Avatar 2 movie trailer 2018

The very first Avatar was released at the end of 2009 in many countries and received quite mixed feedbacks from both fans of James Cameron and movie critics. After that, the attention to the brand new movie was even huger than before as people started wondering when the next part of the franchise is going to be released?

When it comes to Avatar 2 movie trailer 2020, the viewers can find lots of interesting fan made videos based on the predictions of the storyline. In fact, on the actual premiere of the first film about Pandora it received tons of positive reviews due to its phenomenal for that times visual effects.

Production and release dates

The development of the first movie started in 1994 but it was delayed due to the lack of necessary equipment for making truly amazing and unexpected vision of the whole movie. Moreover, it should have been released after Titanic in 1999.

Avatar 2 movie

More specifically, it took a lot of time on working on the language of the creatures that live on Pandora. The screenplay of the movie started developing in 2006 and successfully came out in 2009. It also won lots of nominations which made Cameron start thinking about the developing of the sequels.

Before the actual release of Avatar 2 teaser trailer, Cameron said he would probably make a brand new sequel. Moreover, when it comes to the plot of the upcoming film, it is supposed to continue the story of old characters, including the human race. The last one will return to the movie as the antagonists just like in first part of the franchise.

When it comes to the movie releasing dates all we know from the director is:

  • Right after new Avatar 2 official trailer 2020 the film will come out at the end of 2020.
  • The third part is planned to have its very first international premiere in December 2021.
  • The fourth part of the popular franchise also has its official release date. It is also scheduled to come out at the end of December but in 2024.
  • The last for now fifth sequel of the whole franchise is planned to be represented to the public at the end of December 2025.

According to the other producers of the movie, as well as the director himself, it is a big challenge to transform the room full of characters, different setup, green screens and the different world into a successful and breathtaking movie. The second part of the franchise is delayed as Cameron would like to put all the visions together and release the movies in the next few years in a row.

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