cautious mother on a joint trip. But instead of a quiet family vacation, the daughter and mother are waiting for abduction. And when such different women find themselves together in hostages, their kinship is experiencing a serious test for strength. Perhaps they will become even closer to each other, but only if they manage to escape and survive in the jungle.

Our TOP 10 new holly Comedy movies is coming to an end.

Thank you for watching!

List of best Comedy movies 2017
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