American Assassin movie trailer 2017

Surprisingly, but the star of “Maze Runner” franchise – Dylan O’Brien, has decided to try absolutely new role adding different genre in his personal filmography. In fact, Dylan is taking the participation in another adaptation that has been based on Number One New York Times Bestseller, just like “Maze Runner” film series he is well-known for. Basically, upcoming film has already presented its latest teaser – in fact, American Assassin movie trailer 2017 shows the short tragic story of Mitch and how he struggles with the loss of his girlfriend.

This action thriller was successfully distributed by Lionsgate Films and the actual principal photography started in September 2016 and finished four months later. It took place in different parts of the world; among them are Rome, London, Birmingham and other. According to the latest news about the upcoming date of the film, it is supposed to be released on September 15 in 2017 in the United States of America. So, what does the plot bring us this time?

American Assassin movie


The plot follows Mitch Rapp, played by Dylan O’Brien, who feels very devastated as he lost his beloved girlfriend to an attack of terrorists whilst enjoying the holiday in tropical place. The only thing he had managed to do before that happened was proposing her, which is shown in American Assassin teaser trailer. Mitch is living for revenge which Deputy Director of CIA Irene notices and decides to use that motivation for preventing and thwarting different operations all over the world that are organized by the terrorists. Irene makes a decision to assign the veteran of Cold War Stan Hurley. His task becomes to train the young but already devastated boy so that they can easily investigate a new wave of random attacks.

What is also shown in new American Assassin official trailer 2017 is that the attacks are made on civilian, as well as military targets which represent the sign of strong violence. A veteran of Cold War and his “student” Rapp start they own investigation by joining the mission organized by a dangerous agent from Turkey (this character will represent Shiva Negar) – their common task is to try so hard to stop the sudden intent of their enemy, played by Canadian actor Taylor Kitsch. He is planning to start another World War in the Middle East, but the question is, will he be able to succeed at it if he has such strong enemies?

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