American Made movie trailer 2017

Tom Cruise is back, ladies and gents – the OG fans will most certainly be happy to hear that! Also known as Mena (that’s the old title), this is a bio/crime/drama film of American production. Mr. Cruise is playing the lead role, and there’s a bunch of other awesome actors/actresses to look at in the movie. Hands down, the American Made movie trailer 2017 is awesome, and it’s telling us pretty much everything we need to know at this moment to get excited for September 29th (that’s when it’s going to be available in the United States). The trailer came out just a week ago, but it’s already got more than 5 million views, which means folks have been waiting for a proper Tom Cruise action/adventure/thriller for quite a while. This is the story of Mr. Seal, a real man who started to work with the CIA after they managed to “persuade” him to work both with the government and a huge drug cartel back in the 80s.

American Made movie

The Fun And The Danger Of It All

As the creators of the film claim, some of what you’ll see in it is true, and some is pure fiction. What can we say – there are no limits when it comes to making entertaining Hollywood blockbusters, right? This was one of the biggest and most successful cover operations ran by an American agency ever, and it’s actually quite surprising why the big honchos in the industry haven’t paid a proper attention to this half-true story before. Now, there was an American Made teaser trailer a while back, but it only lasted for 10 seconds max. Thankfully, the official trailer is 2:27 and a real pleasure to watch. In the beginning, we see Seal survive something of a plane crash and crawl out of it covered in cocaine. A couple of black kids notice him and he bribes them not to say anything.

Action, Comedy, Drama, And Thrill

Eventually, the man agrees to the terms of the Agency, and he starts to “smuggle” weapons, money, coke, and a lot of other stuff after he is approached by an operative from the CIA offering him something bigger than the job of a regular pilot. Serving the country is gonna be both hazardous and unrewarding, but how can you say “No” to a good cause like that?! Is it fun? You bet! But it’s also a highly dangerous game that could leave Barry’s kids fatherless and his wife without a husband to take care of the family. Along the way, he works with the American Intelligence Agencies, numerous criminals, thugs, and Mr. Pablo Escobar himself. Is it really possible for a man to do all those crazy things he did and still be alive and well? The new American Made official trailer 2017 is explosive, exciting and gripping. Let’s hope that the movie will be just as pleasing to watch when it hits the theaters at the end of September!

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