Arctic Justice movie trailer 2018

Also known as AJ: Thunder Squad, this is an upcoming animated movie that you can enjoy with your whole family, including the little ones. Judging by the Arctic Justice movie trailer 2018, it’s going to be a fun, moving, educational and engaging film with awesome graphics and a good story. It’s set to hit the theaters on January 26, 2018, in The United States, Canada, and the UK. By the way, this is a Canadian project.

Now, it’s safe to say that the cast is pretty star-studded, and this fact alone will attract numerous fans to the premiere. Mr. Jeremy Renner will give his voice to the main character, while the hard-boiled Baldwin and the insanely popular Franco will do their best to deliver Oscar-worthy performances.

Not Just Your Regular Fox

It’s actually quite a common routine for Hollywood hot-shots to be featured in animated movies, but it’s still great to see that the fine tradition carries on. The plot follows Swifty, an overzealous fox who has one of the most boring jobs ever. It’s paying the bills, but our hero dreams of pursuing the career of a valiant and honorable husky courier.

Arctic Justice movie

However, it’s not that easy, and he’ll have to prove that he’s worthy first. In the Arctic Justice teaser trailer, Swifty steals one of the sleds and takes a strange box to a scary and dangerous place. Soon, the fox comes across the top-secret fortress of Doctor Walrus, a big-time villain who’s moving around using robotic legs and gives orders to a horde of peculiar soldiers.

Fighting Evil With A Bunch Of Misfits

So, what’s this genius’s plan? To use his technology to melt the ice in the Arctic. Why, exactly? To flood the entire planet and proclaim himself as the new ruler. So now the swift fox has no other choice but to stop the madman. Together with his buddies – a dopey bear, a free-spirited albatross, and a bunch of other weirdoes – he vows to interfere with the doctor’s plans and save the Earth from a disaster.

Will this bunch of misfits manage to show the entire world that they’re worthy of being called heroes? Swifty has been dreaming of becoming a cool Top Dog. Who knows, maybe after this mission he’ll get his shot? But first, the fella will have to put all of his wits, smarts, and talents to good use. The new Arctic Justice official trailer 2018 is equally fun, hilarious, and action-charged. The fans of animated movies will most definitely appreciate the splendid graphics, the astonishing performance by the world-class actors and the intriguing story.

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