Alien 5 movie trailer 2018

The very last fourth installment of Alien trilogy officially came out in 1997 with the participation of Sigourney Weaver and Winona Ryder that has recently appeared in brand new American Netflix series known as “Stranger Things”. In fact, the production of brand new installment started with casual talks after the release of the previous sequel. Moreover, the script had already been written but Weaver did not show any interest towards appearing the brand new installment.

Even though Alien 5 movie trailer 2018 should represent the main details of the story, we still seem to be missing those pieces of information about the upcoming film. However, in 2002 Ridley Scott gave an interview where he revealed the potential synopsis of the story. According to the script, the main characters will return to the place where they accidentally discovered different alien creatures. The story follows them on an old and known to viewers place but the crew arrived there with the particular aim – they want to find out how and when those aliens were created.

Alien 5 movie

Schedule conflicts

According to the Internet rumors, it is still unknown when the movie is going to be released in the theaters, as well as the official date of when Alien 5 teaser trailer comes out. Instead of that, the filmmakers focused on creating similar movies connected to this main franchise – in 2012 the world watched Prometheus. Later on, in 2017, the sequel to the mentioned film also came out in all world’s cinemas and theaters.

In 2015 there was information about canceling the project at all but after the future director of the fifth sequel posted unusual artwork on his personal page on Instagram, it revealed that the project will be released in the future.

Interesting facts

Alongside new Alien 5 official trailer 2018, that is coming out in the near future, we have collected some interesting things and facts to discuss in the community among the fans of the Alien franchise such as:

  • At the end of the year 2014 one of the main actresses – Sigourney – told that she would be really happy to take the participation in the fifth installment as she loves how her character she portrays grows up mentally and become even stronger.
  • Cameron said that the future installments would destroy the validity of the whole franchise. However, according to Weaver, she thinks there are more interesting stories to tell and focus on.
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