Anubis movie trailer 2018

In front of us, the next story, where the main characters, once again forgot about the immutable truth – do not disturb the mummies, otherwise, their curse will cause great troubles, not only for the one who disturbed it but for their descendants. Animated film “Anubis” is a fascinating story that viewers will surely like. The movie includes ancient curses, mummies, and the Egyptian underworld. In the topic below, you will find information about the movie and also Anubis movie trailer 2018.


The “Anubis” is produced by 20th Century Fox Animation and Blue Sky Studios.

The script is based on Bruce Zick’s “Anubis Tapestry: Between Twilight.”


According to Anubis teaser trailer, the main character of the comic cartoon is Dr. Henry, George Henry. This is a very serious man who, almost all entire adult life rejected all supernatural phenomena, he did not believe in anyone, and in anything. The self-confidence and imprudence of Dr. Henry ended very sadly. His soul has gone not somewhere in heaven, in paradise, but in the real underworld, where the patron of the dead rules, the god Anubis.

We must say, the underworld is not a very pleasant place, and George’s soul was terribly displeased there. How to find a way out of here? There is only one way – he must be helped by the son. In order to save his father, son has to descend into the world full of monsters and demons. But for a living person, it’s not easy to get there. He had to become a mummy himself in order to descend into a gloomy world, devoid of light and warmth.

The road to “Hell” is difficult and dangerous, he is waiting for monsters, with all sorts of traps and ancient curses. Will the young man save Henry? Will he eventually find a father? And if he finds, will they manage to get out of there? After all, will Anubis let them go?

Do you know that the second name of the god of the other world is Inpu. He is one of the oldest gods of the Egyptian pantheon. It is Anubis who decides, how many years a person will live. The god of the kingdom of the dead was depicted as a creature with a human body and a jackal’s head.

Release date

The release of the cartoon is planned for March 23, 2018, in the USA.

We hope that cartoon movie will be interesting and fascinating as new Anubis official trailer 2018.

Thank you for being with us!

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