Aquaman movie trailer 2018

The 21st century proved one thing: people really love superhero (and supervillain) movies and they’re ready to pay for the tickets every time an epic film comes around. And, judging by the recent Aquaman movie trailer 2018, we can say with certainty that December 21, 2018 (that’s the releases date in the USA and the UK), will be one of those days that you should mark on your calendar.

Jason Momoa, the man who became famous after his short-yet-impressive role in the GOT (Game Of Thrones) TV show, is a perfect candidate for the lead role. He’s a real rock star, in and out, which is exactly what this character is all about. The cast is pretty star-studded and includes Dafoe, Wilson, and even Kidman. They already began shooting the movie back in May in Australia, but the release date is still 1, 5 years away.

The World Is In Desperate Need Of Heroes

The leader of an undersea nation, the undisputed king, can control the tides, “talk” to every single creature in the seas and move around at incredible speeds. His name is Arthur, but the world knows him as Aquaman. People look up to him and get inspired by his actions.

Aquaman movie

As the Aquaman teaser trailer from the extended JL clip showed, Mr. Wayne, AKA the Bats, came to Arthur’s kingdom seeking for help. Together with Diana, he was trying to assemble a team of top-notch superheroes to prevent an apocalypse. These metahumans are the only ones who can stop an evil villain hell-bent on destroying planet Earth.

He Used To Be A Bad Boy. Now He’s A King

As mentioned above, this guy looks and talks like rock’n’roll is in his DNA: he’s drinking, fighting, and doing all kinds of crazy stuff just for the heck of it. Is it going to be easy for Batman to recruit him? Most definitely not. But, on the other hand, it will be worth it! And while the Justice League movie will feature several DC characters, this one will focus on the Aquaman and tell his story. Arthur didn’t have any idea about the fact that he is, indeed, the rightful heir to the throne, the king that his people are in desperate need of.

So, even though he’s not really “king material”, the superhero will have to step up and do what’s right for his kingdom. The new Aquaman official trailer 2018 shows the potential audience that this movie will be worth every penny they spend on it. Gloomy and gray in the beginning, it soon turns into an action-charged, adrenaline-pumping and saucy blockbuster. Are you ready to take a dive and join Aquaman in his fight for survival?

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