Ant-Man 2 movie trailer 2018

This is the official follow-up to the commercially successful movie that came out back in 2015. It’s coming to the USA on July 6, 2018. In Germany, the sequel will become available in August 2nd, while the UK will get to enjoy it on June 29, 2018, a week earlier than the rest of the world. The Ant-Man 2 movie trailer 2018 follows the events of chapter one and introduces us to new characters while keeping the cast mainly intact.

Mr. Paul Rudd is still the Ant-Man, while the audience will get to see the magnificent Evangeline Lilly as a new superhero — The Wasp. The legendary Michael Douglas is also a part of the cast and will play the woman’s father, a genius scientist who made the technology possible. T.I. the rapper is confirmed for an official comeback.

Just As Fun, Stylish And Exciting As Chapter 1

Now, if you love action-adventure movies and science fiction, you’ll fall in love with this brand-new blockbuster. Marvel has been doing a great job lately with their iconic characters, and with the new policy, we’re getting a new awesome movie every year. Now it’s time for the tiny fella to shine. Peyton Reed, the man who directed the very first movie, is putting his heart and soul into this new project to make sure it blows our minds.

Ant-Man 2

Hands down, the Ant-Man 2 teaser trailer looks equally cool and fresh and gives us a lot to look forward to. The 2015 debut grossed about 520 million dollars and received great reviews both from the fans and the critics. It was a brisk, lively, fun and engaging tale with amazing CGI effects, great characters, and a gripping plot.

Marvel Is Taking Over The World

As for the sequel, it will be the 20th release in the MCU. We know that the story will follow the aftermath of the epic confrontation in the recent Captain America movie. What will happen to Stark? Where will Steven go? And who’s the new enemy lurking in the shadows? We’ll get the answers to all those questions when Ant-Man and the Wasp (that’s the «official» title of the movie) hits the theaters.

It’s just a year away, but the fans are already counting the days. Lang used to be a low-level criminal, barely getting by. However, after he put on that suit, his entire life changed. Today, he’s one of the most wanted fugitives and will have to do whatever it takes to clear his name and to ensure a normal life for his baby girl. The new Ant-Man 2 official trailer 2018 gives us hope that next year will be just as hot and buzz-worthy as this one!

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