All I See Is You movie trailer 2017


Blake Lively is a world-famous actress and she’s got more than enough stand-out roles in her career, but the role of Gina is probably the most demanding one to date. In this psychological thriller slash drama, she’s playing a blind woman who gets her sight back thanks to a miracle but finds only confusion and frustration in the big and beautiful world. The All I See Is You movie trailer 2017 is pretty short and shows us the moment the doctor takes the bandages off and Gina gets to see her husband’s face.

Obviously, she’s been dreaming of being able to see again for a very long time, but the things she starts to notice after her eyes open disturb and frighten her. Was it all her fault? What went wrong in their marriage and how does she change everything for the better? Together with James, her man, the woman is living in Thailand, and she’s used to relying on him for pretty much everything. He’s working hard to provide for his family and takes care of his wife with love and tenderness. For years, Gina has considered James to be a saint and the best man a woman could ever dream of.

All I See Is You

Trouble In Paradise?

However, after a successful corneal transplant, she regains her eyesight and sees their “perfect” relationship from a different angle. The movie also stars Yvonne Strahovski, Danny Huston, and other famous actors/actresses, but Lively and Clarke are the main focus of this story and their artistic talent is what turns this movie into a must-see for the fans of thrilling dramas. The All I See Is You teaser trailer doesn’t give us much to look forward to, as it’s short and not informative at all. It’s stated for an August 4 (2017) release, and the official, long and/or extended trailer will, most certainly, arrive before the movie hits the theaters.

A Must-See Or Just Another Drama?

Ok, so, the biggest question right now is – will this Marc Forster-directed new film be a smash hit and a heart-wrenching experience for the average viewer, or just another solid release for the fans of the genre and nothing more? Well, we’ll just have to wait for the premiere and judge for ourselves! Or, check out the new All I See Is You official trailer 2017 when it comes out. If you love Blake Lively (who doesn’t, right?) and thought-provoking stories that teach us about love, hate, forgiveness, and redemption, then you better mark August 4th on the calendar and get your friends to join you.

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